My First Trip to the World’s Largest Cave – Hang Son Doong (Last Part)

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Hello Hive friends,
Thank you so much everyone for your all support
I'm back with more adventures in Quang Binh, Vietnam, where I discovered hundreds of caves. Today I will keeping going the expedition to Son Doong and what you should prepare for the big expedition




Day 5: Camp2 - The Great Wall Of Vietam - Hang En

Day 5 of the journey is a long day because you will start from Camp 2 in Son Doong to finish the cave at the Great Wall of Vietnam, you then return to Hang En by the same way. It could take 10 hours to reach to Hang En. Different from the other days, today everyone had breakfast at 7 am and left the camp by 8 am.



The first km to explore the Wall was easy that is why Howard called "Run Rat". We entered further to see more cave formations such as huge colume, and special cave pearls. Howard explained to everybody how is it formed: "Where there is a pool of water ( usually a gour pool ) which contains small grain of sands, these can become coated in calcite due to the dissolved calcium carbonate in the pool. Over time , the water drips keep the grains of sand moving around , so the calcite is deposited evenly around the grain, making round pearls".



Watto advised everyone to turn down the lights and look up in the direction we were going after seeing this unique cave formation. That place we all try to look for was the exit of Son Doong. Thin said " If you looked carefully, you would see the daylight, also the other side of the cave".





We continued our journey to view the lake, from where we boarded the boats to reach the Wall. Because the water came from a nearby cave and was cleaned by the limestone, it was extremely clear and blue.
We returned to the camp and gathered our stuff in preparation for our return to Hang En. We stopped for lunch at Camp 1 and took a 15-minute break afterward.
We did not spend much time taking pictures on the way back it seemed to be faster. We abseiled up to the cave entrance and hiked down to the valley, crossing several rivers along the way. By 5 p.m., we arrive at Hang En. We were eager to get to the lake and go swimming. It was fantastic.






Today was our last day in the cave, so we had a big party with the porters and, of course, enough of happy water to keep us fun.
Last day: Hang En - Drop off point - Gala Dinner
We started hiking back to civilization around 8 a.m. For me, the final hill was the most difficult part of the journey because we had to hike up a 200-meter steep mountain in May's scorching heat. We got there in the end. Duong, our driver, was waiting for us with a nice drink and beers. The greatest beer can I've ever had. Wonderful! We had a great time. I drove my customers to the Sai Gon - Phong Nha hotel in Phong Nha town, where we had a gala dinner tonight. It was a lot of fun, but it was also heartbreaking because we had to say our goodbyes and pledge to meet together again for the other adventures.
You can find out some tips to do Son Doong as below:



Son Doong is not tough, but you should exercise frequently to be able to trek for at least 12 kilometers every day. You must also be physically healthy enough to abseil and maintain your balance while hiking through the cave's difficult terrain.
You'll make it if you can climb a 30 floors without difficulty.



What you should bring

  • 3 to 4 sets of clothes (1 warm jacket for winter time)
  • Walking boots and camp shoes
  • Toiletries please keep minimal
  • Camp light/Head torch
  • Camera with spare batteries and tripod.
  • Day Sac
  • Water bottle 2 minimum
  • Sun hat/sun cream
  • Personal medication
  • Snack if you want to bring with



What Oxalis will provide

  • Double or single 2 hooped tent with fly screens
  • Sleeping bag-one or 2 depending upon season
  • Camping mats and foam layer with pillow and outer mat cover packed in dry bag with your name.
  • All technical equipment-ropes, harness, helmet and caving light. Helmet and light must be carried in backpack when not being worn.
  • Freshly filtered drinking water at all camps.
  • Composting toilet and hand washing station at all camps.
  • Water filter with the group at all times
  • First aid kit, rescue equipment and satellite phone

Some Rules when you travel to Hang Son Doong

  • No leaving any litter.
  • No damaging formations
  • Follow a single path in cave.
  • Do not go wandering off without guides or caving experts permission.
  • Nothing to be removed from the cave
  • Composting toilets must be used at all camps.













Hope this will help.
Thank you all for reading my post and Happy Posting!
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Nhìn mấy em nhỏ cõng củi mà thấy thương

Mấy em ở trong bản đó trang. Giờ đã có trường học khang trang và có thể kho lo lũ lụt nữa.

This looks like an amazing adventure but I feel like I would be so scared, I hate closed spaces.

The cave is so massive to compare to human. It is absolutely amazing and real adventure

Then I would love to go someday especially with friends.

Looks like something worth trying at least once in a lifetime.

Let me know if you need further information

I will, thank you.

I love your photography, they are amazing. Keep em coming. Good evening!

Thank youuuuuu so much

You're welcome (^_^)

This cave looks like another dimension, from these pictures it looks like you guys had a trip in another world and brought us with you.
Amazing, can't wait to see more pictures like this!!

bức chụp toàn cảnh mn cắm trại nhìn chất thực sự anh ạ

Thank you em zai

WOW -- what an amazing adventure -- the photos took us there!

Thank you @deeanndmathews. It is truly once-in-lifetime

Thank you for taking us there!

Wow what a fantastic trip!!! I love cave systems although I do get a bit claustrophobic after a time. Thanks for sharing .. great post!

Thank you so much @riverflows

Looks like an amazing experience to be down there and to enjoy in this beauty of mother nature! You and your friends are shining, everybody looks so happy and energized! Nice to read your article, nice to see your amazing photos, thank you ✨

What a magical place and it relay looks a great adventure! I’m really amazed!

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Wow im proud to be on hive with users who upload original photos like this cave

Deserves an award as one of hives best photographs and an nft that links back to hive blogs... tfavel nft blogging could include wax deals to accumulate hive from posts to buy hotels and plane tickets ... and credits for hostel networks with special rooms reserved for hive users

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What an amazing experience! I really want to visit there.

Ha ha funny

Wow what an experience! The pictures tho!!

I love the pictures in the caves, I have never been in one, it must be equally terrifying and exciting.

The adventure looks thrilling and the pictures are beautiful. So far I have had opportunity to visit 3 caves but they have been much simpler than this one you have shared. Such a wonderful experience it must have been

Wow another great post!
I always wonder "How long did you have to train before the trip?", let say for person with average health (5 or 6/10)

Amazing lights in the caves and the jungle on the pictures. Looks like something taken out of a movie advertising with all the light rays

Come to Brasil one day.

It would be so much fun going on this kinda adventure but honestly I'm not fit enough to take such risk at climbing and all that is involved. My legs would wobble and prolly fall off. Lol. Lovely pictures though, so one can't even take a little gem from the cave? Too bad.

First, the pictures are amazing and it’s very clear, well-done. I’m adding this to my wish list. Lol. It’s so beautiful and captivating. I wish I can visit here one day, though I think I’ll be scared at first.

Wow, that cave looks mind blowing. Amazing shots😍

wow really that if that is a fabulous and new experience, it really looks very cool, I would love to have that opportunity!

Woah! What a trip! I love how you were able to have an adventure like that while also able to get great shots. The placement of the lights were perfect haha!

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