Archery Asia & Camping Ground Moalboal Cebu

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Dreaming of unleashing your inner Katniss? Imagine shooting various targets even faux animals in a jungle. Quiet, apart from the sound of crickets, you aim. You take a deep breath and then as you release the arrow, you watch it hit your target, or not 😊

When our family was on self-isolation at home due to Covid, my husband @iamyohann who was stuck in the bedroom for 2 weeks suggested two things we should do as soon as we pull through it and were safe to go out; 1) Swim with the millions of sardines at Panagsama Beach and, 2) Archery

Grateful that we got to do it, off we went for an afternoon coffee and an archery game at Archery Asia before diving into the sea. I'll be using a mix of photos taken during our many visits here.

Archery Asia is the first and only professional outdoor archery destination in the Philippines located in Tuble, Moalboal, Cebu, 3 hours away from Cebu City.

They offer archery training courses for beginners and advanced for both adults and children.

If you are up for just an afternoon of fun, try their 3D Parcour, an obstacle course in archery where you select from a range of arrows set per person.

Rental of Equipment is included (bows, arrows, arm protectors, and special gloves.) Should you wish to purchase and have your own archery supplies, they could be of help with that as well.

Archery Asia Nipa Huts and Camping Moalboal has camping facilities and accommodations from Php 650 (USD$ 13) for a Jungle Tent, Php 990 (USD$ 19.5) for Nipa Hut Fan Room and Php 1,390 (USD$ 27.5) for Nipa Hut with Air-conditioning per night for two persons.

There are also package deals should you wish to combine archery and scuba diving along with airport transfers to and from Mactan International Airport.

  • Contact: +63 927 217 2298
  • Email:

An Ideal Event Venue

I remember being impressed with the outdoor archery setting in the middle of the tropical countryside.

Due to its beautiful and tranquil environment, @millycf1976 and I used to frequently spend time here for sunrise and sunset yoga sessions with an instructor.

Their bar is open throughout the day and it became a local favorite coffee escape for many ex-pat residents of the diving village. Two years ago, I chose to celebrate my birthday here with a few close friends for an evening of panini and drinks.

There is a billiard table where weekly tournaments were held before the pandemic. Darts and badminton are also available. It's definitely a relaxing place to meet up with friends and a serene event venue.

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How Much is a 3D Parcour Archery Game?

A menu to choose from based on the number of arrows as seen below will be presented to you:


What to Expect During the Archery Activity?

Archery is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM and the suggested duration of the activity is 2-3 hours.

A trainer assigned to you will provide you with the rental archery equipment. He/she will guide you throughout the activity.

The 3D Parcour training ground is a jungle setting enclosed within a 400-meter bamboo fence shaded by tall coconut and old mango trees. Hitting targets with friends and family makes it even more fun.

I am a beginner. I first discovered archery in 2004 at the backyard of my in-laws' family home in France. I have never played after that. The first time I tried the Parcour here at Archery Asia was back in 2019.

After a round of arrows at the warm-up target range, we began our 60 arrows set obstacle course.

The last part of the obstacle course allows you to shoot at the bullseye and a suspended tennis ball. My husband and I are so proud to have hit both targets.

@iamyohann was surprisingly quite great at it. As for me, "C'etait toujours la chance du debutante." - it was always beginner's luck.

If ever you decide to travel to the Philippines and visit Southern Cebu, check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Have you tried archery before? Do you like it?

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Inspired by my original post
Archery Asia Official Website


Hello Arni, I do miss trips to Archery Asia. It was my escape haven; my happy place. Sunrise and sunset yoga sessions were the best.
Did you hit any targets?
I hit many, but never the right one.🤣
I see Anaïs gave it a go too;-)
Do you shoot with your right arm?
Archery Asia's rustic eco-friendly setting is the ideal place for people to connect with themselves, and it was the right balance for me - living on the water, and then going there for greenery.

Hi Camille, I miss those times with you there. Haha I know what you mean about hitting the other target. 😂 I shoot with my right arm despite being a leftie. What about you? I think I did well during my first visit but the most recent one was horrible 😄. Anaïs enjoyed it very much and it was nice to see her discover archery and hit some of the 3D fake animals.

We saw Frank during our last visit and he introduced new refreshing sugar-free flavored water on the menu.

Yeah, I knew I was mistaken with you using your right arm ;)
It's a nice environment for Anaïs.😍
Yes, Frank is always making small improvements, and it's a wonder to see him and his staff maintain the CR facilities :)

I think he recently renovated the washrooms compared to the time we were there during yoga sessions. Not sure when that happened but it was a nice surprise.

Hahaha! I bet it was;)

I and @ybanezkim26 will surely put this on our itinerary for our next Moalboal trip. 😲 Should you decide to accompany us, the presence of Anais will be greatly appreciated 😍.

For the mean time, I will work on my arm strength and hopefully level up to Katniss once we venture into archery on our next visit.

Hi Claire! We'd love to join you 😃 Anais will be excited to get out of the house. It's one of those places that are safe to go to these days because there's hardly anyone around so you'll enjoy nature and a nice chat over drinks all afternoon after a nice game. We could also enjoy walking barefoot on the grass. Let's go there during your next visit to Moalboal.

Yes, we shall definitely do all those! We get to do something different other than freediving in Moalboal 😂. Excited here!

Another reason to go back to Moalboal! Already included in the itinerary.

Munggo and archery 😁

Yes! I miss that munggo! Must try @indayclara!

Whoa! That's such a cool activity to do.the prices seem pretty reasonable as well. It's impressive that you guys both hit the tennis ball. I like the giant spider target haha.

Hello @leaky20, it's fun so I'm sure you'd enjoy it. The more the merrier kind of game with lots of guaranteed laughter. The giant spider target is cool haha. Happy Sunday to you 😀

Never thought that there's archery in Moalboal. Seems like a good idea to unleash some stress.hahahaha

Hello @asasiklause, oh yes! Perfect for unleashing anger as well haha. Do expect forearm soreness the next day though.

Hahhahahah. Definitely. Thanks for the heads up!😬😬😬

Wow, nakita ko na naman ang isang post tungkol sa moalboal, isa ang moalboal sa mga lugar na gustong-gusto ko na mabisita kaso lang pandemic naman.

By the way ang ganda ng mga photographs mo @discoveringarni

Haha, salamat 😄
Sana nawa'y matapos na ito at makaikot na ulit. Maganda dito sa Moalboal, tahimik at simple lang. Sana makabisita kayo ng family mo dito pagbukas ng mga borders.

Walang anuman (^_^)

Sana nga, gusto ko pa naman ang tahimik.

What a great way to spend our time, i wish i can do archery too one day., sadly i cant find anyplace in my city yet. The place is really beautiful. I wish that your family will always be healthy.

Hello Nafirah @firayumni , thank you, may your wish be granted soon. Archery is not a common sport in the Philippines but I heard there are indoor archery ranges present in Metro Manila, Palawan, Cebu City and other cities in the country. It was more fun doing it outdoors and we're just lucky I guess to be living not far from it. Sending positive vibes to you and your family as well, take care always.

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Happy Sunday @livinguktaiwan and @pinmapple team, thank you for this 😍

I wish I could come here I'm also a huge archer

Hello @trannguyen, thanks for reading. You'll definitely be in your element in this place as an avid archer. What got you into archery?

My father took me to the palace. he is a hunter. but there's one thing I can't shoot like him

Thanks for sharing how your Dad inspired you to pursue archery.

This is awesome! Me and hubby were planning to go there. We really wanted to try out archery as well as staying in one of their nipa huts. A little curious though, is their place near the beach too?

Hello @tangatraveller, no, the camping ground is inland more than 3 kilometers walk to Panagsama Beach. Would love to hear your experience after your visit.

Archery Asia.jpg source

I see. It takes just a few minutes to the beach. That won't be a problem :) Thank you so much for the info!

The walk to the beach is not bad and you can take the other route as well which is more scenic. You're most welcome 😊

that's a very interesting spot! are you based in moalboal too?

Hi @junebride, thank you and yes, we are based in Moalboal. Hope you get to enjoy rounds of archery fun when you do visit the south.

i have been to moalboal a few times but we always just end up at the beach.. will surely check this place when we get to moalboal in the future.

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