In the streets of Bratislava

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After almost 6 weeks of vacation we are back in Switzerland. We spent our last day in Slovakia in Bratislava. It's halfway between the place where we live in Switzerland and the place where my family lives in Slovakia. Ideal stopover to relax and meet friends.

Usually, we would stay for a night and leave early in the morning but this time we stayed until the afternoon as the weather was so nice and we wanted to explore the streets.

Let's have a look around the city together!


Our hotel was located just a few minutes from The St. Martin's Cathedral (Dóm Svätého Martina) so we started right there.

When I lived in Bratislava for a couple of months almost 20 years ago (this makes me realize that I'm getting old! 🙂) I walked by this cathedral almost every day to work. I have never entered it as at that time I had other interests than history and religious buildings. In the meantime, I have understood the historic value of this place and I was actually excited to visit it this time.

St. Martin's Cathedral was built in the 11th century as a small chapel. Later, when Bratislava had more and more inhabitants, the church was enlarged to accommodate the attendance.

Up until now, it's an active church with a couple of services every day. There is an info point where you can get tickets, small souvenirs as well as books/guides about the church. Normally, you can also visit the crypt with catacombs, but we were not allowed to as we visited it on Sunday and we only had about 30 minutes between the masses.


From outside, the church looks like almost any other church in Slovakia. It doesn't have the common features of other Cathedrals (in my opinion). It was rebuilt to its current Gothic appearance in the 15th century to become part of the city walls after Bratislava received the privileges of a town. Link


When you walk around the Cathedral you will pass by a small chapel called The Chapel of St. John the Merciful (Kaplnka Svätého Jána Milosrdného). His remains are stored in this chapel.


Once you come back to the Rudnay Square (Rudnayovo Námestie) don't forget to admire beautiful lanterns which were placed together with the columns in 1909. Up until recently, these lanterns were painted black and were not functioning. They were renovated 2 years ago when it was found out that they were originally golden, so they were adjusted to their former appearance and in the evening they are lightning the way to the church now.


Let's go inside!

There is a glass tunnel to the info point from where you can see the square with the lanterns.

Since we only had 30 minutes to visit the church we didn't have to purchase the tickets. But we did purchase some local pottery which I'm collecting 🙂


St. Martin's Cathedral is known as the coronation place of Hungarian royalty. Between 1563 and 1830 ten kings, one queen and seven royal wives from the Habsburg Dynasty were crowned here. Who was the one queen crowned here? It was Maria Theresa herself! Her coronation was celebrated on the 25th of June 1741. Link

The interior of the Cathedral is not as impressive as I was expecting. You can see that the construction lasted several decades due to different architectural styles present in the church. However, I admired the long arched windows decorated with beautiful stained glass.

There are many valuable objects present in the church. Next to each object there is a sign with some information about what you are looking at.

One of the objects is the stunning The Statue of St. Martin (Socha Svätého Martina). It was created in 1735 by Georg Rafael Donner. According to tradition the figure of St. Martin bears portrait of Archbishop Imrich Eszterhazy and the features of the beggar resemble those of Donner.

It is said that it was the most beautiful statue in the Hungarian empire. But who knows...

Let's admire the altars before going back to the city...

The church is surrounded with statues of famous personalities. In Slovakia, we learned about all of them at school.

Anton Bernolák was one of the most important people in the history of Slovakia as he is the author of first Slovak language standard.


Franz Liszt was a Hungarian composer with many famous pieces played even today.


Ján Hollý was a Slovak poet born in the 18th century. He was the first poet to write excusively in the new Slovak language.


I think there was enough of history for today. Let's see what more Bratislava has to offer.

There are many narrow hidden streets from where you can enjoy nice views, such as this. Here, we can see a tower of the Bratislava castle.


There are also buildings which are not so well maintained and it gives the old town its special charm...


We have also found two photographs painted in former windows. They were taken by one of the most famous photographers of Bratislava Karl Körper (1845 – 1923). He was born in Milan and after his studies he moved to Pressburg (old name of Bratislava) where he fell in love and spend the rest of his life.



This time, we stayed in the old town and we only enjoyed the views of the castle...


Michael's Gate (Michalská Brána) is one of the most famous landmarks of the city. It's connecting two busiest streets and it's the most lively place during the summer evenings with terraces and people enjoying the weather.


Michael's Gate is the only preserved gate of the fortification from the 14th century. Today, it serves as The Museum of Weapons. The museum has been closed for about 2 years due to the reconstruction but I think it will be open again this year. We have visited it several years ago already.

It shows various weapons as well as development of firearms. Part of the exhibition is located at each floor, so be ready for some exercise. Once you get to the top of the tower, you will be able to go on the balcony and enjoy the views. Believe me, it's worth it!

But today, we will continue exploring the streets...


This is probably the most charming street which will lead us to the Franciscan square (Františkánske Námestie)...


Franciscan square is a calmer square in the old town which offers quiet atmosphere among the old historical buildings.

One of such buildings is The Franciscan Church (Františkánsky kostol) which dates back to the 13th century and it's the oldest church in the city. It included it a monastery which was used to elect the city mayors during the Middle Ages.


On the opposite side of the church is The Mirbach Palace (Mirbachov Palác). It's one of the most beautiful buildings in Bratislava built in Rococo style. Today, it hosts a City Gallery.


In front of the gallery we found these sets of teeth replicas. It looks like a random bunch of famous people and we had a good laugh reading the names...


The square is overlooked by this statue...


And here we have the most beautiful building of the city - The Primate’s Palace (Primaciálny Palác). But I might be biased as I love pink color 🙂


Inside of the palace is a courtyard with The Statue of St. George and the dragon (Socha Svätého Juraja a Draka).


A legend has it that George was an officer in the Roman army who came upon a town terrorized by a dragon. People selected the victims by tossing a coin. When the king's daughter was chosen, he killed the dragon with a spear. Legend


Bratislava changed a lot in the last 20 years and I enjoyed walking around and remembering places that I have visited long time ago. This city will always have a special place in my heart and I am happy that I was able to make new memories there.


I hope you have enjoyed our trip.

Thank you for reading,


No krása! Počasí vám zjevně vyšlo líp než nám na jaře před pár lety :D Byli jsme tam na víkend a celou dobu bylo zamračeno a pršelo, takže ani jednu fotku nemám tak hezkou jako ty :D :(

Tak to mi je ľúto, ale zas to nemáte tak ďaleko, tak tam môžete zájsť znova 🙂 Bolo krásne slnečno, ale ten studený vietor bol hrozný. Fakt sa to nedalo vzdržať 😂 Len som sa o tom tu nezmienila 😉

Aha, tak vítr na fotkách vidět není no :D Joo, určitě si tam ještě někdy zajedem. Přítelkyně pochází ze Záhorie, což je nedaleko, tak třeba někdy až budem zase u nich ;)

I've been to Bratislava this december and also in december 2018. I really loved it. And I enjoyed your photos here, some of them look familiar. These two times while I visited the city, it gave me the impression of being a nice, clean and elegant city. Would love to visit somewhere in warm season..

6 weeks of vacation sounds like a beautiful dream to me, lol. My never never lasted longer than 2 weeks but considering how many things I've seen on 14 days, I'm sure it would be heaven on earth to explore for 42 days, haha. I'm happy you made the best of your trip and you are back home. I'm sure plenty of awesome posts are coming up :)

We both had a few tough years with very little vacation and lots of overtimes, so it wasn't too difficult to convince my boss to get some time off 🙂 I think I couldn't even hold such balances legally 😂 My husband had a bit less, so he was working for a couple of weeks from home but I had enough time to enjoy with my family. I didn't spend so much time together with them for almost 20 years!

Oh, no, no, I really took time off, so there won't be anymore posts coming from this trip as I had to reset and get ready for the new year to come 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will be able to enjoy such a long vacation one day!

This has been a nice, quiet ride for a weekend of relaxation. Not a bad way to end that long vacation period.

In 20 years things can change a lot, but it is very interesting to go back to those places we lived in our routine or those we knew with different eyes and be able to make a contrast.

The walk looks very complete, plus all the streets and architecture are beautiful. I was fascinated by the idea of framing those pictures in the windows, now I feel like I need to go there to appreciate it for myself.

The data you use to accompany the tour also contribute a lot to those of us who don't know the culture to have a better idea of the place. I loved the story behind the dragon statue.

I hope the return to reality is full of good things and that you took advantage of the vacations to rest, best regards!

Wow, just last December I visited Bratislava, it was during the Christmas fair, my god what a beautiful atmosphere I found there, it's not my first time to visit Bratislava and I would definitely go there again.
Looking at your pictures you really managed to take me to the streets of Bratislava, you know, I've been there too.

Thank you for your kind words! Bratislava is indeed magical during Christmas time and I'm glad that you liked it there!

Have a great weekend!

You're welcome.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

I got envious (but happy for you) at the first sentences, after reading 6 week vacations! 😁 Thank you for the virtual guided tour, I'm way more of a nature person but do fancy old cities. Glad to see those vacations were well enjoyed! !LUV

Hi there! 🙂 Yes, yes, 6 weeks is a dream but it took years of almost no vacation and overtimes to enjoy it, so everything has its pluses and minuses 🙂

Me too, but now it's difficult to enjoy the nature due to the weather. It's been raining since weeks. I would have preferred snow 🙂

Hope, you're doing well!

Sunny in Portugal since last week! But freezing cold, at least to our standarts; probably would feel like Spring to you! :) All fine here, and given those vacations, hope you're even better than me! ;) Hugs from Portugal, and some !LUV

Your pictures are amazing! I love them!! The Primate’s Palace Is beautiful and it’s great that you visited the city 20 years ago, and now you can see how much it changed!!

Thank you! 🙂 Actually, I used to live there for a few months almost 20 years ago, so I knew the city quite well. It was really impressive to see how much they changed..

What a charming city 🙂 I love the narrow streets. St Martins Catherdral is also impressive especially the windows and the alters. Fun post.

Thank you! 🙂 You should visit it one day 😉

The small streets paved with stones bring a picturesque air to Bratislava city as if paving its history. Such cities with a historical load are what make good homes and build character and identity from their stories. Beautifull pictures!

Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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This city in its architecture is similar to Lviv in Ukraine.

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Very interesting, I love to see old and historical buildings like this.

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Thank you, Pauline! 🙂

It sounds like you had an enjoyable end to your vacation in Slovakia, spending the last day in Bratislava. The city's convenient location as a halfway point between Switzerland and Slovakia made it an ideal stopover for a relaxing break and to visit with friends. The good weather allowed you to spend more time exploring the city and making the most of your time there.

A cute little town. I look at these photos and I see how Vienna once was.

Little town? It´ s a capital city and home to almost half a million people ;)

I know it's the capital, but after living in some of the largest cities in the world, half a million feels that way.

How Vienna once was? Not sure what you mean? Vienna is completely different 🙂

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When we go to see a place at night, we cannot see its beauty properly because nothing can be seen in the dark. When we visit during the day, we can see the place much better because everything is clearly visible in the daylight. Since my childhood, I love to see such old buildings because they look so beautiful. As we can see in these pictures, this old building is much stronger than today's building. But when a person visits a place after a long period of time, we see that there are many changes over time. In such a season, the heart of a person also wanders. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us. I really enjoy your trip.

Greetings @delishtreats I would love to visit this place if I get the chance, The place is beautiful and also peaceful that can be seen easily from your pictures. This Place surely have a historical background. The architecture is showing that.

Looks like a lovely city - I've always wondered what Bratislava is like, so thanks for sharing !!!

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Hey it's Me Afrin.
Nice to see so many beautiful place .Bratislava place really cool for visit .May be I will visit there one day . Thanks for sharing so many beautiful places...

The fact that Hive is a platform where we can explain in details our experiences is amazing, you can sit at the comfort of your home and explore different places and things all thanks to the active users on the platform

Good job @delishtreats

Thanks to show me beautiful place

fantastic picture. What a beautiful view.

Hey, you were in the city! Next time, let me know and we can go for a coffee 😉

I actually sent you a message on Telegram one day before we came to Bratislava as it was a spontaneous decision to leave Slovakia that day. But you didn't see it so I deleted it when we left for you not to feel bad 🙂

We will be back for Easter, and I hope we will be more organized so I will let you know 😉

ohhh you did! I'm terrible with those massages apps, I don't have notifications on and I get many spams on Telegram. 😞

Hopefully, we can organize something for Easter...!

I'm planning to organize the Slovakia Meetups soon. 🤠 I will let you know, maybe you can come 🤞

Nice tour, thanks for sharing.

Sat Nam

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Amazing photos... but... where are the people in all of them?! It does look pretty cold - maybe everyone in Bratislava is being sensible and stays inside?