A Ride That Never Happened And Things That Did

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I have no idea how many of these TravelDigest's I've published. I do know, however, how many times I have not set the HaveYouBeenHere crew as beneficiary. I can be a real asshole sometimes. The payout from this post goes to @pinmapple.


That's what it looked like when I got back to the car that evening, I didn't filter that photo. It began like any other ride; unload, gear-up, take off. I couldn't have been more than two miles from the car when I smacked my knee so mother-F'ing hard against the frame I couldn't put weight on my leg—my good one. Two miles is forever when you can't walk. Felt like I got shot. Not that I've ever been shot, that's a poor analogy, but it hurt worse than a taser and I'm assuming bullets are an upgrade from that.

It was my first ride of the new season, too, I didn't get in one ride in February—brutal month. It must've rained 3-4 days a week last month. At the beginning of March, the rain let up for about a week. The ground was dry so I took off to Westside Loop at Concord Park in Farragut, Tennessee.







And that's about as far as I got. There's over 10 miles of singletrack out there, majority of it's intermediate with sections of black diamond scattered along the way but I didn't make it passed two miles. I didn't feel it happen, not exactly sure how or where, either, but the pain was instant and excruciating—couldn't peddle anymore. I tried putting weight on it and I swear I felt that shit in my ears it hurt so bad. I don't think I've ever smacked the inside of my knee that hard against anything. Lights out. Done.

So much for that! I didn't move for about 20 minutes, sat there and played chess on my phone. Instead of riding that day I ended up using the bike like a walker once I could stand again and hobbled down to the water.


So I got comfortable and hung out with myself for awhile. It's not often we're forced to stop what we're doing along a calm waters edge and appreciate a blind date with Mother Nature and enough driftwood to build a house.

To my right is a sandy, pebbley shoreline going back the direction I came, the main highway's that way. On my left is a cove lined with giant limestone looking rock or whatever kind of rock it is that's too big to fit in the bed of a truck, flat, looks slippery but isn't.



This ain't a bad place to rest a bad wheel at all, it's perfect. Can't think of anything I need right now. Brought a couple protein bars, already ate one, just cracked open the second bottle of water. I'm able to put weight on my leg again, that's a good sign, no hurry to leave.

Then I saw a giant red ant with giant wings eating a small insect with tiny wings, the small one was black. Correction—the giant red one is not having lunch, she's the queen and that tiny black one's in flight school. Reminded me of a 1991 chart topper.







It's not that I'm opposed to watching ant flying lessons or anything, I'd just rather be pedaling. First thing I did when I got back that evening was order these knee pads from Leatt.


Not sure what took me so long to invest in those. Helmet, shin guards, gloves, no knee pads?! They protect the patella as well as inner and outer. I've been wearing it ever since. I feel it rub against the frame regularly—didn't realize my leg was that close the whole time.

It's getting late, about an hour left of daylight and I still need to limp this bike back to the car—made it! I got loaded up and was ready to leave. Brake, push to start, idling. Rolled down the windows and put it in reverse but couldn't stop staring out the windshield—sunset. Park, push to disengage, not idling. Packed about a half dozen more of those things and watched it go away.











Taking the time to chill is definitely what this guy needs to do more of. Just kick back and take a deep breathe and let out an AAAHHHHHhhhhhhh

That ant attacking the other... nice catch... not the ant but you. Upping that Gif game!!!

Gotta make these kids some breakfast and drag them to school

For a minute there I was beginning to think only our WhatsApp worked. Great to hear from you here.

Damn kids. They never stop growing either. "I'm hungry.. I'm tired.." That's what I hear anyway.

Got any fresh daughter designs?

Very nice pics looks good

These cameras are phenomenal. Thank you!

Well at least you were able to walk away from it, things could always be worse ;)

Really, though.. What in TF was he hoping to achieve there?

Wassup man? Long time no see. Plants, too, she on a break? How's things over there? Tell me something I didn't expect. I'm on the edge of my keyboard.


What kinda deodorant is that?

Only the all natural shizz. ;)

Though I can use some extra strength right now. Staying busy, then busier! Hope the pads are keeping that knee safe now. Too much fun stuff to explore to be wrecking yourself even more. ;) Though we got some more brrrr weather coming up before Easter. Hope it's the last of the 30's for the season.

Hugs to the wifey.

I was this close to stopping by discord. Weirdest weather. Wednesday it snowed, Friday was shorts n tank tops, Saturday and Sunday it poured so much rain flooded homes made the noose. Was 36 this am and claims to be 72 this afternoon. I can't make this stuff up.


Rollercoaster for sure. I'm hoping our budding garden doesn't take too bad a hit this week. 🤞

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A real asshole at times? I never would have guessed that...

What kind of bike do you have? I couldn't see from the photos. The trails you hit up look a lot like the ones here in Wisconsin; if you ever get up here you should check them out. You'd be surprised for a flyover state.

Good thing you know your shit then!

What's up SageSigma? Happy.. uh... Friday! Dang, the weekend must be here too then, sweet. Got any plans?

It's an Australian manufacturer, Fuji Auric one.1 it's called. Dude the thing's a Cadillac. Doesn't make a sound, only thing you hear is wind and whatever's under the tires. Such a downhill beast. It'll kick your ass uphill though!

I've checked out many videos of Wisconsin riding. If I ever find myself there, it's on!

Nice - I've seen down hill bikes around here, but I've never actually ridden one. There are a couple of cool trails I've seen them go down a few times. They look pretty cool

Not much going here but lots of rain...which makes sense as I got those binoculars and can't use them. You doing anything fun this weekend?

I'm stuck inside due to weather too. This southern or mid-west, whatever they call it wether is so unpredictable.

I put together a downhill video awhile back when we first got to the area before the weather turned to shit if you wanna check it out.

Nice! Looks like a nice ride. I should get a camera to start filming some bike rides to share too. I don't have anything fancy (just a ten year old Santa Cruz), but it works ok yet.

These GoPro's are surprisingly affordable. The version I have is at Amazon for like $150 I think. They're pretty incredible, their slogan is something like say goodbye to blur.

for you

You tryin to get me drunk?? 🍻

In Viet Nam " No drunk no go home" so More Beer for you 🍻. I know you are not drunk yet...😃😅


Let me know if that doesn't work

Cool !!!

!Bia 😃

Dude...gettin old hu? A little lol here but with lot's of sympathy ;). Hope you feel better. Put arnica balm on it if you have the chance to get some. Works miracles I'm telling you...

I was good to go two days later. I was actually worried for a few hours, though, not gonna lie. "Like woah!"

Maybe just a little if pain increases with age. I swear I mean it when I say 'I'm in the best shape of my life' but unfortunately things like ligaments, bones, recovery time, etc don't ripen with age. 🤔

Always a pleasure when you stop by!

Really dig that shot of you in your signature pic, by the way. Gives the impression of a tattoo on your back but I don't think there is one.

ligaments, bones, recovery time, etc don't ripen with age.

Tell me about it lol...it happens over night no kidding...suddenly your body is like🖕 😂

Gives the impression of a tattoo on your back but I don't think there is one.

Do some more digging threw my "blog" and you might find an answer 😉 ...little hint "💟 "

Always a pleasure when you stop by!

Of course, it's me 😄

I remember when it was normal to wake up like "ouch, I slept on my neck wrong." Now all I gotta do is lay down wrong.... dammit! Hurt myself going to bed.

Talk about no spoiler alert. Ok I'll try but you need to something, it's just us here, right? This is TOP secret shit. I forgot where I was going with this.

I forgot where I was going with this.

Hurt your head going to bed? 🤣 ...just kidding...try to stay alive until tomorrow...it's fun throwing lil ironic comments around with you 🙃

Being a bartender I know my ways around the top shelves ;)

If you go for a ride today...safety first :)

Hurt your head going to bed?

Don't let this go to your head or anything but your satirical banterism is top shelf. Banterism isn't a word but that doesn't mean there isn't some truth to whatever you just read. Don't be a tattooed stranger.

My knee still aches thinking about this post today...

Wassuuupppp?!? <-- I'm not sure what all that's about. I'm not excited to hear you're having sympathy pains or anything.

I've read it!

I think you skimmed it.

Dude can you believe the response my content is receiving the community these days? It took a long time to achieve but this acceptance is comfortable like non-slip socks on a waxed tile floor.

Doing my second round now hahaha 😁

Alright I've read it, and I did not learn shit! You told me all this on whatsapp already!

Is it why you always say "answer me on Hive" instead of whatsapp?

Well done for buying the pad though!

Edit: OOH and stunning pics also!

You know how when someone knows the surprise they're getting and they're supposed to act surprised anyway when they get it?

You could've done that.

But no0O0o0oo0O0o

i got you homes

Out of all of'em I think this one's the most believable.

Just an awesome post. I thought the red ant shots were the best.
We'll talk again, when I re-read your post. Just so tired after celebrating life with family. After 75 hours of playing, eating and loving, the mom and the sweed are closing our eyes, tomorrow is another day.
Always in my prayers.

Take your time. It's the ride that never happened so really all you're missing is me yap yap yapping about not being able to move.

The ants were a good show. Quite a few neat things happened that day and made the bad wheel less of the focal point.

Glad ya'all enjoyed yourselves. Prayers every.day.

WOW, you have a big heart @dandays, yes in more ways than one!
Why did I never think to make a community the post beneficiary, just awesome!
Back to your blog, here you turned a bad fall around and brought us some stunning images and thoughts!
You just can't keep an old dog down now can you! Just keep on peddling my friend, life is short.

If my days continue warranting responses like this from the lovely Lizelle you can bet your you know what I'm gonna keep'em comin.

Thank you, @lizelle! You're always so got dang sweet, I just love it. Your husband's a lucky dude. <--LOL my autocorrect had kicked dude... haha!!! Not sure what that's about.

How long we been here now? 3-4 years? How many times have I pinned the map? I'm completely clueless, Lizelle, I don't know, 50? 100? I really don't know. And it took me this long to name them beneficiary.

I can be a real..... bad guy.... sometimes

Much love from this side, Lizelle. Happy Saturday!

And you too my friend! It's been a busy one, but a good kind. It's still fairly early for a Saturday night but I'm totally pooped!
Have yourself a great Saturday:)

Some really cool pics. The knee injury put a damper on things, but you still managed to enjoy the day.
Maybe Cali dudes are not as soft as I hear, at least the ones that go to the gym 5. 6. 7. days a week and work out for several hours every time.
Always a good idea to stop for a while following an injury and get your head right.

You're a generous guy, good for you.

CYA later my friend.
Talk about knees, wait until you hear about this fiasco. I'll shoot you an e-mail later.

Good morning Sweed! Thanks for checking this one out.

Looking forward to that email. Funny, back in my working days there was 2 electrical contractors (a bajillion actually but two are required for this joke), Fisk Electric and Sasco Electric. We'd always make the joke if they combined forces they'd be Fiasco Elect.

5?! That must've been a typo. At least 6 AND twice a day, don't forget that part! Killin it! :ouch: Still haven't quite mastered patting my own back without injuring my shoulder.

I'm sure you're not mistaken, not this Ca dude, though!! I'm a Princess❗️ A rock solid, never been soft a day in his life except for his hands (super soft, by the way, I'm a glove wearing, lotion applying, soft hand haver who gets mani's n pedi's), not too hot, not too cold, this one's jjuuuuussst right Princess!

Robin has been trying to convince me to visit a nail salon with her for years now. As long as I can bend over to clip my own toenails the salon is out. With me getting my hands dirty almost every day, what's the use. My hands are rough and calloused, just how I like them, but by the end of the day, they are Mr. Clean clean.

If you've never had a pedicure, consider altering that immediately. Of man they do this one thing where they exfoliate your calves with this grainy, minerally stuff..... g'night!

I enjoy nature every day, but it's been a long time since I've been out in it when there wasn't some job to be done. I think you're insipiring me to seek a little vacation.

I subliminally try to convince anyone reading to pay more attention to their work life and home life. When one doesn't offer refuge from the other, attention is lost.

Good morning Paradoxtma. I'm glad you liked this one man. It's early, I'm on my first cup of coffee, so apologies in advance if I'm too philosophical.

Humans around me base their happiness/wealth whatever on the material items they collect. Pura and I base ours on material items we don't have. I swear all I possess right now worldly is a Subaru and a mountain bike and the two of them really fuckin irritate me regularly like 'I don't 'need' these things' while my heads running circles around me cuz my fellow humans are chained down by mortgage.. car payment, body maintenance, these mufukers even lease cell phones!!

Ok, I'll stop now. Like I said, it's early. Never mind me.

Looks like you had a real adventures day we all that a bit of that nature.

I just realized I typed your name wrong in the last response—bad DanDays, bad! Good morning @andrew-charles! I tried harder that time.

I'd be the biggest liar on the blockchain if I didn't say I love it when things work out the way they're supposed to.

Not a problem we all make mistakens but happy you got it right this time and things they out the way they're supposed to be....haha 😆

Have a good one 👍

Looking nice there, knee pads are nessecary! Had to have my knee caps adjusted one tooooo many times without em. still watchin, still here, still reading. Keep Rollin.

Yooo Rubidooooo! Wassup man? Been a minute, everything cool over there? What's good¿ Don't lie to me!

Can't believe I never owned a pair until now. Guess I thought they were exclusive to football. I can be a real asshole sometimes. Don't leave without'em now though.

Great to hear from you again. Stop by any time. Thanks for the reblog!

It has been a fuckin minute man, as for assholes I'm the biggest. wait, maybe not. I'm working on a new post then washing my hands of the internet for a few days. Its been a shitty month and to be honest posts like yours and a few others @edprivat and @angryman , @frot and others have helped lighten the load. Sorry (not really) to name drop here. I'm happy for any cheering up I can get.

I refused Knee pads for years, now my kneecaps stay on one side of my leg! win win.

Keep on cranking out the good shit, I will be back soon, and yeah that's a threat and a promise.

Well I don't know what you see in those other guys, I had a tough time keeping my eyes open that whole paragraph. Don't trip, there's gonna be times when I vanish for extended periods of time. It's all good. Just don't vanish permanently without a cordial something.

I refused Knee pads for years...

I ride mountain bikes dude, what's your excuse?

'Strike that last question from the record'

Well I don't know what you see in those other guys, I had a tough time keeping my eyes open that whole paragraph. Don't trip, there's gonna be times when I vanish for extended periods of time. It's all good. Just don't vanish permanently without a cordial something.

I refused Knee pads for years...

I ride mountain bikes dude, what's your excuse?

'Strike that last question from the record'

I smacked my knee so mother-F'ing hard against the frame I couldn't put weight on my leg

You know you're not supposed to do that, right?

I never really thought about it, I'm always paying attention to cliffs and turns and remedial stuff like that. Thanks, Jethro! I really need to get my priorities straight!

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Thank you!

My pleasure. Thank you.


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It didn't suck!

 2 years ago  Reveal Comment

Good morning (from over here)! Thanks for checkin this one out. Yes'ir it was a very comfortable few hours with just me myself and I. Do you ride mountain bikes? What's your sport?

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Oh man! I envy you two-legged people. My wife's a runner too. Sand especially. Blessings sir!

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