What's attractive about Mui Nghe in Da Nang?

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This destination is for tourists who want to find a bit of unspoiled nature in contrast to the crowded tourist spots in the coastal city of Da Nang. It's called Mui Nghe is a cliff located at the easternmost point of Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang city, Vietnam, and a rock formation cut by waves and wind over time shaped like a clam (here). It is also the earliest sunrise spot on the sea of ​​the city). Son Tra peninsula is the only nature reserve of this coastal city, it acts as a green lung, where people and tourists can come to it to be closer to nature, and enjoy the view. wildlife, including the rare and well-protected brown-shanked douc vooojooc. To get here, we will go on steep mountain roads next to the beautiful blue sea, and a long journey in the jungle to get down to it.



Note to move from the city to here, go on the Son Tra peninsula pass by 4 means: car, motorbike (banned scooter, due to many slopes), bicycle (I use this way often most frequent) and jogging combined with hiking.

GOPR4347 (1).jpg


Because its location is not too far from the airport and the city center, it is not too difficult to move, only about 30 minutes by car from the city center. And yet, the road leading to Son Tra mountain is very attractive with one side of the mountains and the immense sea, especially when it is sunny, highlighting the color of the sea and the green trees. I invited a friend from Da Lat to travel here when she asked me where I could go out. I like to find little known beauties and little human impact. Mui Nghe is an interesting option, not to mention climbing on a small trail in the forest. It's quite stimulating.



We parked the car at the end of the road, next to a nearly 800 year old banyan tree, it is also a destination worth visiting, from there we had to walk about 2km by paths covered with trees on the road. head and around. Although it is very sunny and hot, it is very cool thanks to the tropical jungle air-conditioning. There are no dangerous large animals here, the largest species are monkeys and brown-shanked douc langurs, here are quite concentrated because it is isolated from the city and people. You will have to look very closely through the treetops or you can enjoy their howling.


Because the road is small and dense, there are many different branches, there are no signs here, but we know the direction thanks to a way of the locals. It is the fabric tied to the tree trunk on the road, or the plastic bottles. Always look for their tracks, that is, the junglers and anglers mark as they go when the sun is out. We love the feeling of walking in the forest like that, nature's gift for health.


After walking for about 30 minutes, we also reached the cliffs of the coast. The scenery is so wild and clean, only the sound of the waves makes you friends.





The sea is a bit rough and the waves are big but it makes it all the more interesting by the harshness. It demonstrates the power of the ocean waves burrowing into the cliffs and shaping them like an artist. Be careful with some roadside thorns, they are quite sharp and can stick to clothes.



GOPR4401 (1).jpg


Since we chose to go at 11am, there were almost no tourists or locals, just two people fishing close to the bottom of the sea. They were afraid of the sun but they missed the most beautiful color of the sea when the sun rose.





Really I find it attractive because it has no human impact here, standing from below or above looking up at the high cliffs has a small and humble feeling and for me it is attractive. The second on Son Tra peninsula after Ban Co peak (mountain to observe the city and bay).



We followed the undulating and sharp rocks to go down, the water was too strong for swimming. But it was very cool enough to soothe the harsh sun on my head. I chatted with the fisherman for a bit and watched his work. They had fun in spite of the weather, and he would spend a whole day here. Not a bad short break from him.



The cape appears as a large but painless cut of the rocks, forming a small lake below when calm. I used to swim and dive here, there the coral reefs and fishes and snails are very developed. It is not fished because the government protects the city's most beautiful coral reef.




My friend was very happy when I took a photo. When I take pictures with gopro 8 I also quite like the colors. And it's also beautiful when I see her happiness, through her smile.




You come here if the sea is calm, with just a diving goggles you will see the beauty of the world under the water how alive. The best way to experience for yourself.



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Very beautiful. Be careful on those rocks.