RIYADHAH Park downtown Lhokseumawe

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The city of Lhokseumawe is known as the "Petro Dollar" city, which means the city has a dense population and is rich in various businesses in it. Starting from natural production business entrepreneurs to food processing businesses that are needed for daily needs.

It can be said that the city of Lhokseumawe is in the middle of the province of Aceh, Indonesia, and the area of the city of Lhokseumawe is not so large, because the city is a fraction of another district, namely North Aceh.


This question is not for the local Acehnese, because this city almost everyone who lives in Aceh has been there, just to enjoy the charm of the city. Even if you are there at night, you will see the crowds of people visiting the city.

A few days ago I left the house and went to one of the Ridhayah parks which is right in the center of Lhokseumawe, just to enjoy the atmosphere of a very peaceful night.

My friend and I went there at 12.00 AM and coincidentally it was not so crowded that night, because maybe that time was included in the break time to be able to continue activities in the morning.

This is a screenshot on Google Maps, which is right in the city center.

Taman Ridhayah | Ridhayah Park

This park was sponsored by one of the local banks, namely the Aceh bank, to create a park that is useful for the people who visit the place, as well as to show the beauty of the city. I think this program is very good for a city, so that the city atmosphere is more comfortable when viewed.

I tried to take pictures from various sides of the park, because my presence there was past curfew so I couldn't get a lot of light there, because it had been turned off just for maintenance of the lights, so they wouldn't get damaged quickly.






This park also has a large area, which means that behind the writing there is a garden to relax, but because the light is not turned on, the garden behind it is not very visible. Maybe if I come at 9.00 AM it will look and maybe a beautiful atmosphere too.

Likewise during the day, being in this park is a pleasant thing, because the breeze there makes the atmosphere fresher, because this park is also under big trees, so the air is so fresh there.

Also in front of the park there is a seat like a ball, the shapes look beautiful there, visitors often take pictures there, maybe you need to come here to enjoy the sensation.



In front of this park also has a beautiful view of the city, and the location of this park is right at the crossroads in the city of Lhokseumawe.


While I was enjoying the atmosphere there, I suddenly looked up, and coincidentally also in the sky had a bright moonlight.

I tried to take pictures of the moon with some photos, it looks so bright as if the moon was welcoming me. lol 😂


Here I took many pictures of the moon, because the light made me feel comfortable there.




The moonlight was a bit yellowish when I photographed it using a regular cellphone camera, a little light from this side of the moon made the photo look more perfect. Maybe I think the photo is good, and I don't know if from your point of view. 😂😂




It was quite amazing the atmosphere I felt that night, I felt very comfortable being between the garden and the atmosphere of this moon. No wonder many people visit here with their friends, I think this place is very suitable to calm the mind amidst the troubles of this life.

Thank you for hearing a little story from me, maybe if you have the opportunity to visit the city of Lhokseumawe you should come here and prove what I say.

Thank you to all of you!


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