Athens: Still Good!

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Summer in Athens

Its been exactly nine years since my longish last visit to Athens. It was late June last time as well and exactly during the Summer Vacation that I like to take every year. Our younger was not born then and the older (princess Artemis herself!) was only two years old. The main reason of the visit that the Princess Artemis, as my older identifies herself these days (!), wanted to visit her imaginary birthplace (the island of Delos), and also visit Athens. So we are back here.


Isn't Athens Big! Its a densely populated bowl at the base of three hills; Mt Ymettos, Mt Parnitha and Mt Pendeli... at a first glance from anywhere above (in this case from the top of Acropolis hill, Athens look nothing special compared to any other big European cities. In fact it rather look a bit out of character from this view. Of course it is full of people, as this is a popular spot to watch sunset. Don't ask me why human civilization is so fond of Sunrise and Sunset, they just are.

Ouzo and Fava

Well, I will let people see the Parthenon and other stuff, but for me Greece is all about two things (I am being simplistic!) Ouzo (the official greek drink) and Fava Beans (I don't know how official they are!). When in Greece, I eat and drink these two things everyday.


I eat/drink them at street-side bistros, I drink them at my aprtment that I rented when I am tired of walking the streets of Plaka. To me, I never get tired of them. I don't know what is the story of Ouzo with me, I never get drunk with them, as long as I drink slowly and throughout the day, and therefore, there is no hangover or headache!


Streets of Plaka

I never get tired of Plaka. It is the district just at the foot of the Acropolis hill, covering the North and Eastern quadrants approximately. This is usually the place most tourist stay when they visit Athens, and I am no exception. Some people say, Plaka is too crowded, I don't deny it, but I love it. It is probably one of the best people watching in the world for me.


It is basically almost all pedestrian streets, which coming from Houston, TX, is a big deal for us. The ladies love to walk and shop here. I can follow them, or I can sit down at a bistro and drink another round of Ouzo, until they find and drag me home :)


Sometimes, there are many strange street scenes that I experience there. Like this puppet show run my a single individual. I am sure this can still be found in other part of the world but for me, I don't get to see them a lot in Texas. So that is good enough for me.

We have a couple more days here in Plaka, and then we will head over to the Cyclades and to see the birthplace of Artemis.


Great content man, I'm planning to go to Athens in this summer for a live concert! As a greek, I recommend trying bulk tsipouro/ouzo or my favorite mpampatzim!
Καλές διακοπές!

I will check the stores this evening to see if I can get that! Thanks for the recommendation!

I went to Brettos

I think there you can find whatever you want! I've never been there myself so feel free to share your experience afterward!

Sounds bloody perfect mate! It's nice to unwind and I love a bit of a ritual myself when I go to certain places!

Yep, can't complain. It is not even too hot here. I mean its warm alright, but not humid as all like we are used to in Houston. So no problem at all.

Dry heat! Kinda my favourite. I am looking forward to getting away but it's not for some time. Might have a Scotland trip this week but not sure if it's on or not.

Whatever the case the heat won't be a problem!

Enjoy the ouzo!

Too much Ouzo here!

By the way, I don't think I have seen Euro this low in recent times. Exchange rate is 1.06 to USD. Everything seems cheap by 20%-30% automatically!

I do like a bargain! I have been hoovering up some euros for later in the year. The way economies are going it seems wisest!

So you do know how to use a Hoover! I'm telling Mrs. Boom!

Wahahahaha!!! Don't, please don't!! She must never know! 🤣

I've heard it's a good place to visit but never made it there myself however I have some plans to head over at some stage.

I think it's fairly legit to refer to fava as traditionally Greek. I've only had it once and enjoyed's probably way better in Greeklandia though.

Fava is so simple and delicious! We have a sizable greek community in Houston, but we don't get in restaurants. We do get it in international grocery stores though and we have tried making it at home, but we never get to perfect. Maybe it is mental :)

Regardless, I love it here. Not doing anything much for the last few days and it feels wonderful!

I see a business opportunity back in TX mate, fava bar. 😊

I like that aspect of vacations, those moments when nothing much is going on, just chilling out and relaxing. Enjoy mate, you deserve it.

Restaurants are such a difficult low margin business! However, that's a great idea, as Houston doesn't have any "fava bar"

I have so many good ideas like this. 🤣

You are a man of culture, for sure! Haha! Fava (the greek name is Lathouri) is my favorite legume! Beside the top flavour for me, it a super food! About ouzo, its better combination with sea food! In any case you are very welcome in Greece!

Ps: its more easy to visit Delphi (is the place of worship of Apollo, in mainland Greece)

Yes and yes. I love Greece! Delphi is classic. I have visited it earlier and I will visit it again. This time it’s just plaka, Mykonos and Fira….

Perhaps this fascination with sunrise and sunset came from our ancestors, whose lives and survival depended heavily on observing the sun and its movement. With night, came the predators.

I'd like to try fava beans someday but that doesn't really look all that good :P The bottle looks alluring though.

Oh you have no idea! Fava beans are amazing!!

There's giant wasps over there, be careful. The one time I stepped on the Greek mainland one came right for me. I'm lucky to be alive.

Giant wasp! That's the first time I heard about it. 5 million people live there, if they can survive wasp attack, I am sure I can ;)

Its what I relate to the mainland! Been to lots of the surrounding islands.

That fava beans paste dish, isn't it called Hummus dada? I had something that looks very much like that, the paste was made of chickpeas. A very famous dish in the middle east.

It's not Hummus! Hummus is very common middle eastern food made out of chickpeas. Fava is a different bean!

Looks like a perfect visit… it is so large Athens. Still on our list to visit.
Funny you don’t get drunk from the ouzo.
Enjoy the new week 👋🏻😁

Yeah. I rarely get drunk from anything, except Rum, that's my Kryptonite! Don't ask me why and how! ;)

Hahaha cool.
I would say it’s the other way around with me.
Rum I can drink all the time. It’s my favourite 🥃 not that I drink it all the time though. 😉


Just for you ;)

I’m about to open a new bottle of rum in the next days, I bought the other day…
Just the label alone is already pretty… 😎💃🏻💃🏻


I love everything about Greece, I am fascinated by this country but I have no plans to ever get to Athens. So I'm glad when I can see it through the eyes of those who travel there. I love it when you present the Greek experience not like in a tourist guide, there are plenty of those. I like that you show the local specifics referring to food and drink. Like you, I can't wait to get to Greece to eat their simple and popular food and I like Tsipouro. It is a fragrant drink but not as intense as Ouzo. I couldn't get used to Ouzo.
Thank you and I wish you a nice holiday ahead!

I have a full 200 ml bottle of Tsipouro down right now, and I will go for a walk down to Acropolis :)

What could be more pleasant? Enjoy!

Enjoy your trip Kaonashi chan 😉
🥦 !WINE 🥦

I will and I am!


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Athens look nothing special compared to any other big European cities.

Indeed, when I was In Athens I was surprised. The buildings looked very old and weak. What is good that there are not many skyscrappers and there are plenty of ruins from ancient time.

Ouzo has similar taste with our Rakı, I liked its aroma.

I don't mind old buildings myself. I am actually writing this note from one myself. Its comfortable and functional.


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I never been in Athens, always wanted to ! Your topological description of the city and the mythological links make me want it even more :)

Good luck on your journey to the Cyclades !

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