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The Santa Bucks Experience

After all the trips to waterfalls and mountains, for a change, we opted for something more adventurous!


Santa Bucks is probably one of the few adventure parks in Negros and it's a bit far from the city capital. But the distance never stopped people all over the island visit and experiencing the thrills in this eco-adventure park.


We went here after our visit to Niludhan Falls. Before entering, guests have to pay 150. The entrance fee includes the Spider Web, Palwa Slide, and a free drink of your choice.


Santa Bucks also have some food stalls that offer snacks, refreshments, fresh coconut juice, and local coffee. When we went, some of the stores were sold out already so we only settled for what was available. There were a lot of people when we went there knowing that it was a weekend and it was a long weekend because of the holiday.


After we had our refreshments, we went to the giant spider web. People have to line in order to go up to the bamboo-made tower and go to the web. There's signage that says everyone will have 2 minutes to take photos on the web but some and we took some more time than expected but everyone was considerate. Other people who are partly scared by height took a lot of time because their friends have to push or encourage them to go or stand on the web.






@tanawabai and Jen went first and I took their photos, then followed by Dave and me. Unfortunately, @unclebkaal has some issues with the height of the web so he decided not to.



After the thrilling Spider web experience, we went to Noah's Ark and took some photos. Then we went to the Palwa Ride. Palwa is a part of a coconut leaf that they dried out and put up next to each other and create like a slide. There are 2 slides. The shorter one is free while the longer one which is called "extreme" is 50 pesos per ride. We decided to try the extreme. Two-person can fit in each ride and I actually did it twice. One was with Dave and the other one with Dave. It was definitely an extreme experience.




The Noah's rack have a 360 degrees view of the eco-adventure park and the mountains surrounding Santa Catalina..



The left side is the regular Palwa Ride which is free while on the right side is the extreme. Longer ride and with humps to add extra thrill.

Some people record themselves while on the ride just be cautious with your gadgets might end up going somewhere else, Right @tanawabai?.


There are other attractions in the park such as the Giant Swing and Elevator Love's Swing but there were too many people and it wasn't that exciting to try. After the Palwa Ride, we decided to head to our next destination which was really far but the view was definitely mesmerizing.


Are you up to be in that Giant Spider Web or maybe take a Palwa ride? One thing is for sure it is fun!

DISCLAIMER: Some of the photos in this blog is from @tanawabai's camera.


Asa Si Klause blogs about his travels, vegan lifestyle, yoga practice, his fur babies and anything that gives joy to him.

If you love to see more of his content, hit that Follow button, and you might find new places, make more recipes, and practice yoga with him. For blog collaborations or inquiries, feel free to contact him on his social media channels or email him at



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Thank you guys!🤗

at first Starbucks gyud akoang nakita 🤣😂😅

Lagi. Abi nko sauna joke ra jd. Playword ra di ahhaha

The palwa ride is unique! Amazing how Filipinos are creative to even make such a fun ride out from coconuts! I know I would ride one myself!

We were told that locals used to do this for fun with their friends then the owner of the place discovered and made improvements for it to be more safe. We were also told that it was featured by a show in national television. Hehehe

Its so fun and intense

Suroy niya ko dnhi puhon!

Puhon2. Then dive sa Dauin! Hahahaha

Interesting and looks super fun 😍

It does!🤗🤗🤗

Kanindot sa Spider web 🕸

Lagi. If only pwd muhang.out dugay pro basin mabash nya ko. Ahahaah

Palwa ride reminds me of the good old days of my childhood. It was palwa or banana leaf gyud unya magslides slides dayun.

What a great time you had there.

Wow. It was my first time to see something like the Palwa ride. Very fun!

We sure did have lots of fun

Ka nice diri uie, ganahan ko mu try sa palwa ride 😍

For sure, malingaw jd ka. Thrilling kaau. Murag mabilin imonh kalag. Ahahahah

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Yeeeeyyy. Thank you so much @lizanomadsoul and Pinmapple team.💚💚💚

I remember during my childhood days, mosaka ra mi sa bukid para magpalwa ride, nig abot sa balay mabunalan kay hugaw kaau ang senina specifically ang luyo sa shorts 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Makamiss to nga time kay sobrang lingaw. Dli nako matinga why you all guys look happy 😆😆.

Hahahahaha. Sauna kay mapunish mn ta bsta mglingaw2 ui. Ahahhaaah

Lingaw jd kaau thats the reason i did it twice. Nindot ibalik with more friends.

Ma punish gyud, sington ta kay magsigeg duwa bunalan, ahaizt....maligo tag dagat naay pakapin kusnot sa bugann, lisud sad sabton atung mga parents sauna 🤣🤣🤣

Hoooy, ka nice ani! image.png

Some people record themselves while on the ride just be cautious with your gadgets might end up going somewhere else, Right @tanawabai?.

Use gopro instead hahaha

Te, naa pa moy humba? Haha

Saw one viral vid of that makeshift ride made out of palwa and i was fascinated i wonder where it was located. And then you posted this. Your penchant for everything organic and low carbon footprint goes beyond food, I guess. Always one with nature.

Kalawom sa “penchant” ui. Ahahahah

Must try jd n ang palwa ride. Lingaw kaau

Kacreative sa palwa ui. Nagamit jod para lingaw. Mura kag gamay nga kaka sa cobwebs Klause hahaha.

Nice jd kaau ang spider web kay makafeel jd ka na lig-on. Spider moments! Ahahhahah

Pro lingaw jd ang palwa. Ahahaha

Hahaha kaimagine ko.

So nice Klause, mura man sad tag spider ana dnha. Laysho Pina Bali inspired 😲🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

Katong swing nla Ric kay murag pina.Bali jd. Nindot if by pair mgswing. Ahahhaha

Hahaha aguy, ang way Ka pair ani 😂 nice eanha. Ako ni e save Kay manguli bya mi pohon sa Negros. ☺️

When???Naabot na mo bacolod wla jd mo kahapit sa oriental!

Hahaha 🤣 wala gyud Occidental Rami. Basin sa October mi manguli pohon.

laban! Nauwaw ang Oriental ninyo. ahahha

Hahahaha 🤣😂🤣 gikapoi na gani mi bsag naa Rami sa Occidental 🤣