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Months ago, I have posted a blog about Casaroro Falls. It was a trip several years ago but it was definitely one of my favorites. I did that trip by myself with a guide. But, in this blog, as a part of our Negros Oriental Escapade with friends, we went to Casaroro Falls.


After our breakfast in Dumaguete Public Market, we head straight to Valencia. It is a small town in the south of Negros but filled with so many tourist attractions such as mountains, falls, hot springs, and even its Sunday Market which I will feature in the blog soon.


We were all excited to check Casaroro Falls and I am personally a little giddy inside to be coming back. When we arrived we were told by the lady who is working in the restaurant in the area that Casaroro Falls is closed due to the damages of Odette. But she also said that we can but "at our own risk". It was drizzling at that time and the chance of heavy rain was very high. We were told by other locals that once the rain pour heavily and the river water changed to brown we should rush back. We even told them that we should leave an emergency contact number just in case we don't come back but they refused to accept it and they were positive enough to say "you will come back".



@tanawabai, Dave, me, @unclebkaal and Jen.

We started going down to the more or less 300 steps of stairs going down to the river and walking through rocks to reach the falls. We were all amazed by the greenery, the tall trees, the chirping birds, and the fresh air of the place. Going down was not that tiring. When arrived in the river the rain poured. We were all watching for the water just in case it turned brown.





There were some areas wherein we need to drench ourselves in the water to cross to the other side of the river. The rain stopped. We were able to stop by in an area and took so photos. We didn't even realize that time that we are close already to the falls. Everyone was in awe when they saw the falls. In my case, I felt emotional. There's something about this place which I found very majestic and there's so much good energy in this place that to the extent it is overwhelming!





We took turns taking photos of each other. Trying different poses to really highlight the beauty of the falls. It was my 2nd time already but I'm still amazed by its beauty. I kept on screaming "Thank you so much Nature." because I am that grateful for that blessing.










Going back, we already saw some light and no more rain or drizzle. We stayed quite long in the falls and really absorbed and appreciate its beauty. When we climbed up the stairs, I was so surprised of I stopped from time to time because I was running out of breath. hahaha. It was when I realized how much exercising I needed. We made it back to the cafe and jokingly told the lady that "We are alive." We waited for everyone to arrive and rested for a bit. Then we head to our next destination which is Tierra Alta.



I'm so happy that I was able to experience Casaroro once more but this time with some friends. It was nice to know that they also love the place as much as I do but not maybe the stairs part. Do you want to visit this place to? I would love to take you there!

DISCLAIMER: Some of the photos were from @tanawabai's camera.


Asa Si Klause blogs about his travels, vegan lifestyle, yoga practice, his fur babies and anything that gives joy to him.

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Part of me wants to go back to Casaroro falls. The other part says, please check your knees and do a bit exercise. Hahaha 🤣

Hahhaahahha. Naa nko space for exercise.

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Thank you so much guys!!!

Dear @asasiklause, Wow, The view of the waterfall is fantastic!

Well, From my point of view, you seem to be the most handsome and sexiest of the people in the pictures! (Of course, 5 people) 😉
By the way, It's a pity you don't have a six pack on your belly.😄

Thanks for the comment.

We wud love to visit. When can we pack up?

Hahhahahahaha. Pangita sa ug kauban. Mas daghan, mas maayo.hahaha

Wow. I can't believe there were so many beautiful places to go to in Negros. I can't wait to visit my father's hometown ☺️☺️✨ nindot elaag2 Jud ddto.

Puhon Ric. Manlaag nya ta ddto.

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Yeeeyyy. So honored. Thank you so much @livinguktaiwan and @pinmapple team. Appreciate the support!

Medyo kuyaw diay inyung pagvisit didto @asasiklause. Ang akong guide kay nagshare sa iyang na experience nga nikalit ra daw ug kakusog ang tubig nya iyang 3 guests from Manila kay iyang gibilin nalang sa medyo safe nga lugar nga dli maabot kaau sa tubig nya sya ang nibalik saka sa taas nag ask ug help kay nitaas man maau ang tubig if iyang kuyugon iyang mga guests for sure man daw dli makayanan sa guests ang kakusog sa tubig, ang nagrescue nagdala sila ug rope and flashlight then mga 8pm na sila nakabalik dapit sa cafe.

Mao sad na iyang giingun once magturn brown gani hawa nalang gyud dayun kay after ana kusog na daw ang tubig ana gikan waterfalls.

Maau kay ok ra inyung pag adtu though lain ang panahon. Pero infairness, nindot gyud kaau ang Casaroro Falls.

Nanindog akong balahibo while reading. We already imagined it could happen but we prayed na ayaw lng pd jd. Good thing wala ra jd.

Thank you for sharing your story. Yeah, nindot jd ddto Casaroro.

looks like you had lots of fun on this trip, klause! love the energyyyyyy😍

sooooooo much fun Jong! still on high until now. ahhahaha

Kanindot sa nature tripping! Kamusta mga tuhod? Wa nagsakit? Hehe

Wla ra mn. Trained like an athlete bya ko. Ahahahah jk

Aw good kaayo! Heheh