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Well, the concept itself is Korean. Potato is a plus. Not every Korean restaurant offered potatoes. I think restaurant evolves and adopt most of what the customer needs aside from providing their native menu itself.

That was not fried potatoes.πŸ˜† it's boiled and cold and been shredded with some salt, black pepper and who knows whatever things they added on it. Imagine, eating a salad mashed potatoes. It taste like the same but with the skin on it. Lol hahahhaha.

ha-ha-ha :)
I know what a boiled potato salad is. :)
In Russia, potatoes are called "second bread". A lot of different dishes are made from it. It is put in almost all soups. Many salads are made with its use, side dishes, many types of pies with potatoes.
You can just bake potatoes in coals. This is the best food for hiking in nature.
boiled potatoes in the skin and salt-sometimes it was the only food in the post-war period for my parents in their childhood.

Aww, πŸ˜€

That's interesting.

untitled.gif I love potatoes.