Eco Shopping in Letchworth

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We've been trying to reduce plastic over the past few years and buy as many things as possible from a little shop providing loose items. Obviously, they don't have a lot of stuff, so I'll look around for alternatives elsewhere as well.

The shop is not in our town, but when we run out of supplies, we normally make it day out, meal included..

So, on Saturday we took our bikes on the train to Hitchin...


... and cycled from the station directly to Letchworth. The two towns are quite close to each other, but linked by a rather long and steady climb. I remember swearing before 😄, but it's actually not too bad if the weather is nice, so this time I was happy.. Lucky we go up empty anyway..

The Broadway .. Grand!

... leading to a fountain.. oops, who's that?

..and Letchworth Town Hall.. with a clock half an hour early... weekend friendly for the council staff..

Some of the shopping area with some busking going on there on the right...


I love those white grills (balustrade?) on the building in the background, in fact I love anything like that. My great grandfather was a blacksmith and made that sort of thing.

There are a lot of these corner facades, which I always love to look at!


And this is in the Arcade with our destination there on the right.
The blue, red and white bunting decoration is in preparation of the Queen's Jubilee the weekend after next. Most towns have been getting ready for it.

Just a glimpse inside the shop.

And straight back with a heavy rucksack stopping at our favourite store, David's Bookshop. Sorry, forgot to take a proper picture, but you can see bit there on the left with a second hand book table in the front. It's a must stop for us every time as they sell records and CDs as well as all sorts of books..

... oh, and a small selection of musical goodies too! :)


Next stop: The Broadway Cinema! An Art-Deco cinema from 1936. Such wonderful building!
Unfortunately weren't we tempted by the films offered.. Maybe next time..


Our paradise is coming up next, promising us a nice break.. The PUB! Yay!

Our bags drag us down the hill before we get there.. ha

The Millstream; just tying up the bikes now.

And enjoy!


I like Letchworth. You could have changed trains to get all the way there. David's is a great shop where I have bought a lot of books and music. We use the refill shop too.

There was a refill shop in Hitchin, but I don't know if it's still there.


Yes, you can change, but it takes aaaages to wait for the next one.. seems quicker to just cycle and be active!!
The drinks and food were double-nice afterwards.. 😄
Cheers, Steve!

We can cycle to Letchworth from here with a couple of hills in between. It's a matter of how much you can carry back. Need one of those cargo bikes. I see people take their kids around in those.


I love them.. still very tempted to get one... :)
But definitely only downhill fully loaded.. ha ha

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Hey, what a spooky bike hahaha.... The design is quite original, plus it looks like they had a pretty dynamic day. I loved every place you visited ✨

😄 An interesting term for it! ha ha.. I dare say, most folding bikes look a bit strange, really.. might be the handle bar too, but it's very comfy!

Letchworth is pretty place for sure!
Thank you for stopping by! 😀

Cool, making a go of this blogging stuff! I'm not a blogger, unless someone really wants to read about me walking around my flat all day! Although, i do enjoy my wondering around the flat.

Well, then you should blog about! haha
Thank you, Lewis!
Still learning, all very new to me!

Nice brompton bikes!

Haha, thank you! Can't beat them!

Oh, you have taken us to a nice ride @anna-newkey

Of course, I liked the music things hahaha, and the mug that says something like:

it is not a hashtag, it is a sharp :))))
Ot is too small to read, but I suppose it was the message of it :D

😄 The devil is in the detail! I'll take more care to take clearer pictures next time.. Might even get you one of those mugs.. haha!
But I can confirm, that you have very # eyes indeed! Have just blown it up here and that is indeed what it says! 👏 😄

lol, that's good, my eyes are sharp and not flat!! 😂

You didn't fancy Downton Abbey? 😂

😂 You spotted that? haha, brilliant! I kept well away to not offend any fans.. haha..
Seen the series, that's quite enough.. lol

It's okay to watch on video when you need a mindless evening, but I wouldn't pay to watch it in a cinema.

Letchworth looks a nice little town, too.

No, me neither... got more out of the Shandy for the money.. he he

Yeah, Letchworth is cool and Hitchin is nice too..
Nice atmosphere in both, we go busking in both sometimes..
I'll sure post about that at some point..

Thank you for stopping by! Nice to meet you!

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Nice Bromptons.

I must ride mine more.

Hi, yes, you must!
They're great little bikes to get around on, aren't they?
Thanks for stopping by! 😀