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RE: PeakD Tech Tales: What We Do

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That is great that you decided to take the initiative to get back on the horse after trying in the past, but maybe the new year will allow for you to do this better this time around. I personally use peakd and peakmonsters quite frequently and you guys have a vast array of tools not even utilized to it's amazing capabilities.

One of which is your chat function on hive. I am shocked more people don't utilize this chat function, I for one have plans to implement it in for a more proactive way to engage with community and to do giveaways. Maybe if you had a post incentivizing people to comment and with thoughtful/engaging questions and for the ones that you feel are most asked you can make a FAQ post one for peakd and one for peakmonsters so there can be this go to post for more commonly answered questions. The ones with bigger feedback or more interest you can just make a separate post for and tag it back to your original FAQ at a later date.

I think with how the blockchain is and if you do it right it can be rather fruitful in increasing understanding and userbase. Anyways good luck on your initiative this year and thanks for all the apps and tools you guys help provide us.


Most of those things are on our TO-DO list for this year :)

Yeah I'm sure with how crazy and busy your guys schedule is. That is why I suggested a QA type of post first as then you maybe able to figure out which information could possibly have more precedence or people would be interested in.

It can get overwhelming at times with our personal workload and working on side projects for information or to add value. Sometimes we are tunnel visioned into our own tasks that we may overlook a common question or information (Not saying you guys are just think it may help you prioritize what subjects to go about first on your To-do list)

An interesting post could also be your To-do list in regards to peakd/peakmonsters to see people's feedbacks and thoughts.