Porodica . 🏠🚗🧘‍♀️🫖🍪🌳👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family.

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    Ovo su rečenice koje sve više čujemo. Svi su se otudjili. Porodice sve manje provode vreme zajedno. 😟
    Volim italijanske i grčke filmove, a znate zašto?
    Upravo tako. Ove nacije uvek prikazuju važnost porodice. Porodica je najvažnija. I kad vam se dešavaju ružne stvari i neuspeh, porodica je tu da vas podrži.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍❤️‍👨
    Moj deda je bio poznati planinar. Sve nas je zarazio odlaskom u prirodu. 🌳 Mog brata i mene je kao decu vodio toliko daleko da smo uveče zaspali brzinom svetlosti.😴 Niko nije morao da nam čita priče. 😇
    Danas sam mom dedi jako zahvalna. Stvorio je zdrave navike u nama. Tako i mi danas vaspitavamo decu. ❤️🌹🧍‍♀️🧍
  • I have no time!
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  • I have a lot of responsibilities!
    These are sentences we hear more and more. They all became estranged. Families are spending less and less time together. 😟
    I love Italian and Greek movies, and you know why?
    Exactly. These nations always show the importance of the family. Family is most important. And when bad things happen to you and failure happens, the family is there to support you
    My grandfather was a famous mountaineer. He infected us all by going to nature. Je He took my brother and me so far as children that we fell asleep at night at the speed of light. 😴 No one had to read us stories. 😇
    Today I am very grateful to my grandfather. He created healthy habits in us. That is how we raise children today. ❤️🌹🧍‍♀️🧍


Naprvoj fotografiji smo posetili livadu na kojoj se moj grad tradicionalno svake godine okuplja za 1.maj. - Praznik rada( socijalistička zemlja u ono vreme ).Pamtim kao dete vašar, nagradne igre, kamione koji su prodavali sokove, miris pljeskavica, ringišpil. 🍔🧃🎠🎡
Sve porodice su tu dolazile da proslave 1.maj.Svaka porodica je donela ćene na kome su sedele, ručake i družile se.
Danas je slika malo drugačija. Više niko ne sedi na toj livadi kao nekad, samo poneki trči sa svojim ljubimcem ili se igra sa loptom.
Mi smo videli paraglajdere 🪂🪂🪂

In the first photo, we visited the meadow where my city traditionally gathers every year for May 1st. - Labor Day (socialist country at the time). I remember as a child fair, prize games, trucks selling juices, the smell of burgers, carousel. 🍔🧃🎠🎡
All the families came here to celebrate May 1. Each family brought women where they sat, had lunch and hung out.
Today the picture is a little different. No one sits on that meadow like they used to, only some run with their pet or play with a ball.
We saw paragliders 🪂🪂🪂

Odrasli su predloźili da produžimo dalje. Dublje u šumu koja ima predivne vidikovce. Stene sa kojih se vide Karpati, planine države sa kojom se graničimo, Rumunijom.⛰⛰⛰

The adults suggested that we continue. Deeper into a forest that has beautiful lookouts. The rocks from which you can see the Carpathians, the mountains of the country we border, Romania


Deca su vrlohrabro pozirala sa visokih stena. 😊👏
Nakon puno predjenih kilometara, krenuli smo kući. Usput smo igrali igru: “ko će pronaći što više bubica”! 🤭🐞

The children posed very bravely from the high rocks. 😊👏
After a lot of miles, we headed home. Along the way, we played a game: "who will find as many bugs as possible"! 🤭🐞



Vratili smo se umorni i zaspali . . . brzinom svetlosti. . . 😴😴😴

We came back tired and fell asleep. . . at the speed of light. . . 😴😴😴

Pozdrav od Anke vragolanke.

Greetings from Anka vregolana!


A beautiful post and I do totally agree family is and always should be the top priority to make time for quality time spent with family, which you share with us here

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

I am glad to see such a reaction. 🙏❤️
Yes, we should talk more about this topic.

agreed it is an important topic and all to often neglected

We came back tired and fell asleep. . . at the speed of light. . . 😴😴😴
No doubt family is strong when together, strong bonding is necessary to satisfy our souls, and when we become satisfied with our lives we can sleep with no worries


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