I'm buried in the dark

Lost and can't find a way

Feeling empty yet my burden is so heavy

My throat has become sore from my inner wailing

Who will save me when my voice can't be heard

My eyes have become puffy from the tears I shed

My feet are swollen from the numerous walk I took

If only a dim light can shine on my path

Then I'll find comfort

Knowing I haven't been abandoned in the dark.

Thanks for reading. I remain @prechyrukky


Look ahead you'll find the light soon.

Stay positive and be confronted, great things are ahead of you!

Sure. Thanks for dropping by

knowing I haven't been abandoned in the dark.

Very entrancing words. Short with a lot of emotion. A wonderful read.🌺

Yeah, thanks for stopping by

En toda oscuridad siempre hay una luz que en algún momento marca el camino, esa luz la llevamos dentro, solo hay que tener el valor de encenderla