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Hello fellow Blockchain Poets,

I need your help with something. I created this community in order to create a space where poets can guarantee that they will be read by at least two people. I came up with a simple concept. If every person who posted a poem in the group would give feedback on at least two other poems, it would create an environment which fosters feedback and allows poetry authors to know that their work had been read and appreciated by someone.

I see many poems on many platforms go unread by the masses. I'm talking about great pieces that deserve to be recognized. These poems often receive no meaningful comments. I consider that a bit of a tragedy.

The purpose of this group is to fix that problem. That's where I need your help. To date, there are 13 poems posted here and only one comment (besides my own). That comment was from someone who hasn't posted a poem here.

I have posted the 2-1 requirement in the rules, but I don't really want to get all totalitarian here. So I'm just trying to appeal to those who post in or subscribe to this group for help. I think if we get just a few people commenting, it will help us to build the momentum to make this a striving community.

I don't really talk about upvotes. To me, upvotes should be given based each individual's own preference. So I won't promise upvotes to all of your poems. However, from this point onward ~~I will upvote every meaningful comment given in this group with a 100% upvote. I will upvote the latest post of anybody who leaves a meaningful comment. I will also resteem the commenter's latest post. It might not be much, but it's everything I've got at this point. Please help me to make this a place for feedback.


Edited to add:

I realized I wasn't doing some of the things I said I would and wanted to apologize. I'm sorry for that. I have been away from posting on the blockchain for a bit and hadn't been curating as much as I had liked. So I wasn't able to do what I said. So for that I apologize..

That being said, I still come from time to time and I've been trying to come more often. When I come here I look at the latest poems posted, then click on the author to see if they followed the 2 for 1 rule when they posted. I prioritize upvotes and comments on those who comment on other community members' posts. I really appreciate the great interactions we have here. We have a great team of moderators @dbooster, @inthenow, @josemalavem, @amiegeoffrey, @stuartcturnbull, and @martinlazizi that help to make this the best poetry community on the blockchain. One of the best ways you can help them is to follow the 2 for 1 rule when you post and help to keep this community strong.


Hola, acabo de enterarme que existe esta comunidad de poetas, gracias al amigo saulos que me invito a participar en the blockchain poem thread. Hace pocos días publiqué una humilde reflexión con respecto a lo poco valorados que son los poemas en la plataforma La poesía no paga las cuentas
todo lo que escribí allí se parece mucho a lo que acabo de leer en este artículo y en sus comentarios.
Tuve la iniciativa de delegar 100 hp a la comunidad de Literatos como aporte al arte literario y con gusto también podría delegar algo a esta comunidad. Es solo que necesito saber si está funcionando ya que no veo muchas publicaciones. Pero las reglas y la dinámica de comentar a otros autores me parece genial.
Dejaré mi discord por aquí katty#8030.

Normally, I would make an attempt to answer you in Spanish, but my Spanish isn't very good and I have a lot to write.

I have been interested in providing feedback on poetry since I got here close to 4 years ago. I actually belonged to a few other poetry communities that lived by comments. That is where I first saw the 2 for 1 rule. It worked great there, but it was very hard to enforce. It took a lot of volunteers to make sure that everyone was adhering to the rules to make it work.

In those days, comments were like a currency. It was a sense of pride to get a comment. If a lot of people enjoyed your poem, it would keep getting pushed to the top with new comments. It was really fulfilling.

Here on the Blockchain, comments hold less value. For the most part, all we seem to care about are upvotes. I made this community with the hope that it could be a place where comments were the focus. I don't care if you repost a poem from elsewhere on the Blockchain. I don't care if you comment on a poem long past the payout. In fact, I encourage it. I want people to come here because they know it is a place where they receive feedback on their work, but creating such a place takes a lot of time and dedication. That's where you (or anybody else) could help.

I don't necessarily want or need delegations, though I know that will help. I need people who would be willing to comment on poems people post here and to hold them accountable to do the same. The more of us we get, the better this place would be.

I have the vision, and I have some other developments coming soon, but I have never been great at implementation. I will gladly accept help in that area.

I can understand your point of view and I like the idea, In fact, I enjoy reading poems and I always try to leave a comment, because I know that when a writer write a poem his or her objetive is to be read and appreciate by others.

And the additional rule of play,will it be,
To dance to a meter while you comment with glee.
For the fun 's why where here, not cash or simply too queer,
make it two, make it three!
In time, funnels all that requites to be free.

Peace and Love from /ˌsæn fɹənˈsɪskoʊ/, :: Harry Q11

Poetic comments are the greatest. Mandatory fun!


Take heart, given all that is going on, a lot of people are extremely disorganized and are having a hard time getting into a rhythm. That's certainly the case for me.

Commenting is way down across the board ... it's not just poetry. Same with posting (not just quantitatively but qualitatively). That said, I'll do my best to drop in more regularly.


I appreciate your efforts. I just want to help bring value to the poetry community and to foster connections between us. We are certainly living in interesting times and I'm thrilled to already see poetic reflections of these times here on the blockchain.

Hmm, feeling guilty ^^

Tbh I completely forgot about this community (that happened fast) but I didn't write a poem in the meantime, so this might be the cause ;)

from this point onward I will upvote every meaningful comment given in this group with a 100% upvote.

As I just received an upvote (even though I didn't feel my comment was that meaningful ^^) my thoughts about it:
Think it is in Hive like in Steem that the vote must reach a value of 0.02 to be paid out?
If that is true, it might be necessary to lend some HP in order to get over this threshold with one single vote, as the risk is high that the vote would be lost elsewise. is an interesting platform to lease HP for a certain amount of days/weeks which might be handy if you consider my idea to be good :)

I think any comment where the comment author expresses an original thought about the piece is meaningful. Please don't feel guilty. This wasn't aimed at you or anyone else specifically. I just know that I have to keep messaging the intent if I would like people to follow. In the US (and probably elsewhere) we have a saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I'm pretty sure that there is a small payout as long as it reaches .001 Hive. I am hoping to be able to power up some more hive in the coming weeks. If not, there used to be a @dustsweeper. I may look into that as well.

I invested a bit and:

'HIVE_MIN_PAYOUT_HBD': {'amount': '20', 'nai': '@@000000013', 'precision': 3},

Minimum payout is $0.02 for Hive as well, so it would be necessary for your votes to be worth as much (or better: $0.023 seems to be a "safe" value) to ensure the payout.

Dustsweeper is not working yet on Hive.

You know, I was thinking some more about this and I don't see how it could be possible. I routinely vote others at less than 50% and I get curation from such votes. Even on Steem where I have less voting power, I usually earn at least .004 SP/HP. I would imagine if I receive curation, then the author must also receive something.

Yes, from my understanding if you get curation, the author gets reward as well.

And it is possible that you get rewards, when you voted with less than $0.023 payout, but the sum of all votes must be >0.023 (due to my understanding). Maybe you find a comment where the sum is under this threshold (you might simply upvote one of yours, that has its payout soon, e.g. (payout in 2 days though..) or which has payout in 4 hours and only my vote atm.).

Then you should see the results :)
For Hive it should be the same. (e.g. has only my vote atm and soon its payout).

(man it feels like I just stalked you and your comments.. 😇)

the squeaky wheel gets the grease

Ah, nice one :)

I'm pretty sure that there is a small payout as long as it reaches .001 Hive.

At least in Steem this was not the case (unless I am very mistaken).

Edit: Hmm.. guess I was mistaken.. At least from what I just tried to find out o.O

Well.. nvm my comment/idea then ^^

Same comment on Peakd

Interesting ^^
So I guess the infobox on is outdated?

Exactly.... I am new to this system but I have written about two works and posted a photo which where no paid for due to lack of upvotes

I dig what you are saying, and appreciate your passion and candour. I have been on this chain for almost 4 years, I found poetry here and grew a passion for it. As I have for many art forms.
Thank you for continuing to keep it alive here, I have seen it wax and wane over the years, and have seen some amazing writers and artist come and go.
I spend a lot of time with words and rhymes splashing around my brain like a churned up "word salad". My absence does not reflect my intensions. I have a willingness that is not matched by wellness. Illness is effecting my energy but not my enthusiasm.
I haven't written much lately, my ideas and heart and soul have been somewhat silenced by my crumbling body and sluggish synapses. My ego has been challenged in the process. Presented with an opportunity to relinquish control and learn to be content with not achieving has not been fabulous, but very real. Ideas not shared or heard, but simply reflected upon and neither upheld or negated in my solitude has over time proven to be tolerable.

Steemit to me was never about coin or status, I have been socially distant and isolated in a physical sense since 2016. The blockchain kept me connected, the people more present than my geographical neighbours and friends.
I can't imagine how I could have endured the past few years without this community. I look forward to engaging again. Commenting is a great way to start, I will try to do that, but please don't use your upvotes on my comments. I comment because I want to say something. When I break through this BLAH that has me stuck in a fog, and squeeze out something that resembles verse or creative intension, then perhaps you will grace me with a comment. I agree. The comments and interactions add meaning and are what a community grows from, it is a connectedness and an acknowledgement. Then as relationships develop, the value of a thoughtful critique is something else I have learnt to appreciate here.
I am grateful to everyone who continues to hold this place and grow it.
I don;t consider this a "call out" in any negative way. It is a reinforcement and acknowledgement that I am still here and someone thinks my contribution valuable and has potential in helping to build something more.

You reminded me that I do still have something to say.

Hi there! I`m with you. I will do my best to comment on posts here. What is the tag used for this community: #blockchainpoets?

Thanks! I don't think we've really established a tag, but that works! I've used it a few times before. So I will keep doing it from now on.


Chains of free will must
Block trepadation of State
of mind we're just sung


Sounds like a reasonable suggestion to me. I have always done this in fact. If I post in a community or for a contest, I go comment on and upvote at least two of the other posts. It really does increase readership.

That’s a good idea one of my favorite poetry sub Reddit’s has this rule too

I'm new to this platform and I'm very excited about this post. It will give my pieces a suitable audience and I hope to be an audience for so many creatives out there. Let's learn and grow together!

I really pleased with this post, this means our work would get more audience. I would do my best to be more participative and I would write more.

Well, It's good to help a poetry community. My language is spanish but I understand english. I have posted some poems with zero comments and I understand your requirement. Excuse me if my english expression is not good.

Can you make a list to read? Maybe it's easier help you if you share a list of several poetry post.

this is really a great initiative,,,and I'm truly in for this

Count me in.

I just happened on this community. I’m a fan the arts myself so I’ll try and write some pieces and post here.

I like this idea of commenting, cuz as you said many people just drop their posts in communities and leave. This doesn’t help at all.

This is a really great initiative.

That would be very important and generous, there are still people like me who do not know how to use the platform 100% but little by little I am investigating...!

Your 2-1 rule is very understandable and I totally stand by it. People's talents on writing poetry here in this platform are being unrecognized or under appreciated. Poetry is so much more than a few lines or a few rhymes. Its the metaphors that you project to other people and how people projects it to themselves is what makes it worthwhile to write or even an honor to be read at. Idk, thats just how I felt. Btw I'm new here at your beloved community 😅 Hope we could all strive to make this community a better place and a place to rest our poetic minds.

Thank you and welcome to Blockchain poets! We look forward to your interactions. I agree that the metaphors and our interpretations of the poems are where the magic happens. We are our best advocates and our own biggest fans. Who better to supports Poets than Poets? I'll see you around.

This is an interesting initiative. I just joined and I would like to see how this goes. I like to write poetry and to post it.