Erebus and Theia's Night Out in the Big City

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Electric streets buzzing
We found ourselves wide-eyed staring
To take a step forward

Then began the trembling smiles
the soft caresses
Poems and letters
Secrets written on paper
Origami from another dimension

We made music with seashells
On the shore
And our names
With a marker written on the log

We ate the little animals
And drank tea on the nudist beach
Chewing gum

Here come the lasers!
Bright city lights
Turning on the senses at the arcades
Learning astrophysics in a cabaret
We ended up in a porn booth
Then laughing stumbled onto the street and lost ourselves in neon.


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Very cool futuristic poem, it caught my attention, what a cool image it flows very well with the writing, plus the neon lights, thanks for sharing ♥

Thank you! I love science fiction, so it spills into my poetic creations. 😄

Cool, we need more cyberpunk poems! "Learning astrophysics in a cabaret", that sentence almost made me laugh... Great job. !PIZZA

Learning astrophysics in a cabaret

It's true too. You can find science lectures in the most unlikely places where I live including cabarets :)

Thank you for reading!

Haha... Amazingly written. I love this.

Thank you for reading it @balikis95!

You are welcome. Thanks for writing too.


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