Letting Go

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There's a reason my heart feels heavy

I can't seem to bring myself to say those words

How I feel

How I'm feeling

I'm burnt by my emotions

Knowing you have your eyes on someone else

Knowing your heart is with someone else

Should I be selfish

To let you know how I feel

I can't help this thought

I can't shake this pain

I want to fight for you

The fear of losing holds me back

I'm not afraid to fly close to your sun and burn

What bothers me is one thought

A thought that this feeling could be unrequited



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Hey @dante31. Your words reveal a deep and intense emotion regarding unrequited love. It's understandable to feel scared and uncertain about expressing your feelings, especially when you know the person you love has their heart set on someone else.

One thing I know —it takes courage to be vulnerable and honest about how you feel! Beautifully written. !LUV 🙂

Yeah, it takes ot of courage to be vulnerable.

Thank you

It hurts to know the one you love loves someone else, it's better to move on, you deserve better.

you're right. It is better to move on than to stay in pains

Beautiful verses that you give us tonight.
Not only love is the protagonist in poetry, many other feelings are the cause to write about them. The lyrics are that release of pain.
Thanks for sharing.
Good day.

excellent description ... thank you