Francine - A Poetic Practice

in Blockchain Poetslast month (edited)

Good morning gorgeous Francine.
Wishing your eyes I glimpsed seen.
Never before held my touch keen.
Mornings bright with sweet Francine.

Oh Francine, best ever seen
Nothing about you speaks obscene
Cruising on lines so clean
You are so sweet dear Francine

Naughty thoughts just becomes serene
Skin so soft they don't and glean
Oh dear sweet pretty Francine
Lips so luscious princesses would preen

Theses thoughts all written to be seen
Such a waste if left out unseen
Ever does one yearn for Francine
Talk soft whispers I'll not be mean.

Oh sweet Francine...



Francine must be someone valuable to you.

This poem appreciates whoever this is to you.

Gratitude is everything.

Well done!


A muse.

Someone that gives inspiration.

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