A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words - 7/30/2022

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You have till August 5, 2022. Entries posted later will be upvoted but can not win HSBI.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We all have heard this saying and have come across pictures that evoked all kinds of reactions in us. In this contest, we are presenting a photo/picture to write about.



  • Describe what you see
  • Describe what you feel
  • Write a story or poem or about what you think is going
  • Use #pic1000
  • Leave the link to your entry in the comment section (preferable peakd this saves us a lot of extra work)

Of course, we expect original work.

If the story that pours out of you after seeing the visual prompt is not obviously connected to the photo, please include a short paragraph how the prompt led you to the story.


Write as much or as little to say what you want to say. You are invited to craft a longer story but we don't want to ask for a certain wordcount.


For now, this is going to be a reward for participating this contest.
Each participant will receive an upvote and we'll reward three participants with 1 HSBI. The winners will be announced in the comment section.

Looking for sponsors of the contest.
If you are interested leave a comment please.

You have 5 days from publishing this post to submit your entry.

I will not search for entries!
Please leave the entire link (preferably peakd) to your post in the comments to be eligible for prizes.
If you do not write in English add an English translation.

Tell a friend!

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I love your analogy, it's true, cleansing oneself is a matter of time love and care 💞

Wow @ubani nostalgic prose of what our books sources of eternal wisdom could feel like, Today replaced by technology. Excellent 💓

Yes, things have changed a lot. Technology is in charge but, we still have good productions of papers, books and pen.

I see a future where books may be out of the way but, it's not in the near future.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post.

Excellent writing I thought it would stop something behind those walls in your room 😁 and you are right sacrificing sleep for 1hour 40min is a sin from beyond. Regards ✋

this is my first try on this type of story input stuff on thank you have a great day


Thanks admin for this amazing prompt. It is first time I participated in Picture Prompt, I hope it will be best story from me to be shared here.

Excellent love of neighbor exalted the nation and surpassed greed.💖

Congratulations on the family secrets👍

@evev thank you very much.

Last week's winners are

With https://peakd.com/hive-161155/@matyr/a-picture-is-worth-a-975eaf813c3a6

With https://peakd.com/hive-161155/@justclickindiva/my-life-or-my-love-or-freewrite-72322-or-prompt-a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words


With https://ecency.com/hive-161155/@dwixer/a-picture-is-worth-a-f632c74309e04

I read some great stories worth reading and advise you to do so. You might be surprised what others write or how their story fits into yours.

A great Sunday and creative week to all!

Hello @freewritehouse. I'm happy for the notification that I was among the winners of last week's Pic1000. I'm so glad my story was inspiring.

Congratulations to @dwixer and @matyr on your winning stories also. I'll take a look at your entries shortly.

Take care everyone and have a good Sunday.

Thank You and congratulations to you as well

I'm glad to have won. Congratulations to all the winners

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