HIVErsary One

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A year has just passed.
2020-03-20, 14:00 UTC a hard fork happened.
The most important of all.
We’ve forked to create Hive.

I had the honor (and a bit of luck) to produce the first Hive block (41818753) after the fork.

Real, active, community driven, decentralized, secure, reliable, fast.
Why you should choose Hive is a no-brainer
(Although we have brains)
((Yes, zombies loves us))

Here's a new promo video for this occasion:

We are Hive.
Bee Impressed ;-)


“Song of the day Grey”, with a dedication to all those who contributed to the docking forking.

- "No Time for Caution", Interstellar - Hans Zimmer

- "It's not possible!"
- "No, it's necessary..."


Happy 1 YEAR Birthday to the BEST, and the most BEST Community HIVE!!!

I am honored to be apart of this Journey with you all!

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 3.02.53 PM.png

From the NERDAY FAM!

Hi Gandalf, and happy anniversary.
Since I arrived to Steem/Hive I wanted to mount a node server.
Do you know a good tutorial to do it?
Thanks in advance
(You were the first person who helped me with SP and I will always be grateful to you :) )

Take a look at my Hive Pressure (former name Steem Pressure) series, there you can get some general idea on what's needed and how to do that.

Hi again, @gtg
For the moment I have been able to ride a DLUX Node and a Hive-Engine Node with my secondary account @preludiocosmico. Not bad for learning, right? Regards!

I'll do it.
I have some knowledge about servers and Linux, so I think I can do it, but I know I must study.
Thanks again. :)

Happy Anniversary HIVE!

The interstellar video gave me a flashback to when I spun the mad hatter teacups at Disney world too fast as a little kid (for one of the kid-friendly rides, it was amazing how much of a headache it could generate if you abused it).


Happy orbital anniversary!🥳

It has been a crazy ride and felt special to have been part of making blockchain history.

I'm certain that the best is yet to come though😎🚀

Thanks always for the support... posting as slow as ever and here we are still...

Hola me alegra poder ver publicaciones de este tipo. Hive llegó en el mejor momento de mi vida y aunque hemos pasado por etapa difíciles fuera y dentro de la plataforma. Hemos salido adelante. Felicito a todo el equipo que pudo contribuir y que ha seguido contribuyendo para que Hive salga adelante. Celebro este aniversario con la plataforma y te deseo muchas bendiciones, fue un placer pasar por aqui, saludos con cariño desde Venezuela. Cumaná Estado Sucre. Te estoy siguiendo. 😘😘

Happy one year anniversary! 🎉

Where the hell do they plan on taking that chunk of space contraption? He said "burn retro" and "out of orbit"... so does the next clip show them smashing into the earth? I need to see this movie now. Oh yeah happy Hive day too.

Glad you're still here, watching over the blockchain like the wizard you are.

The dragons say hi! ;)

To infinity and beyond!

Happy anniversary :)

Happy Anniversary and a huge thank you. Video is awesome but now you need to make this an annual event!
Best wishes, have a great weekend :-)

What you guys did, was pretty epic! Happy anniversary Gandalf! Hugs


Congratulations, @cryptoaeneas You Successfully Shared 0.200 WINE With @gtg.
You Earned 0.200 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 2/2 Successful Calls.

Total Purchase : 24480.932 WINE & Last Price : 0.290 HIVE

WINE Current Market Price : 0.273 HIVE

For next year we should make a timer, like a new year ones :D

nice content :)

That promo video is super awesome actually. We should expand on that video, and tie it into what @lordbutterfly is doing with that marketing project.

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Although we have brains

Probably JS did not think that 😀

Happy B'Day to us!

Happy Hive Anniversary!

Happy anniversary Hive..

(Although we have brains)
((Yes, zombies loves us))

And the government probably hates us.

Happy Birthday to all.

Happy anniversary :)