Hive: Bee aware. (Putting Hive on a Heads-Up Display)

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A head-up display or heads-up display, also known as a HUD is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints.

- wikipedia

Due to the decentralized nature of Hive, there can be no official accounts on centralized social platforms, but there are a few reputable accounts where people can look for Hive related news and content:

One of the Twitter accounts:
One of the Youtube channels:

See @therealwolf’s post Proof of Subscription: Let's get Hive trending on Crypto Youtube!
Since that time, the channel has gained almost 200 new subscriptions.
Is it a lot? Yes and no. We can do better.
So just if you haven’t subscribed yet, please Click to Subscribe

OK. But why do we care about some centralized media platforms at all?

Hive is awesome

Awesome Hive Awesome Hive

We know that already. People outside of Hive don’t.
Writing about it on Hive will not help us reach new users.
What can we do to change that?


Have you seen something awesome on Hive?
Share it with your YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Linkedin audience.
Does your favorite Hive author have a YouTube channel that links or mentions Hive? Subscribe to it.
Do you know great Hive resources?
Share. Promote.
Add them to the Awesome Hive project and/or leave a comment here (tutorials? tools? exceptional content creators?)

My contribution

I’ve improved the Hive YouTube channel a bit.
I’ve fixed a typo, added two missing dev meeting videos and a few more sections, including the “Community videos” section, where we will feature awesome videos from community members. Currently: “What is Hive” by @skycorridors and my recent HiveFest promo video.
One step after another. More soon.
As you know I usually add some short, Hive related promo videos to my posts to make them more appealing to non-technical audiences. From now on I’ll be adding them to the Hive YouTube channel instead of my own channel (which I only used to store videos anyway).

The first video is at the beginning of this post. High definition, 1080p, rendered from a template. I have a “reseller license”, so feel free to use it to promote Hive.

Honorable mention: HiveFest

As always, thanks to many of you HiveFest is preaching Hive awesomeness all over the world (both the virtual and the real one).

HiveFest - stay connected!


There's a thing we, the hive users need to address quickly, Hive doesn't have a Wikipedia article in English.
I tried creating one, but was dismissed as not enough note-worthy and the reference links I used were not good enough.
Tomorrow will try rewriting it, but I guess it won't succeed. Do you know anyone who's proficient in wiki articles creation?

Oh, excactly that. I was actually going to address that problem in this post, but had not enough time.
I was looking for professional Wikipedia editors. If there are any around, please contact me.

Just subscribed to YT channel. Thanks for sharing! 👏 😎 👏

Just asking, is there a way to get HiveFest in to YouTube or FB live stream?


Yes, I think that @roelandp mentioned that it will be streamted to YouTube (but not in 360° I'm afraid). Not sure about Facebook, however, I believe since Oculus Quest 2 is a Facebook spawn it has a built-in facebook streeming capabilities that should work too :-)

Thanks & that will be a good news for people who can't afford VR tech at this time!


Those can actually attend in 2D mode using an app on a Windows/Mac. Stream is a last resort, read only way of just looking and listening of what's going on during the HiveFest.

Marky made an article about that app. Yep I will try this out and atleast streaming helps to listen what's going on there!


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Word of mouth is the most important, but some tutorials on the hive youtube channel will go a long way when onboarding new people.

Thanks for your work!

I'll see you at Hivefest.

I talk about Hive on Twitter, but it seems most of my active followers are already on it. Need to be wary of coming across as too needy to others. I try to sell it on what it offers content creators and consumers, but many are either happy or busy enough elsewhere. We need a brave few to take a chance on a new platform and be the pioneers.

Is it a lot? Yes and no. We can do better.

We had this conversation on @therealwolf’s post earlier - I think, time has come where we need to put more videos from people who are building on hive - some even suggested a regular round table - when people who build talk, it brings in lot of attention. Leo is one classic example.

We know that already. People outside of Hive don’t.
Writing about it on Hive will not help us reach new users.

the funny thing about that except that it's true, it's that an endless circle unless authors with a huge stake understand it. Allow me to explain what i mean!

The majority of people are here for quick money. To achieve this they try to find content that equals fast money. One of which is writing about how good hive/leo or whatever community they are into! I get it to write 2-3 posts regarding that because of excitement but not let's kid ourselves that's not the case for the most out there!

Ans who will "support them" by voting? Either their friends or stakeholders with enough $$ to "motivate" them write more of the same stuff. You see those investors are extremely happy when they see posts about how awesome the platform is, because they invested money and believe that way the people are happy and would earn more!

If this circle continues, nobody will make money, or at least money given the possibilities of the platform. instead we need to find ways of how to to promote the platform, how to onboard new users, what features to add, how to make the platform easier, the recognition better and more equal as well as how to take advantage and use of the SEO methods!

Subscribed! :) Will there be gonna be blockchain coding training in HiveFest? I wish the wizard will be hosting one!

I'm afraid not. But there will be some dev meeting for sure. :-)

Wow! I'll tune in for sure :). I'm prepared for the HiveFest. In fact, I just saw @roelandp on AltspaceVR

I did try to help also in my own language to promote HIVE with animation, but suddenly there is people who is trying to put down the person who is really active! It's like, no mercy and no 2nd chance! Reported directly to the HIVEWATCHERS. now, we lost a lot of good and active blogger with good content.

As of now, what you see is the few list of active blogger. The rest is gone already! Their interest is gone! This is the fact.

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That video animation is really cool! I just subscribed to the YouTube channel!
I wanted to attend HiveFest but I don't have a VR setup yet.