DIY Eclipse Jump Starter Kit - Pure and Undiluted

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Not too many words, but a lot of useful stuff.
Intended for the Hive API node operators, witnesses, and developers.

Except for the video, the video is for everyone:

Cool, huh?


API node
It currently runs hived at v1.24.6 and hivemind at the latest develop.
A lot of fixes and optimizations have been recently introduced, so I try to keep up to date.
During the maintenance mode, it will fall back to

Seed node

hived v1.24.6 listens on

Stuff for download



./get/bincontains hived and cli_wallet binaries built on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Right now it’s: v1.24.6


As usual, the block_log file, roughly 300GB and counting.


./get/snapshot/api/ contains a relatively recent snapshot of the API node with all the fancy plugins.
There’s also the example-api-config.ini file out there.
The snapshot is compressed with lbzip2: 280GB

lbzip2 is a free, multi-threaded compression utility with support for bzip2 compressed file format.

To decompress, you can use simply run it through something like: lbzip2 -dc | tar xv
The uncompressed snapshot: 413GB

To use snapshots:

  • Get block_log, it can be bigger but not smaller than the one used when the snapshot was made.
  • Get a reference config file, adjust it to your needs, make sure you don’t affect it in a way that changes the state.
  • Get a binary compatible with the snapshot (a newer one is OK only when no replay is required).
  • Run hived with --load-snapshot name, assuming the snapshot is stored in snapshot/name

hived API node runtime: 722GB (incl. shm 18GB, excl. snapshot)

Hivemind database dump

./get/hivemind/ contains a relatively recent dump of the Hivemind database: 50GB
I use self-describing file names such as:
Take your best guess.
The custom format is compressed by default and you can use pg_restore with -j 6 (recommended) to restore the database in parallel.
After restoring, make sure you run the db_upgrade script.
When restored, database can take 600-700GB

All resources are offered AS IS. Obviously.

From zero to hero

By using the above resources you can get your fully featured API node running in one working day.

More to come

Stay tuned.


From zero to hero

I read the post thrice.. still stuck at zero man!

That video is sweet though.

Hive it your own way!

Clever wordplay always tickles interest.

One day to get up and running with a fullnode vs what did we use to have, like 4 days for a replay? BT and team did great work with the eclipse update. I was surprised when I was able to get a new witness up and running in about half an hour (excluding the time to grab the block_log which was the longest wait).

It's a shortcut, but still a huge win. Such shortcuts were possible before, by using state providers, Steemit used that extensively, I used that too, disadvantage was that state files from state providers were not portable so I couldn't share with others, unless they were using exactly same environment. Not to mention that shared_memory.bin these days is less than 20GB, few times less than before the Eclipse.
^ Two years ago bumped to 300GB for full node, 15 months ago to 64GB for exchange node.

Bee impressed. :-)

Thank you, what was the PostgreSQL version on the server side for the dump?

We're still using Postgres 10 right now for our production, so odds are very good that he's using the same.

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and as much as I can that comes with distribution, so it's PostgreSQL 10, and I would strongly recommend doing same.

Intended for the Hive API node operators, witnesses, and developers

At the moment, this post probably not related me. However when I enable my witness node, I probably need to pay attention.

Thank you for everything that you do for our HIVE

Thank you very much. Will consider about running my own RPC node soon.


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uff what an epic video hehe! sadly im not a dev or even a programmer so i cant use the tools you shared. And sorry for doing this but can you help me to get some exposure, i really need a hand for my grandpas. I dont even gonna post the link here because i dont want people to think im a spammer, if someone its interested in gifting me at least a share with your friends, i wrote the gofundme campagin in my last post.

Again sorry for writing this on your post, but idk what to do

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this sounds very exiting to me I am new to it all been keen to join in and the video sells it to me as well thank you for good information and your blockchain wizardry