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I pay no attention whatever to anybody's praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -

Over the, almost, six years I've been on the blockchain, Hive and it's unmentionable shitty predecessor, I've followed and unfollowed a lot of people although I think I've never followed more than about one hundred and twenty users at any one time. I feel that's a manageable amount and it gives me the ability to spread a good level of upvotes to my favourite authors and content creators.

I've followed users for various reasons: Their content, interaction, and common interest amongst them. Conversely, I've unfollowed users too: A decline in quality, shit-posting, spam-posting, excessive re-blogging, plagiarism, inactivity and other such reasons. Sometimes I've commented and let them know and other times I've unfollowed and moved on without a word. This, I think, is exactly how it's supposed to be; the freedom to follow or unfollow as one chooses and sees fit.

I was thinking about clicking follow on another user today and thought I'd ask the question of you folks about how you determine whether to follow someone and find out what your follow protocol is. But first, here's an insight into how I generally do it.

Firstly, there's exceptions to the below text like if I was to on-board a person I follow them immediately because if I've taken the time to on-board them they're someone I'm happy to follow. I don't on-board much though and there's other exceptions, but not many. Here's how I generally make the decision; a combination of most (or all sometimes) of these things below:


  • Posts: The user needs to capture my interest which can happen initially with the post image and catchy title on the post-feed and then the actual content, writing style and over-all tone of the post. I don't like posts with numerous post signatures, footers or links to other social media sites, gimmick-images or with lengthy uninspiring turns me off.

  • Engagement: Capturing my interest also happens through commenting on my posts. I always tell newbies to comment [outbound] on other people's posts after reading them fully; users won't generally come to them, they need to attract them. Interesting, valid and relevant commenting is very cool and certainly grabs my attention quickly. Of course, I then circle back to the user's post-feed to see what they're all about and that's where the interesting content element comes into play.


This means consistency in posting and engagement with me and others. Starting with a flourish and good frequency then reverting to comments like, good post boss, and, keep going sir, or wow is certainly not going to work very well. A good level of continuity always does the trick and gains my respect (and interest) and that means in engagement and in the user's own posts. I usually scroll back several months and look at the content a user has produced and often ask around my network about any potential transgressions that may effect my decision moving forward. Sometimes I'll follow a person after a few weeks and sometimes it takes longer, but I always look for consistency.


I always, always check on the user's comment/reply interaction with other people. If they comment a lot on other users, with relevance and validity, then I can assume they are doing so with me, for the right reason, and not just because I have a bit more stake and a larger vote value than them and they hope to get some of it. Observing how a user interacts in general can reveal a lot about them and their motives.

Common interest

This is an interesting one as a lot of the people I follow don't actually have that much in common with me other than being a human. What I mean here though, is common interest in thought and attitude, principles, sense of fun, hunger for knowledge and interesting conversation on various topics and to express themselves openly and honestly as their true self as much as one would dare on the interwebs. If that common interest is there, then it doesn't matter that we don't necessarily like exactly the same things.

That's the basics although there's other elements I bring into the mix and which helps make my decision.

There's no time frame for this process, the follow happens when it feels right. For instance, the last people I've followed, @p1k4ppa10 and @grindle, interacted with me for several weeks before I chose to click follow. When it feels right to make the follow I'll do so and when or if it feels right to unfollow I'll do so; it's a simple concept.

Bonus follow protocol element

Another technique I use is my favourites feed on Peakd.


Navigating to a user's post feed allows one to click the little star outline and add them to one's favourites feed when on a laptop (above image) and on a mobile phone it's possible by clicking on the three dots thing and adding them to favourites that way - (below image). Remember, this is on Peakd, the best and only front end I use.

Screenshot_20230202_195755_Brave-01 (1).jpeg

Using the favourites feed, I can get a list of all the people I like but do not yet follow. Some may stay there forever and some may move over to a follow at some stage. Either way, it's a great way to track people and see what's up with them. I'll not show my list because I also add people there (bad actors) that I need to watch for various reasons.

I know people follow others for many different reasons.

Sometimes it's the content, the interaction, the lure of potential upvotes, the follow me-follow you thing, because an account has a big stake, to be seen as associated with a larger account, because they are a friend or family member, simply because the account voted them, and sometimes even for a pretty face or a set of boobs. It doesn't matter why people follow others, it's their right to do so for any reason, although I like to keep my follow list to a manageable level so I'm not inundated with posts on my followers-feed that may not be all that interesting to me.

I think follows need to be approached with caution. My whole premise is to have fun here, to enjoy it, and I don't want a feed clogged up with loads of things I'm just not interested in or people who don't align with my values, a reason I don't think accounts should be able to reblog more than one post per day. My process isn't the only way to determine who to follow though, there's many others, mine is just my way.

Just on engagement, I began doing the #weekend-engagement concept in my WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community one hundred and thirty nine weeks ago to help connect people through posts and comments and initially many did so; I think maybe people don't use it to connect with others as much these days which I think is a little sad. Some even post there every week and fail to engage with me on any of my own posts at all which doesn't seem productive considering I vote and follow based on interaction and engagement.

I mention the above as some of these concepts, mine and others, are such great places to find new or interesting users and I believe people should be utilising the resource more.

With my concept and those who choose not to engage with me, I guess they're content with the small vote they might get on their entry post and are not interested in the big picture; we all do things in our own way and that's ok...although, I wonder how many of those people I'd be following (and regularly voting) now if they took the time and effort to engage.

I've always been of the belief that building relationships is the key to sustainability and enjoyment here, it helps grow accounts also, I built mine from nothing in this way. Engaging with others in the ways I mention in this post will gain a user some profile and followers and if they're nurtured the rest takes care of itself.

Anyway, back to my question.

How do you guys approach the decision of who you follow on the blockchain and is there a set process? Feel free to comment below with your process or comment about mine if you like.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default; tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind - galenkp

Any images in this post are my own.


I'm not organized at all about who I choose to follow. If I read something and I like the subject and the way it's presented and/or they write something I can relate too, I go look at their post list and see what other kinds of posts they have done and then I choose or don't choose. I don't unfollow a lot, but occasionally someone does a few posts that for some reason turns me off, way off. I may unfollow then. I don't give up on anyone I enjoy just for posting a thing here or that that is even to cra-cra for me..... ha... who knew there was such a thing?

I hadn't thought about how many dead accounts I might be following though, folks I started following long ago that are no longer here. One day when I think about it and have time, I might sift through just to see.

That seems a good way to go, checking their back catalogue as such. I think also, people change and that could cause us to follow or unfollow as well. I've seen a few people I follow write some things that I've not responded well to, but I tend to persist to see if it was a once-off thing before I unfollow.

You'll have to tidy up your follow list and eliminate all those dead ones some rainy day when there's nothing else to do.

Damn it's been 139 weeks since the #WE stuff started? That's wild for sure! I remember the classic and most infamous comment of Asher's tits! LOL That was one of the best moments for me being on Hive for sure. Lots of laughs in those things for sure!

I've had my share of follows and unfollows lately, with seeing some of the people I have followed in the past just drop off the planet for one reason or another. Sadly a big reason of it is likely the low price of Hive and that means I'm likely not going to spend much time interacting with them again. I do miss some good ones though like Marielle, Ladybug, but folks leave for whatever reason they choose to.

For new follows I have been trying to help and promote newer users if I can, and one of the ways I've done that to see if I can help motivate and keep them going to learn and grow their accounts and themselves is to give 'em a follow and recommend different people and groups to them so that they can find their way with a guiding hand. I can't say that my guiding hand is any good at guiding, unless you want to get hit by a train but it does lead people in the right direction occasionally.

I definitely make sure that they are responding to comments on their posts. That's a pet peeve of mine. If they aren't going to respond to comments on their posts but will go out and drop comments on others, I think that's annoying. If you post and people leave a comment but you don't get back to them for 5+ days, if ever, then that's a flag for me not to give 'em some help. No bueno! Granted commenting on others posts is definitely more important than anything else, but responding to comments on your own post is quite simple I think!

Damn it's been 139 weeks since the #WE stuff started? That's wild for sure! I remember the classic and most infamous comment of Asher's tits!

Well yeah, I number each one every week so yep.

@abh12345's boobs are forever on my post feed and I'm honoured. I thing that was week two or three.

People drop off for their own reasons, low Hive value is one as you say. I rarely continue on with those that do it, especially when they keep coming up with fucken bullshit excuses. I'd have more respect for them if they told the truth. There's a few accounts I miss, dennyducet is one...he was a legit dude and I liked him a lot, Marielle too, she was very legit.

Just on your helping newbies along thing...I get it, but at some stage it's up to the individual. If a person needs their hand held, to be reminded to engage with others, well, I'd be dropping them; people need to be self-starters in my opinion, help them yeah, as I've done and continue to do, but they need to stand on their own two feet...and then help others. If they cannot then it's on them. It's about ownership and responsibility for their future here, and their own actions.

My follow protocol is a bit less strict. Generally speaking I assume out the gate that I am going to not be interested in about half of what anyone writes. That's not being negative or pessimistic or anything like that, I don't think, it's just looking at a reality of Hive: That people who post often tend to try to "rotate" the things they write about, and some of those things I may not like.

For example: I usually write one or two haiku posts per week, some of mine or a translation from a classic Japanese haiku. I might then have a post about a Japanese history event on this date in the past. I have a weekly post I write about my hive goals and my progress on them, along with some token tips I may have seen in the past week. I have a newspaper-type column I write for that rant group that is kind of all over the map. Well, and so on. I know I have some followers who always comment on the hive goals posts, but never on anything else, some on the haiku posts, and so on. I don't much expect anyone follows me who likes everything I post. So then I kind of expect the same, that I probably won't like a lot of what anyone posts.

Because of that, I generally won't dig in to a user's history too much. If I read a post from someone I like, I'll follow them immediately. But that's just the first step. The people I follow are generally this: someone who has written something I've enjoyed at some point.

Then after I follow them I will keep an eye out. If it turns out I do like most of what they post, I'll put them in a "star" list on peakd. I have another special list of people I just want to support. A lot of Japanese users are in here. I may not enjoy what they write that much, but I want to give them a comment and upvote just to support and encourage them. I don't know... I live here in Japan so I feel an affinity for them and they otherwise get almost no support on Hive, so I really try to do what I can to help them out.

But I digress.

I am a lot more strict on who makes it into that "star" list. I think I follow a few hundred people. Probably most dead accounts actually, from our pre-fork days. But my star list probably only has a few handfuls of people, if that.

Hmm... maybe I use follow like you use favorites and I use the peakd lists like you use follow. Does that make sense?

Anyway, sorry for the rambling comment again. I hope that is kind of what you were looking for when you asked to share our follow protocol.

I like this that you wrote:

I've always been of the belief that building relationships is the key to sustainability and enjoyment here, it helps grow accounts also, I built mine from nothing in this way. Engaging with others in the ways I mention in this post will gain a user some profile and followers and if they're nurtured the rest takes care of itself.

I would also add to that: we need to engage with many different people. What I mean by that is don't get locked into a niche. I fell into that. I joined Hive around 5.5 years ago and very quickly found my way into the Writers Block. I'm sure you probably were aware of them; they were the biggest writing group for awhile. And... I kind of stopped. I just talked to people in that group, commented on their posts, etc, for a long time. Until they fell apart and their successor groups fell apart. It wasn't until we forked from Steam that I actually started to branch out and talk to other people. Since then I've been amazed at all these great cats I'm meeting who have also been around since the early days. Like you! I wasn't aware of you until very recently. But I started following you a few months ago and have enjoyed a great many of your posts.

So I guess what I mean is when you say engage with others, absolutely, but also don't just always engage with the same others, rather spread out and meet everyone.

We all have our ways I guess, and there's nothing wrong with yours. It seems to be working well and that's all that matters.

I understand about wanting to support people. I actually follow people whose posts I don't like at all, but I like them and want to support them in their endeavours, the same as you. Of course, I keep an eye on things and if I don't feel the support is warranted, I rectify things. Probably no different to others. I know someone who thinks all I ever post about is gun stuff...clearly someone who doesn't actually look at my post-feed because it's abundantly clear that's not at all the case. That's ok though, I don't mind, people are nutbags, my included, and are able to do what they want. Not everyone is going to like my posts (some just don't like me at all despite having no clue who I am) and even those who like me won't like everything I produce. That's probably how it should be, we're all individuals.

Just on your niche thing...Yep, that's something I've avoided.

I post on different things I guess, scrolling back 3,000 posts will show you that, and getting so caught up in a thing, to the exclusion of everything else, isn't something I've been keen on doing. I'm an open minded person in real life, and that reflects here. Of course, there's things I won't compromise and so adhere to strictly...I'm a disciplined man, I can't help that.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your methods which seem to be working well.

Follow for the set to boobs 😂😂😂 That got me laughing and now I have to reply 🙈😂

I like your structured way of following/u following people. The latter is actually equally important. As much as nobody likes to be unfollowed, if we no longer align with someone, it is necessary.

My process is not much different. Also I follow instantly if someone I know (even if I didn’t onboard them) joins Hive or I stumble across their post.

Follow for the set to boobs

Yeah, there's plenty who do it. I guess the cheap thrills they get are better than anything in their own real-world (offline) world...and that's pretty damned sad...I mean pathetic.

Unfollowing is very important. I don't see the point in keeping a follow in place for someone that's not providing and value. Hive is supposed to be fun. I think people forget that in their drive towards the few cents they earn from it...Following people that don't provide anything of value isn't fun in my estimation.

It doesn't come down to not liking them I think, it's about valuing one's own experience enough to get rid of the dead weight.

Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.

I don't really need that image on my post.

I’ll delete it

Cheers, thanks.

No probs. I didn’t mean to offend you

I think people take the unfollow thing the wrong way...I've unfollowed people simply because they reblog a lot (which I don't like) and moved them into my favourites list instead where I don't have to be assaulted by their incessant reblogging. Some have come back at me having a spaz out and I've simply removed them all together because of it. An unfollow doesn't mean it's the end of a relationship...unless they are a dick about it.

Moving to favourite is a a good way to go about it. The favourite feature is useful for many reasons.

It would be good to have a few more categories like the favourites list. Maybe, the shit list for one.

You're not bullying my slightly chunky footer area are you XD

I should probably make my prancy upgoat a bit smaller but I don't want to x_x

I probably do have a process but like many other things I do it's not really one I think about breaking down (I only do breakdowns if I think I need to refine something with the process or more recently when I've been doing lesson plans as the breakdown part tends to give me headaches, that's happening with my intermediate workbook atm because they want everything broken down into minutiae not just things that make sense to me to breakdown and I'm like just why).

Very roughly if something triggers my interest (I have a strong bias towards 3d but any given art can potentially catch my interest, exceptions are some but not all stuff done with DAZ and AI) AND the person answers comments AND I then have "enough" interaction (how much that is varies mostly depending on my mood at that moment in time, could be just seeing that one post, could be several months of semi-random interacting) I will hit follow if I decide I don't want to miss too much from them. Otherwise I usually vaguely keep track of people on community and tag pages that I've joined/favourited respectively (and it's very vague as when things get busy I stick to my main feed).

A lot of the people I follow seem to be inactive or at least slow posting so having a large list isn't getting me that much yet (there was a time when "everyone" was very active and it was a little bit more challenging). I've recently gone through and removed everyone that had or practically had 0HP (figure if they powered all the way down they're not coming back), I have a mind to go through and remove everyone that hasn't had any activity for several years (there's a few that I don't remember but would have followed because they'd done something I found interesting at the time and they'll probably get cut, and there's a few that I know or got friendly with that I'm going to leave on the off-chance they can come back or in the case of my family see if I can convince them to start posting again) but that feels like an eventually problem.

You're not bullying my slightly chunky footer area are you

Lol...Oh yeah, yours is...well, it's yours.

We all have different ways of doing things, yours is sound. I guess I don't like having people in my list who are inactive, I don't see a point to them being there. I am planning on building my follow list a little, have just removed a few, and hope to see my follow-feed ticking over with some great posts. It'll be a slow process.

If the follow lists were gardens, yours is the stereotypical beautifully manicured amazingly presented neat tidy magazine front page garden, and mine"reclaimed by nature" XD

Haha, that made me laugh!

Hi galenkp I always read your posts although I have missed commenting on them but what I like is that you don't beat around the bush or use fancy words you just are the way you are with your day to day life today I told my daughter this galenkg is a rebel in the good sense of the word to hell with what others think.

I try to keep it real, meaning I present here as I am (pretty much) in real life. I don't reveal my total true self of course, it's the interwebs after all, but I believe in being my true self. I know all the big words and can write in pretty much any way I choose, but as long as I get my message across I don't see a need to confuse the issue with labyrinthine and writing techniques. (Sorry, I used an obscure word there.) Lol.

I'm not so much a rebel, more that I'm confident being me, don't need validation from others (I find it within) and operate within my code of honour and integrity (as I know it) and that provides a level of contentment. I'm comfortable being me, know my faults (own them) and try to work around them or improve, and could never be pushed by someone harder than I push myself. I've experienced the worst things in life, so bad things (people's actions) tend not to have too much effect on me, there's freedom in that.

Anyway, you probably didn't expect this protracted comment so I'll leave it here. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

I'm not so much a rebel, more that I'm confident being me,

I really didn't expect such a galenkp response hahaha that's called having personality.. happy evening God grant vthe desires of your heart blessings 💖.

I hope many desires are granted. Right now I have a desire for a burger for lunch...So I'm going to grant myself one. 🍔


Enjoy your meal bye bye

There's a line in one of my favorite songs that goes along the lines "Shoot it from the hip baby!" and it means no bullshit, just straight words. The best kind!

Follow me - follow you is one of the worst things ever! Back when I started blogging, talking early 2000s and the time I sold my fine art photography I did participate in this shit - and regretted it all.the.time. At the time it was the way to get popular and sell stuff but I am so over it - never again!

In the Hive beginning, I was a bit generous in following a lot of people on here, one good post, paintings, or a nice comment, these days I am slower to follow peeps. I will usually scroll through their feed of posts, to see what and how often they post. Based on that I'll drop a follow or I don't.

I honestly haven't used the 'Favourites' button yet ever. I'll have to give that a try. Currently, I work with lists on Peakd but, of course, for that to work, you'll need to 'follow' first. This is how I try to filter my most important content creators from the 'maybe I'll comment' ones and also categorize the content a bit.

Unfortunately, this is not foolproof as I still keep missing posts from certain people whose less frequent posts get lost in daily posts e.g. I keep missing snook's posts and hate it! But it's my bad and I think I'll go and make a Snook list now!

Unfollows happen once in a blue moon. When I feel a little organization is needed I'll weed through my follow list and see who dropped out/left Hive etc. Or maybe my interests changed e.g. I am way less interested in SPL than I have been yet I'm still following SPL content creators - that might change in the near future.

I will also unfollow if I notice that there is no interaction e.g. I comment on someone's post and they don't bother to reply. That can happen once, maybe twice but that's it.

LOL - I notice these on your posts quite a bit - irritating!!

good post boss, and, keep going sir, or wow

The follow-for-follow thing is the worst way to do it for anyone taking this seriously and who are here for relationships and enjoyment. It's the ethos these days though, brought on my social media assfuckery.

Try out the favourites thing. It works like any other and becomes a whole separate post feed which you can control without the commitment of a follow. It'll work well for you and you can add or subtract without the other user knowing. Don't be afraid of unfollowing though, it's your experience here, you might as well own it right?

Those who do the, good post boss, and, keep going sir, wow, comments are nutbags thinking that is going to get them a vote. I might start downvoting them and see what happens. When they ask why I'll say, "wow."

You might think I'm joking here...I'm not.

Also, the fucken word wow. I'm not a huge fan of it. I can tolerate it if used along with other words, barely. But hung out there by itself? Wow that shit is annoying. Lol. I especially hate it when people write, wow wow wow. That makes me want to slap some mofos!

you can add or subtract without the other user knowing. Don't be afraid of unfollowing though, it's your experience here, you might as well own it right?

Exactly. I did unfollow someone yesterday because his content didn't interest me (anymore) plus he never commented or voted on my stuff. Next thing I saw is he unfollowed me. Guess me unfollowing him was the right thing to do, no regrets.

WOW! It's really THAT annoying?! LOL - couldn't resist - hahahaha - need to check out a few more of your posts and comments to see your replies and get a good laugh out of it.

And there you go, human nature strikes again. It's best you unfollowed that person, they weren't worthy of your time it seems and you're best without them.

I'm certain that both of us are better off.

Hi Galen, reading everything and catching up with everything you explain in post, about following and not following people on the platform, to take it into account and reorient my following. Thank you very much.

Well, it's just my way, I'm not trying to indicate other people should do it. I guess I just thought to share how I do it.


I like Taylor Swift...although her ayes are very small right?

It's right Galen this singer-songwriter, American businesswoman is a complete woman, with a high sensitivity when singing country music...

good post boss :) I usually add people who have Quality! And here I am aiming for both text and photos. It can be an excellent travel post and when I see shity photos I lose my interest. The same goes if I see so many identical photos, just the angle a bit different. But hey that is probably because I am into photography and I give a lot of detail to it.

Anyway, my lazy ass just realized we already have a function, I was craving for and even made a post about how cool it would be to make a favorite list of followers... However, for now, I don't even have that many people in my follow list for this need, but when there will be 1000 people to follow there will be a lot of new feeds. Anyway, I still miss one option to make a more detailed list with TAG. Some people are active in many communities and topics. And if I would like to follow only the topic #photography by @galenkp there would be a nice function for that. So I can see a list inside the list if I express myself right.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend

Yeah, those posts that have 27,000 images of the same thing but from a slightly different angle make me want to vomit. I wonder why people do it, why they think it looks good.

Ah well, it's a turn off to me so they don't get votes, and certainly wouldn't get a follow.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Good post boss

(Yeah, sorry, you knew someone was going to be an ass with that) (not sorry)

I actually follow way more people than I interact with but, like you, I put a select number into my Favourites feed (spelled correctly). My daily interaction with Hive flows along the lines of browsing through Favourites, then a few select communities, then other communities and the "Following" feed if I have the time for it.

Once upon a time (I think it was the last time you had mentioned about following people), I went through my back catalogue of who I was following and cleaned it out. Now it simply doesn't bother me. If they're not posting anyway, I'm not missing anything, and it certainly won't show up in my favourites feed.

Now, my favourites feed is, in fact, a little more fluid in nature, and there are people who are brought into it, and there are others who are removed from it, based mostly on if I am enjoying their posts or not. I find that if I'm not commenting on at least some of their posts, then those posts need to be left elsewhere. If I have the time, I'll catch up in a community.

Cleaning out the following list isn't essential, like you say, if they're not posting what does it matter?

Well, for me I like to keep it clean so that when I follow a person they know I did so for good reason meaning, I don't have a gazillion people in there, just the ones I value. I think that shows respect to those who are actually in there, makes it feel a little exclusive.

We all have our ways I guess, and yours works for you.

Kudos on the 'u' in favourites! ✅

I think my thinking is pretty much aligned with yours. It's mainly posts and engagement. If I could add one more point for myself, when someone follows me, I will almost certainly reciprocate, because I feel that is a form of courtesy.

I guess everyone uses Hive for various objectives. I know people who just like to write and post as though it is their personal diary/records, and might be so active on the engagement bit, and I think it's also fine too. And some of us see Hive as more like a town square and we interact more actively other people, and that's fine too.

Yeah, the follow for follow thing happens, but aintend not to do it or I'd be following 4,000+ people. I get that it's seen as a courtesy, but that opens up the chance to have content that doesn't interest me (gaming or mushrooms or veganism for instance) in my feed. I don't see the value in that.

Like you say, people use it differently.

Hehe you are too popular!

Nah, I get followed because I have a large stake.

Well being mentioned in one of your posts always lets you know since you know the esteem I feel towards you.

You made me think a lot, actually I haven't developed my own "follower protocol" yet; like you, however, I use the list of favorites to follow people for various reasons and it is said that they enter my followers
... it's not even said that I will always continue to follow them.

However in general I think interaction is important, getting to know new people and things is in my opinion one of the main meanings of all this... and I enjoy it a lot, above all.

If a person is enjoying this, having fun, then the other things like engagement, posting well and representing oneself well will come...and then the rewards will come. You seem to do a good job, I'd not have followed you if I didn't think that, so keep it up. Nice adjustment on your post images too. I like it. Smoother, more sophisticated and much easier on the eye.

I thank you!

When you get great advice and put it into practice, everything becomes easier.

Posts like this have more style and in life style is also important... great tips, great results 😉

Happy to help.

Happy to receive your help .

It seems this post is directed to me, I think I need to reevaluate my intentions. The only reason I joined #Hive was to make money... While that is not bad, I think it has blindfolded me, making me follow or engage for the wrong reasons.

I think having genuine intentions will make this place more enjoyable for me (or anyone) wether the money comes or not.

Honestly, the only reason I favorited your account was because you have a big stake. But by reading your blogs (this one and the previous ones) daily, I'm bigining to change my mindset.

Commenting, following only for the right reasons.
Thanks for always sharing your thoughts and being honest...

Now to answer your question:

Apart from my selfish reason mentioned above (which I'm trying to and will definitely get rid of) here's how to make the decision on who to follow...

  1. As a small user, I follow some account that post about contest, so I can join the contest on time.

  2. I follow any account or user that I really enjoy not just there contents but there consistency.

  3. I follow some accounts just to study them, see how they have grown over the years and what I can learn from them.

That's all for now 😅.
Thanks once again 😃🙂🙂

Hey there, yep you and many others have come here for the money, it's actually really obvious to those of us who have been around for a while, and so no (or very few) votes are given, and no follows.

So, I think it's good you're having a rethink.

Honestly, the only reason I favorited your account was because you have a big stake

That's why most people follow me I guess, most of the new ones anyway. There's exceptions of course, those who actually engage with me on my posts, but mostly those who follow me are after my attention for votes. The sad thing is, that they don't engage, or if they do it's rubbish like good post and stuff like that which I ignore. If they did things right maybe they'd be getting more vote attention from me.

I appreciate your honesty in saying it though, I like people taking ownership and responsibility.

I see your three points and suggest maybe that you don't follow people just to study them, put them into your favourites list instead. You can always follow later. Also, I suggest you don't just post on the contests...It's clear who does so and why they do it...Post for the enjoyment of it, use your own photos where possible, not stock images, don't post too often and make sure you follow community rules. Engage with others (with relevance and interest) on their posts (but don't pester them) and shift your thoughts away from money...see value in the posting and engagement and the money will come later.

Thanks, I really appreciate your advice.
I will try my best to see how I can apply them. ☺️☺️☺️☺️ Thanks a lot

Well, none of them are difficult things I guess, so if you make an attempt I'm certain you can do it, no one's asking you to climb Mt Everest. It's on you though; you'll do it or you won't.

no one's asking you to climb Mt Everest


I understand, it's only for the best if I best your advice, If I don't, my stay here won't be enjoyable at all...

So you're right, thanks 😊😊😊

Your follow protocol is very interesting, i didn't even know that "favorite" button existed until now i will take into a consideration !

What i do to find new people is to actually see the people who comment in other people post, like for example the people who commented in this post, i open ther profiles and when i see someone that is related to my topics ( photography, travel, fitness, food or just simply things i like) then i comment in their post and if i get a comment back on my own post too then i usually start to follow them and we get a relation of engagement trought posts, that have worked me so far!

What I do to find new people is to actually see the people who comment in other people post, like for example the people who commented in this post

Boom! There it is...A great way to find new people. You get to see how they respond do others which is an indication of how they may respond to you. Good job!

Initially, when I got on the blogchain I thought 'following people' was compulsory. I didn't find any newbie initiative and it was just me against the world with the help of my tutor.

Following people, to me, comes with a cost and that's why I choose the people I follow carefully. The first thing I do when I open my peakd account is to go to 'my feed'. My feed determines the way the rest of my blogging would be. If I read a few posts that turn me off then that passion withers slowing.

One of the major reasons why I follow people is because of their contents. I love reading captivating contents that prompt me to leave a comment. The engagement then sets in.

Following people has never been and will never be a compulsory thing, as far as a gun isn't pointed to your head.. At least everyone has that freewill.

Yep, it's not an obligation and each user must create the environment and experience they want to have; that comes through their own content, engagement and by following others. I think this is why being selective and strategic is the way to go, but that's just me.

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...and it's unmentionable shitty predecessor.

Let's just call it poo...


"by clicking on the three dots thing"

It still baffles me as to why they call it a hamburger menu..?

It juss makes me and Sammi Jo hungry.


I didn't know they called it that.

I only subscribe to very good authors. I subscribe to good killer whales. And subscribe to any active whales)

I was curious so had a look at your follow list.

Anyway, if that process works for you then stick with it I reckon.

constantly receiving downvotes has really affected my morale, causing me to lash out.

Not everything in life is going to go your way, online or offline. Lashing out like that, especially if you did so in the offline world is likely to land you in a fuck-load of trouble.

I am not a person like this.

Yeah ok, but you were weren't you.

Let's see what you produce from now and how you handle yourself when things go your way and when they don't.

If you post your videos on dtube you'll probably lose the rewards. Use 3speak.