Tiny insects :o


Shot with Fuji X-T4 - Fuji 80mm macro lens

Another macro session with my dog and I and this time I got lucky enough for him to behave that I was able to take shots of some tiny little skippy butterflies and insects. The last time we did it, he was moving too much and even going to the subject itself, scaring those insects away before I could take a shot. :D

It was around 4pm when we started walking around to look for subjects. Some parts of the sky was a bit cloudy and dark (about to rain kinda) but some were clear. There wasn't any harsh light even though the sun was about to set but I thought maybe I could try this out.


I saw this tiny little spider(?) minding its own business. It's so tiny and skinny that I actually almost didn't see it, I just noticed it because I was trying to photograph an insect next to it.


Its colors look just like the stem of the plant or whatever so it was having a great time with camouflaging. :P But my eyes are better than its camo skills, what a loser.

Also its tiny spikes on its legs are so disgusting... I probably wouldn't freak out if it randomly jumps on my arm but after seeing this close-up, I'd rather die than touching it lol.


It fucked off right after I took some shots. That plant be looking like a butt so it kinda looks like it's mocking me. :D


Then there was this one group of butterflies that all flew when my dog walked through the bushes but all just came back to the same spot anyways. I don't know if they're called butterflies exactly but they must be a part of the family. They're the really tiny ones usually on the grass, you can barely notice them but they're always there.

Anyway this one was on a dry (or dead) plant so I don't know what's it doing there lol.


These things are quite hard to focus on since you gotta be at a certain angle to get a better shot but you don't really want to move much since they fly away so easily. It also doesn't help that my lens is heavy that extending my arm to get closer to it will only last me a few seconds and a shaky shot. :D



I also got lucky enough that this one just landed close to me.

_DSF6909 copy.jpg

Also did you know that they have tiny little scales on their wings? I used to think they are just one big flap lol.


This one was interesting. It got holes on its petals. This was already really tiny so there must be some tinier insects that took some bites. :D




I used to catch grasshoppers when I was a kid. I don't remember now what I did to them but those poor grasshoppers... at least they died entertaining a kid. :P

_DSF6967 copy.jpg

Here's a more cropped close-up. They have such rough spiky legs and now I think of it, I don't know why the kid in me thought it was fun holding them in my palm.


Lastly, a normal-sized flower I saw in a random grassy area. The color was so striking that I wish this would also randomly grow in my own yard someday. :D


those macro photos are just on-point! i loved them!

Thank you! :D

it is a pleasure!!

thanks youuuu for the upvote :)

i'm powering everything up

As cute as your shots are today, macros of some animals can be quite scary. Thanks for sharing these little guys with us. By the way, do you have any insects you are afraid of?

They are indeed lol especially when you see their alien-like features :o hmm I’m scared a bit of big spiders, you know those you see in bathrooms🤣 although I don’t really freak out that much. I get disgusted by big worms (not earthworms tho) and maggots like I will literally throw things that they touch lol. But I don’t have the phobia really, I can still go on my day without screaming or something

What about you?

I used to be terrified of spiders. Not the small ones, of course. You're talking about the big spiders I used to see in the bathroom or wherever. I have tons of stories about that, but I'll tell you one. It was like 10 years ago. I was about 14 years old, I was going to elementary school, there was an after school class and it was dark. I came home, went into the restroom, closed the door, and just as I was about to pull down my pants, I saw a giant spider right behind the door. It probably wasn't that big, but it might have looked bigger because I was a kid. I froze for about 5 minutes and I remember screaming. Fortunately, I don't have that fear anymore. Unless I see it suddenly. They are still scary if I see them suddenly XD

Please don't tell anyone when I became a Hive whale :P

Hahah those ones near the door are always the worse. Cos you’re too afraid to move the door as they might jump or run somewhere closer to you and you don’t also want to stay there for hours just to wait for it to move. Real risky🤣 Good thing you conquered that fear lol they don’t bite nor they are venomous I think… except if you’re in Australia 😳

Please don't tell anyone when I became a Hive whale :P

Lol too late you just put it on the blockchain🤣

I don't think it will be a problem because I'm in Turkey and yes, the ones behind the door are the worst ones, when I opened the door I saw them in front of me, but at least at that moment I could close the door and run away, but the ones behind the door. I had nothing to do against them hahaha.

Yes, I shared this on the blockchain, but 3 years from now, if you don't show this to people, no one will find this comment hahaha.

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it's always amazing what you can discover with a macro lens :)

You're so lucky they behave 😂 where I live they just flies around and can't stay still making it almost impossible to capture them. It's already rare for me to see butterflies but when I spot them, they fly around like crazy. I love the 6th one, do you edit the background for extra blurring or is it already by default?

Hahah yeah those big and colorful butterflies can’t stay still and even just stay on a flower for just 0.001 sec 🤣 these ones are those really tiny ones and these behave as long as you don’t get too close. :D No I didn’t edit it for extra blur, just the exposure and stuff but yeah the lens have some nice blurring which I also love with macro photography :D

Whoa I see! I thought people edited them for that kind of blurring effects. Now I know it's not 😃 I'll be checking your lens review too, I spotted them but will have a look at it later.

Nice article ! I like your butterflies photos.

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