Found some ladybugs chillin on a plant!

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All images were shot with Fuji X-T4 - 80mm macro lens
ISO 640 - 1/250s - f5.6

My dog Ethan and I went for a walk early in the morning and I brought my camera with me along with my 80mm macro lens so I could try it outdoors. This is my first time taking it with me outdoors so I don't know what to expect yet. :P

While the doggo was doing his business, I found a small butterfly in the grass nearby and went to take a photo of it. It was the very first shot I had for that day so my camera wasn't set up yet. While taking some sample shots, Ethan suddenly walked towards it. -_- So it flew away.


Luckily, I saw these two ladybugs on a plant nearby. Perfect!

I told Ethan to sit and wait and I was able to take a few shots of them. They're so pretty!


Upon researching this type of ladybug, I found out that this is a six-spotted zigzag ladybird. Well as you can see, they have six spots and the ones in the middle are zigzags. Apparently, they are nice insects as they eat the pests on plants. :D


There appears to be some little insects which makes sense that our ladybirds are there. It's amazing that I really didn't notice that those tiny insects are even there until I saw the photos, I thought the ladybugs were alone.

They're eating their breakfast at the time. The morning dew was a nice touch for the photo.

I had a bit of a struggle with the focus early on and I keep on searching for the subject cos I keep on forgetting I'm shooting macro, so you had to be more precise with aiming. :p


The ladybug started moving so I had this lucky shot of it from the front. If I'm correct that those are the ladybug's eyes (you know what I'm talking about) then it seems to be looking at me. Probably was like "ah yes another macro photograbitch yeah yeah we get it". :p

I'm so happy with these shots and it's really so amazing that they're so tiny that I barely even noticed them. For whatever reason I did, and I thank my healthy eyes for spotting them.

I'm really enjoying taking macro shots now and my investment with the lens was so worth it. I'm kinda regretting not getting it early on haha. Even though I looked like some idiot trying to take photos of "grass", who cares at this point if the result looks like this. :D


Congrats on your first lady bugs :) having a macro lens is one thing being able to spot the small things you want to capture is something else indeed. There is a whole new world out there to discover for you :)

This is so true. A whole amazing new world :D Makes us appreciate the smallest things

Once, my little cousing found a ladybug in one of her clothes, so she went out and leave her on the plants that where outside the house.

After a couple of hours she realized those plants where artificial plants. And she cried a lot because she didn't find the ladybug again.

Awww it probably moved to the real ones 😅

I hope so😂 she cried a lot because she thought she sentence the ladybug to death xd

😱 The hell with anyone who bothers someone taking photos of grass! They don't know you're taking photos of something amazing. The flower seems familiar. It's a vine, right?

Hahah yeah I feel like they’re wondering what I’m actually doing cos you know how most think - if it’s a big lens it must be a zoom lens so why is someone putting that camera so close to the grass🤣 I don’t know about the flower tbh lol. It’s not a vine tho.

I see. Maybe a different plant, but it does look familiar. I love the color though. It looks so regal to me.

I love ladybugs! They eat the aphids on my plants (like you mentioned!). I wish there were more in my garden.

Stunning photographs! And as the other person said, don’t care about others! I have stood in weird positions (my girlfriend always takes pictures of me) to take photos. It is always worth it! Enjoy!

Amazing! The smaller insects in the pic beside the ladybugs, are those the aphids? Amazing how really tiny they are lol. True hahah always weird positions with macro🤣

I think they are aphids! But I might be wrong. Usually, I find them on my plants where the aphids are.

For sure! Macro is the best though, you do not think that insects are so spectacularly beautiful until you use macro lenses!

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A zigzag ladybug huh, first time I'm seeing one of those😂😂
Really nice pictures 🤗

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How many Fuji lenses have you collected now? I have to stop myself to stop buying lenses, but at least they hold their value and you can sell them for 80% of what you bought them for. The bokeh is delicious on this one.

Beautiful picture, there are many such beetles here, but I can't take pictures like you

While the doggo was doing his business

Wow such an entrepawneurial dog

Never seen a zigzag one before... I've seen square-dot ones in my parts but zigzag is way cooler.

Fun fact, we brits call them ladybirds for some reason