The Enlightened Geisha

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1 Edition
150 HIVE
High Res Unlockable (Size: A0)

The Enlightened Geisha.jpg

Each piece of art I create holds strong purpose and meaning to me personally, but art is a universal language, therefore I let the art speak for itself to each individual, interpretation transforming and growing with each new eyes met. High Res Unlockable with purchase (Size: A0)


I let the art speak for itself.

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I love how the layers mess with my eyes and my mind's eye as well. Very interesting art. Thanks for sharing...

Head messing stuffs!!! haha! Thank you so much for the compliment, it means very much to me. This piece is particularly special to me, so, so are your words.

Wow ... this is a powerful image!

Thank you! I spent a long time on it but enjoyed every second. It has a strong personal symbolism for me and meant a lot doing it, so I really value your compliment, thank you.

wow es impresionante que buenos detalles tiene esta pieza😍

Thank you very much :) I appreciate your compliment.