My Neurography - Beetles and flowers

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Last night I tried to combine the neurographic method with a stylized representation of nature. I think it went pretty well! I chose flowers and beetles because their lines can be easily drawn and blended together to form a mini ecosystem.
However, i did not strive for a realistic depiction, such beetles and flowers do not exist in nature! All the more so here on #AlienArtHive!

Lightness, vigor, grace, then meticulousness.
The Rotring Art Pen does a very good service, i can forget the felt-tip pen.
True, the ink is water-soluble, but no problem, the more exciting it is!

First, i sketched the fine lines:

Then strengthened it. It would be better to use a thicker nib.

Began to fill with watercolor. I was careful with water, but the black ink spread out in some places. Well, this added some deepness.

Then i worked a lot with it, using some white tempera in the middle of the separate areas, then drew parallel and thin lines, they are a bit like magnetic lines of power or the year rings of trees. Everything is moving in this picture and I am happy with the result.


Closer details:



Finally, some digital play:






Wow this is ridiculous amazing stuff

wow. Voted by the Neoxian city paper staff. It is really cool. Keep it up.

Very impressive, Nice artwork

I was thinking about getting a Rotring Art Pen. They are kind of expensive but i hear they are really good in quality. I am sure the ink would lay down better on paper that isn't as textured... but who knows when you might put some watercolor in there as well. I think this one is really good. Thanks for sharing with us.

Rotring Art Pen always worth its price! Mine is a really old one, i have been using it since the end of the 80th, and no problem with it. Eternal piece.
An ink cartridge is always available that fits into it. There is also said to be a refillable ink tank.

Wow! I am really gonna have to look into getting me one! I have been meaning to for a long time. Thanks.

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Se ve brutal , me gustó mucho 😃 que arte la verdad quedó muy lindo ☺️