Twin Fish in Love (from lines) - Easy Draw & Paint How to

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Hello, friends!

Recently i drew a pair of fish, but the drawing i made first was from some lines and at first i even only want to draw something abstract, but then it turned to twin fish or you could say they were fish in love? How do you think of it?

Apps i used: Medibang painter app

Device:S6 lite Samsung android tablet

Project time:Around 3-4 hours

Now let me share to you how i made it.


I started with two lines then continued with a line. After that i painted three separated parts with grey then three others with turquoise. I got the idea of the twin fish from this shape. After that, i drew the S like shape for the fish body with red.


Then i painted red for the S shape, added the fish fin, also with red. Painted it. After that, i colored yellow for the body. Also i drew black for the eye.


I gave the shadow on the front fin with a bolder red. Then i drew the eye for the grey fish.


I then drew the scales pattern for the grey fish.


Also drew the fins and painted, i used some grey color for these. _____


For the front fin, i added texture. I added the bubble blue texture for the grey part (left).


Then i added the wave lines with blue, then i used the bokeh to add the bubbles there too, then it's finished. Now decide, are they twin fish or fish in love? Or both?

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Devy Leona She works in a bank but she interests in CRAFT (CRaft, Art, Food and Travel). To pursue her art passion she does the cross stitch, embroidery, handsewing, crafts, crochet and also draws. Find hers in and Also find her cute collectibles pixel cat pictures here .

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You are creative sis :)

Thanks a lot for the support, sis :) glad you like it


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