Cosmic man, Digital Art

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Hello, how are you ?

Hopefully all friends in this community are always happy in carrying out their daily activities.

Keep spirit!!! In this post, my work tells about a truck driver who, while delivering goods in the middle of the night, saw a meteor fall in the urban jungle, and he was curious and approached the location of the meteor crash, and without realizing it he was exposed to meteor radiation which destroyed his body.

But strangely after a few hours the truck driver appeared again with a new form that was half metal and half body with extraterrestrial cosmic energy, he was astonished and shouted so that it made a city destroyed into a barren desert.

Is this cosmic man who was originally a truck driver, a threat or a boon for earthlings?

Thank you for visiting my blog this time.

Tools I use:

  1. Wacom Cintiq 13Hd
  2. Windows 7 Laptops
  3. Clip Studio Paint

Stages of the work process:

Final rendering results:

Thank you and see you soon, stay healthy friends.