Splinterlands Art Contest

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Hiii everyone~ ^^
Here’s my drawing for the Splinterlands Art Contest.
This time I chose a character whose face shape or color isn’t weird(I prefer drawing them more, it’s fun), she just has a normal human being face!
Really liked how her skin color turned out. Just tried mixing different colors I usually do... If you are interested I will share their numbers. I liked her so much that I may change my hair color to hers 😄
I almost forget, her name is “Adelade Brightwing”


Prismacolor and Faber-Castell colored pencils on Steinbach paper
white pen and paper cutter







Original Pic



Another great one, I love the hair both the color and form !

Thank you~~😍😍

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Excellent job! I love the hair. =)

Thank you~😍

I love what you did with the hair. It also looks great with her skin.
I just wonder how to do the Undo on the paper drawing app. 😊

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Thank you~ 😍
It’s almost impossible! :))) I just need to be careful before drawing any line especially with colored pencils :D


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Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859


Thank you~ ^^

So beautiful

Thank you 💖

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