My Drawing of Cruella

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You know, when a tv series or movie is trending everyone starts drawing the main leads, so did I, and guess what!? I failed! One year ago, I tried twice to draw Cruella. It’s one of my fav movies and she is my fav actress.
The problem was that I couldn’t draw skin tone. Drawing Light skin tones were my weakness.
So now I tried again and here’s the result.
I want to say that “don’t give up”. Just continue doing your best. ^^


Prismacolor and Faber-Castell colored pencils on Steinbach paper
white pen and paper cutter









Reference Pic



wow.... your very talented. Amazing gift you have.

Thank you so much ^^ That’s very kind of you

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This is so beautiful

Thank you~💖

I am very impressed 😍this is so beautiful
Great work👍

Thank you so much~😍

Wow!!! impressive, good job 😍

Thank you so much~ 😍💕

Stunning work as always!

Thank you so much~~ ^^

You did a very good job, congratulations 😍

Thank you so much dear @pipoune 😍💖

Another gorgeous piece of art! You really are extremely talented!

That’s very kind of you~ glad you liked it ^^

OMG! you are my idol, hehe Emma Stone couldn't look more beautiful than in your art! 😍

😁😁omg! Thank you so much~ your works are awesome too ^^

Excelente trabajo, te quedo muy impresionante :)

Thank you so much~~ ^^

This is a beautiful drawing! oh wow! Great what you doing...

Thank you so much 😍

Wow! This is beautiful. Cruella is one of my favourite movie in 2021. I watched it repeatedly. You got the drawing 👌.

Yeah it was a great movie. Glad you liked it~ ^^

woow, this is seriously one of the most impressive art works i have seen on here! Well done :))

Thank you so much dear @salicj. I’m glad you liked it ^^

Waoooo 😱 what a beautiful drawing, congratulations.🎉🎉🎉 Give me a little bit of your gift! hahahahahahaa 😜

Thank you so much dear @desivel ^^ glad you liked it ^^

Omg you’re so talented. This is really nice and sharp

Thank you so much~~ ^^


lovely art work , you should try to make portraits for hive users that they could use as avatar 😉
Or if you look for another challenge take a look at my macrophotography and see if you find something of intrest you like to draw.

Thank you so much, I just took a look at your photographs, they are amazing. I will draw one of them for sure. Thank you for the offer ^^

your welcome , looking forward to see the results , enjoy your weekend.

Qué hermosa ❤️ felicidades 💐 parece real y todo.

thank you, thank you 😍💖💕

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Thank you~

Yay! 🤗
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