Personal Interpretation of "Leda and the Swan" (Leonardo da Vinci)

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trinityart leda with a swan thumbnail.jpg

Comic Style of another famous and favorite Masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci

Heyho guys, all good in the hood?
Today I represents you my 4th Interpretation of a well-known artwork of Leonardo da Vinci, Leda and the Swan.

about this woman and picture

Leonardo not only painted the faces of strong or beautiful women, he also drew a more "erotic woman" and this character of Leda is meant to represent seduction. Leda and the Swan is one of the most provocative nudes Leonardo da Vinci ever drew at this times. In this scenario, Leonardo depicts a nude that reflects to the human mind the idea of a sexy and provocative body.

None of the actual original paintings of Leda and the Swan by Leonardo have survived to the present day, however, there are many artworks and copies based on his composition.

Source (Screenshot) and some informations:

trinityart Screenshot leda and the Swan.jpg

But now lets see the single steps... Here we goooooo...

long story short

trinityart leda with a swan long story short.gif

step by step drawing

trinityart leda with a swan 1.jpg

trinityart leda with a swan 2.jpg

trinityart leda with a swan 3.jpg

trinityart leda with a swan 4.jpg

step by step Digitalised, editing, coloring...

trinityart leda with a swan 5.jpg

trinityart leda with a swan 6.jpg

trinityart leda with a swan 7.jpg

trinityart leda with a swan 8.jpg

trinityart leda with a swan 9.jpg

Finished Artwork

trinityart leda with a swan finished artwork.jpg

What you think?
Like it?
Feel free to leave a comment.

Your @akida aka TrinityArt

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Very good work of plastic interrelation (in literature it is called "intertextuality") with Da Vinci's drawing, in a parodic or burlesque vision of it, which was already nourished by the Greek myth. Greetings, @akida.

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Muitoooo obrigadaaaa my dear. Aaaw I am glad you like my interpretation of this great artwork. Have a great day 💯☀️😊

Manually curated by brumest from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

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