Quick Anime Review & Fight Scene from "Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song"

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Here's a fight scene clip!

  • “Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song” was made by Studio Wit, the same studio that did the first three seasons of the “Attack On Titan” anime and the first season of the “Vinland Saga” anime.

  • This series was recommended to me because of its recently famous fight scenes which are undoubtedly very impressive.

  • The story is about an android songstress and her quest to alter historical events in order to prevent androids from wiping out humanity in the future.

  • I mostly judge an anime based on how I felt about its animation, story, characters, voice acting, opener, music, and its balance or imbalance of drama versus comedy.

  • Vivy’s animation is for the most part on another level that puts most series to shame and felt like a movie experience. The level of detail, along with its fluidity and rhythmic motion was pretty stellar.

  • Unfortunately the story felt rather generic and failed to include any plot twists or interesting developments or evolutions.

  • I found none of the characters particularly engaging and didn’t have a favorite since I was often bored with them as a whole.

  • The Japanese voice-acting wasn’t bad but wasn’t outstanding either.

  • The opener was okay but after the third or fourth episode I go tired of both listening and watching it, which is something I find very important when it comes to anime since I feel that openers both demonstrate the height of a show’s audio and visual talents while also setting the mood for the show.

  • The music wasn’t awful either but nothing stood out to me.

  • The drama was rather generic and I can’t remember ever laughing.

  • In conclusion, while it excelled where most shows failed to grab my attention due to poor visuals—getting through episodes felt like a drag because I didn’t care about the story or characters and was just counting the seconds until another super-awesome fight scene would occur.

  • But I must repeat the fact that this was such a visually stunning show, so in the end I’m going to give this a 6 out of 10.

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Id didon't watch yet but everybody say that the animation is really good. I ll watch it tonight. Thx for the review :)

You're welcome! Yeah the animation is incredible

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