Car-Fluting: Episode 048!!!

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Join me on my way home from work! Today I'm playing a brief but very satisfying Andean melody. The song is called Fiesta Aymara.
...its a favorite of mine. it starts off formal, as if the melody aims to pay homage or tribute of some kind. But as it progresses, the tune turns into something more like a celebration.

Anyway, had some mistakes, driving got in the way if fluting a few times today, but all in all I enjoyed myself - hopefully you will enjoy this as well!

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Hello my friend!. Well, playing an instrument is complicated enough and if you do it driving your car it's even more amazing and valuable for the spectators. I loved this video, I loved the sound of the flute and at the same time I was nervous about the audacity of doing it when you are behind the wheel hehe, but I see that it has been a success, congratulations and bravo!...

Hahaha!!! Yeah, car fluting can be a risky business, but it’s all made worth it when I get a compliment like this! (Actually, I think this may be the first comment I’ve ever gotten that actually liked the driving aspect - so really - makes it worth it! Thank you friend!!!

I honestly don't know how to express how grateful I am. Thank you for your affection, sir @albuslucimus. It really motivates me to achieve more. I'm going to make certain that this helps as many individuals as possible. You have shown that the hive ecosystem is a fantastic community of our time. A technology that aims to empower individuals. Once again, I am appreciative for your generosity in support of the many wonderful initiatives I am working on to help people in Ghana.

I really appreciate this response. I am grateful to have been guided towards finding you and seeing how you’ve managed to realize the greater value of the Hive ecosystem, and humbled by your person.

I heard a saying somewhere, I will undoubtedly misquote, but it’s something like this:

When the left hand has a splinter, the right hand helps not out of charity, but because they are of the same body. If the right hand helps itself at the expense of the left, infection could may set in and kill the whole body.

YHWH sees the work you’re doing. HE is the voiceless voice that comes out of our silent hearts; HE is the mind of our one body.

In this story, You are hand. I am but a fingernail on the hand the helps, but pleased to fulfill my part as I am able. YHWH is the mind that guides us.

🙏🙏🙏 All Glory to the Father 🙏🙏🙏

Amazing. I believe we're knitted into one. Sharing common beliefs. Whenever there's a helping hand, dreams become reality. Thanks for making these dreams, a big project to support humanity. You're appreciated.

Indeed! I’ll see you around :)