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I've listened a bunch of times and it seems familiar, at least parts of it, but I am stumped.

Well sonofabitch! I’m just glad to see you! LOL - I’ve been super busy in my new job and all, sort of seem to be losing my grip on Hiving lately. I hope you’ve been well man, I’ve been doing ok myself. Hope to start getting a little bit more free time soon. Anyway, stay well!

Yeah, me too. I just don't have it in me. I'm doing well, for mid winter. I have my SAD lamp and trying to house train a puppy to keep my spirits upalive. What is your new job?

I’m working for a marine control company now. Mostly I do test fixtures for electronic propulsion controllers and throttle bodies. It’s been pretty cool but super busy. We’re house training a puppy right now too! Although I’m not so sure it has a positive impact on my mood all the time lol

I think this was originally Marvin Gaye - but for me it was James Taylor that introduced me to this tune :)

Ahhhhh I got it now. Sweet rendition. If you know what I mean.

Is it too late to answer this one?



it is to be

!LUV ed