Hivechess Tournament - Start of Season 7 Tomorrow!

Dear chess fans!

As promised, I have distributed the prices and payouts from the last season to all participating players who at least have shown up 3 times. New in this season was, that we had an additional sponsor! @vjap55 was so kind and donated 30 Hive which went to the other 350 Hive of the price pool, almost 10%. Highly appreciated, @vjap55!!
So at the end it was 380 Hive that could be distributed, almost the same as in season 5 where we had 425, but that season went over 11 rounds!

Thanks again to all the Upvoters and Supporters and especially @vjap55!

🏆 Here is the payout table of Season 6 🏆

RankHive nameLichess nameRatingRounds playedPointsReward (Hive)


After the small break Season 7 will start tomorrow at the usual time! The rules (below) didn´t change from last season.

The first round is played on Friday 16.July, 19h GMT.

Time Mode: 4+2 (4 minutes per game, 2 sec. increment), 70min arena mode, no streaks

Tournament Link:



  • For Hivers, Steemians, Blurters, users from and all others!
  • Players of all skill levels are welcome, from newbies to experts, you just need a free Lichess-account!
  • Every Friday is one round
  • Time mode is varying (5+0, 3+2,...), rated, berserking allowed (except in Swiss mode)
  • The winner of each round gets up to 10 points, the second 9,... and the 10th 1 point. If e.g. only 8 players participate, the winner gets 8 points only, the second 7, etc. Sometimes the round is divided in 2 skill classes, then the winners get up to 7 points
  • In case two players have the same number of points, the one who played less rounds is first. If that is equal too, then the average tournament performance decides.
  • PAYOUT: This season goes over 7 rounds and the tournament points are summed up. All Hivechess-related post rewards are pooled and 90% go to the price pool (PP). The tournament winner will get 15 Hive bonus and the rest of the PP is divided among all players according to (1) the no. of rounds played and (2) the tournament points achieved (1 and 2 weighed equally), but only if a player has participated at least 3 times (NEW: If <2 games are played in a round it will be not counted)! So everyone has a chance to get something and the more you play the better!
  • If I don´t know your Hive username, I can´t consider you in the rankings, so please let me know your Hive name in the comments or in the Lichess chat
  • If you have not yet joined our team in Lichess, please do it here, so that you can participate (required for Swiss tournaments only).

Please share this announcement among your (chess) friends and colleagues!
The more participate, the more fun! And maybe some are even interested to join Hive and it´s Chess Community?

Good luck to All!

@aakrist @alberto0607 @almightymelon @ambarvegas @abimbola753 @amirl @anli @arsenal49 @behiver @bitsignal @burnoutawesome @cerati @chesthetica @cryptoph0823 @darruiz @digitalis @elprofe62 @eniolw @evgsk @flaws @foxconnmars @franciscomarval @gabotask @gingerbyna @gravitcaper @heimindanger @hierro21 @hirohurl @iceblue @iobates @jaki01 @jkms @johannesboldt @juanmi96 @kintokris @klausklaus @kreur @lighteye @maciejficek @marcusantoniu26 @masterswatch @manncpt @maverieux000 @meedo @mstafford @oshiokhenhoya @parung76 @pereu4ivatel @rafaelaquino @renerondon @rodrook @ropavejero @samostically @sawko @schamangerbert @soluce07 @spacetoon @the01crow @therealflaws @uliseshb @vasigo @vjap55 @walner @yazp @zacherybinx



Thanks @stayoutoftherz for the tournament also thanks @vjap55 for your sponsorship.
It was a fun season playing against the tournament strong players.

Congrats to @sawko, @jaki01, @eniolw

I am looking forward to playing some winning forceful chess this season with many healthy sacrifices. (LOL)

Good luck with your sacrifices!

I hope so too my friend, specially those healthy sacrifices hahahah, I will try to play this season but I am not sure if I could play the whole rounds

BTW @rodrook @stayoutoftherz @schamangerber
we have started a new HIVE curation project, I would really like you to take a look at it, at the moment it is in Spanish but we hope to handle it in English as well, the account is called @chessbrotherspro

I’d like to join, my nickname in lichess: blackswan21. Thank you for accepting me!

Most welcome! I added you to the list. The next tournament will be announced in app. mid September.

Thank you a lot !

Just saw, wow - you are quite a strong player!
In the meantime you could join our Lichess team here (needed for the Swiss tournaments):
Also @schamangerbert is running a tournament on Hive every Saturday, you might want to check out his blog too!

Hi, just created my lichess account, I'd like to join, same username.

Hope we play next time against each other. 😉

Nice!! see y'all tomorrow ;D

So at the end it was 380 Hive that could be distributed, almost the same as in season 5 where we had 425, but that season went over 11 rounds!

Very nice progress, @stayoutoftherz, and good luck to everyone in the new season 😃

See you tonight. 😎👍

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