How I have celebrated my Eid-Ul-Adha in the Netherlands

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Unfortunate things happen. Sometimes we have to accept the consequences forcefully because we don't have a choice. The life I am having now, I never wanted this but I have to learn to accept it. I do have a choice, I can go back to my motherland where my father and sister live together, we have a home there but it's too late. Maybe many can say it's never too late to return to the motherland but for me, things are different. It's complicated.

Anyway, on the 9th of July, we had our Eid-Ul-Adha (one of the biggest religious festivals for Muslims) celebration which I couldn't celebrate. I had to work and here in the Netherlands, Eid is not a public holiday. When I was in Ukraine, I used to celebrate eid differently, I used to cook traditional Bengali dishes and use to wear nice clothes. Even I used to go out to visit different places and had lunch or dinner. Things changed now, because of refugee life, I don't have a home. I stay in a shelter where I can't cook. It's been over 4 months, I haven't eaten any food according to my taste, all I eat basic food.


My shift started at 6.30 am and finished around 2.30 pm. I was already tired after 8 hours shift but I decided to do something for myself. As I have said I haven't eaten any good food lately. For me, good food means either delicious beef steaks or spicy food. I am a fan of all types of Asian cuisine after all I am an Asian. People sometimes call me spice girl or rice girl because my love for spices and for rice is unconditional. I love Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Korean cuisine a lot and of course Bangladeshi food. Muslims celebrate Eid-Ul-Adha in a traditional and religious way. I don't do that, my dad maintains that culture and tradition on my behalf. Back then, when I was in Bangladesh, I used to wear new clothes and went to friends' and relatives' places. In Ukraine, my celebration was different but it was all about happiness.

Anyway, back to the 9th of July 2022. First, after finishing my shift, I got this smoked salmon salad for lunch, and trust me it was delicious. Besides I was hungry too and couldn't wait for the shelter food. Later I decided to buy some groceries from an Asian Store. Here, in Almere, we have a large Asian Grocery store. So, I decided to go there, my target was to buy spicy food and spicy ramen. I was craving it for a long time.



The store is not far away from my workplace, it only takes 5 minutes. In Almere city center there are only 2 Chinese and 1 Korean food restaurant. I haven't checked them yet, will do that soon when I will have money.

In Kharkiv, we had a lot of Asian restaurants but we didn't have an Asian Supermarket. Few things were available in specific super stores and Indian grocery shops were separate but here almost everything is available. Let me tell you, the products of this superstore are very expensive.


I didn't care about the price because I wanted to have some Asian food so badly. Besides it was eid day so for one day I can fulfill my own desire.



The store is really big and almost all Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Korean, and Asian food products are available there. Many people do shopping here and I must say it was crowded more than other superstores. People love Asian food here and seeing that encourages me to raise my budget for shopping a little bit.


I only got dry food products so that I can prepare them anytime in my room. I have got super spicey ramen as well, after all, I need to cry while eating that ramen.

I also bought some Asian food from the nearby restaurant...

Wait for my next post for that if you wanna know what I got for dinner.

I haven't done much on eid day, it was a random work day but I am happy that I have at least eaten good food. I didn't starve...

P.S: Update about Gigi: She is taking medicines and the vet said it will be a slow recovery. She is a little bit better but has not recovered. She is losing blood still but not like before so I am hopeful. Medicines are working.

Thank you so much for reading...



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Thank you...

Greetings, I hope Gigi gets better soon, I am very glad that you have been able to treat yourself to something you like. Take care.

I was so worried about Gigi but seeing her progress made me hopeful no matter how much time it will take. The food was good and they are dry food so I can eat them anytime whenever I want. At least good food has made my day...

Thank you...

It's 6.30 am here and now I'm craving food reading this. I don’t normally have breakfast but my taste buds are a tingling!

Thank you for the update about Gigi. I was too scared to ask! Take care both of you.

It's 6.30 am here and now I'm craving food reading this. I don’t normally have breakfast but my taste buds are a tingling!

Think about midnight, I hate those who post photos of food at midnight because I can't control my craving. I am their true hater :P

Gigi's recovery process is very slow even still she is in pain because of the infection. But eventually, she will recover I hope...

Ha ha. Yes, I'm their true hater as well. Shouldn't be allowed.

Yes, it might take a week or so but the antibiotics should be kicking in soon.

Yes, it might take a week or so but the antibiotics should be kicking in soon.

Antibiotics started working and she is slowly recovering and doing better now...

Hello, I'm glad that you are doing better with work. I wish your wonderful dog a speedy recovery.
Maybe something good will happen after all these difficulties, you just have to wait a little! Good luck!

I'm glad that you are doing better with work

Not yet and I have created a dam-care attitude. I don't care about those people who bullied me and were biased. Besides I am looking for a new job so, I am taking everything lightly for now if nothing serious happens...

I am also hopeful for Gigi's recovery... Always taking good care of her...

Maybe something good will happen after all these difficulties, you just have to wait a little! Good luck!

Exactly, we all are having a difficult time but it's not gonna last long...

I'm glad you got your spicey noodles even though you didn't get to celebrate eid in the way you would have liked. xx Where are you working?

I'm glad you got your spicey noodles even though you didn't get to celebrate eid in the way you would have liked.

Korean Ramen always make me hungry and I can't ignore them. They are very easy to make and also taste good...

Where are you working?

I am working in the kitchen of a 4-star hotel in Almere...

I'm glad you are working and keeping busy.

Because of work, I am still mentally stable otherwise I would have driven crazy because of stress...

I totally understand that. Big hugs darling xxx and don't forget to spend a little time processing too.

Thanks, dear, I have been keeping myself busy but I decided I will take a break from work and will go out somewhere with my dog.

Hi, my friend, I can still feel your sorrow on this blog of yours, I think it is only normal because of your situation. Again, I must say that I also feel how strong you are, and I admire you for that. If another person have been through your situation they would have gone home now to their motherland no matter how complicated it is, but you didn't. I am praying for you whenever I thought of you. Take care, my friend.

Thank you, brother, for such kind words, probably one day when I will be comfortable, I will share the story of not returning to my homeland...

You're welcome, take care always (^_^)

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Done, thanks for letting me know...

Thank you for your support @priyanarc, really appreciate it! 🌹

Mention not, Anything for the blockchain...

It will be fine, even before you know it. Glad to hear about Gigi. Love your pictures by the way, always do.