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Rane, Glaubten, Zürich Affoltern, Switzerland

Practice Session

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Recently, I had a strong urge to paint more. Specially because I only had very little time before the weather would get colder.

MuralRane Graffiti with @syma
LocationZürich Affoltern, Switzerland
ToolsSpray Paint
Artist@yangyanje aka Rane and @syma
Communities#hive-18478, #onchainart, #alienarthive, #sketchbook, #hive-127039



@syma and me hug out at a construction site. We painted a piece literally in the middle of the street. At times it got a bit challenging because the space was already two tight for a two way street. Cars had trouble to pass by due to the site extending further into the road.

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There was a lot of moisture and not a wall I really enjoy painting on, due to the surface. The traffic kept me quite busy changing positions and the spot was something you'd want to finish quickly. I still decided to do a Rane character

The Process


A rather quick piece, I kept this process simple.

Looking forward to new sessions and a colorful season.

Thanks for stopping by



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Previous Illustrations, graphics or paintings I made and posted on Hive:

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Graffiti of vanishing
Dong Chang 东厂
aka Rane

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“Grains of matter reforming and reshaping into what we manifest. The only obstacle to create anything is the limit of our consciousness. That it is we, who orchestrated the reality we see. Being aware, and the extent to which we are able to control it, is reaching a state of mind over matter and spirit over time, realising that we are more than our bodies. To overcome deterministic concepts is ascertaining that the illusion of time was merely created by humans to explain movement we are all a part of." -@yangyanje

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