The Secretary Bird - Digital Drawing

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From my animal drawing series, I present to you my new digital art.

It's a drawing of a wildlife creature called the 'Secretary Bird'.

This creature looks like an eagle but not.
It posseses long legs and are used to walking a lot. They fly when necessary.

These are carnivorous animal that hunts on ground. Ie. They chase their prey with their legs instead of flying from air to grab them like eagles. They love hunting reptiles...such as snakes.

The drawing was done with AutoDesk sketchbook application using scribble and I found my reference photo here.

My steps can be seen below:

Screenshot_20230201-140143_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230201-140818_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230201-142454_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230201-142911_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230201-143703_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230201-145125_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Thank you.


Great drawing. I had to google what a "secretary bird" is. You nailed it, but I wish I could see the whole bird. It's so interesting looking.

If I draw the whole bird, it would look small. I prefer drawing the close range with the individual detailings showing.

Now that is an eagle head !! (even if it is not an eagle like you mention, they do look alike) Amzing (the way that life seems to just stick out of your drawings). Very happy you did it, I was away for a couple of days, glad I went back and did not miss that one

Life? Yeah, especially that eye.
Good to see you back buddy👍