Chibi Character #2! Creating For A Hive Podcast Content Creator!

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Heya, everyone!~

I am back with my Chibi style. This time, a friend of mine requested a chibi avatar. I have known @eunoia101 for months now because we write on the same platform before landing in Hive.

A little background

I do not really interact with him a few months ago. Our interaction is just commenting on each other’s articles. I find though his writing very good because he is very consistent in his publishing, quality of work, and interaction.

I just knew of him more when I joined the Hive PH Discord server. I knew him more and found out that he is cool and easy to talk to. We also do the “bardagulan” and really enjoyed his company. I like people who can hop on my jokes and not easily get offended. He is just chill and vibing whatever the topic is. I really like him as a friend.

Chibi Style!



So, he sent me a reference. He sent a picture of his hairstyle, his 101 signature, and of course his pretty face ehe~

He made my job easier because he picked up easily what I want him to send me.



So, I sketched first the Chibi character. Just a simple standard pose. He specified that he just wanted a simple collared shirt.



I am not sure if it is correct to say that this stage is linear. I just think of the lines that will separate the elements such as the shirt, hair and the skin. Basically these are the important part of the Chibi.

Flat Color


Filling in the colors. Ahhh~ almost done in this part. He specifically said that he wanted the red color for the shirt. He said that he will use this Chibi character for his podcast and articles here on Hive.

Adding the details, and tadaaa~ the final art!


I added the details of the Chibi character in this part. I added the blush, shading, and hair shine.

For the background, I chose the triangles because I thought of the play button. He is a Hive podcast content creator so I thought that it will suit his Chibi character.

After finishing the art, I sent him right away. I am so glad that he liked it! I was a bit struggling with the hair. Ugh, maybe it was too early for me to make an artwork. But scratch that, because he is a good friend of mine. I did this during my free time last Sunday.


I enjoyed the whole process of making @eunoia101 's chibi character! :) This is the second chibi character that I made for a Hive buddy. You can check my first chibi character here Creating A Chibi Avatar for A Hive Buddy

That is it for this article. I will see you at the next one!

📸 All photos are owned and taken by me, otherwise credited. ©️jijisaurart


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"I really like him as a friend" sadlyf ahahahaha
Ang benta sa akin.. siyempre pati Yung adventure style na chibi avatar..Naaalala ko Yung ship ko roon na naging reality Marceline x Bubblegum. Ahaha

Tinapos ko na ang mga chismis kaya hanggang friends na lang kami hahaha. Solomot, chileng~😊

Ang ganda ka inggit!!! Ang galing mo gumawa ng chibi!

Atee!!! Why? Just why? You are really a great artist with so much potential. Your arts are so outstanding!

You are so kind to us. I am looking forward for your next project.

Wow na touch naman ako sa message mo denden. Next project you mean your chibi? Hehehe 😊

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awwie ang kkyut ng mga chibi ginawa mo

Ang cute ni @eunoia101 chibi... You did a great job @jijisaurart. Galing naman.

Naka super saiyan pala tong buhok mo yonong @eunoia101 hahahah

@jijisaurart madam the best tlga 😘 idol

So bongga and so cute!
I noticed @eunoia101 really likes it because he added it to his posts recently.
Great job @jijisaurart!
Yan pala meaning ng triangles, I didn’t know..

Another one of these cuties! Love the subtle flair of adding the play buttons in the background.

Sino kaya next dito?!

Susunod na si @wittyzell haha.naexcite nga ako gawin kasi may pagkain 🤤

OMG may pa reveal 😂

Ang pogi naman ng chibbi na yan, mana sa model 😍🤣. Yiee salamat nalang sa lahat. Yeah I really loved that Chibbi. Especially the smiling face hehe.. Na iinlove ako kapag nakikita ko sa wallpaper ko haha. Kasi naalala kita charrr...

You're welcome! Looking forward on your podcast! 😊

Nice! friends are awesome!


Grabi naga ayiehhh na ako sa utak ko ee kaso ni emphasize mo talaga yong I really like him as a friend. Wala na legwak gabern na agad yong shipping na nabubuo sa isip ko. Amsaduuuuu. Charrr haha. Apaka awesome naman. Apakagaling ee 😍

Hahah hanggang dun na lang talaga. Salamat, Panda Panda! 😊 🐼

Digital art? So cute anyway 😉.