CORRUPT JUSTICE first post of the weekend

in OnChainArt10 months ago

happy weekend to all the fellow artists of @onchainart here starting this day with a new illustration, which I did the sketch last night but right now I did it while having a good coffee


This is a personal representation of corrupt justice, a justice that only does what it wants without ensuring equality, law, duty, its purpose is to make the balance shift towards the corrupt and the one who should be convicted is rewarded

While I was doing it, I was thinking about whether to add volume with dark and pale tones, but I chose to do it all with a pencil only and I liked the result, I was satisfied, as always I will show you how the creation process was






And here ends the first post of the weekend in #hive I hope you like this horrible presentation of corrupt justice, we'll see you another time with a new post and new art in this community, I wish you a good day and a happy weekend all



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