Haven’t been out for walks

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Haven’t been out for walks

I have not been out for any photo walks for about 4 weeks for reasons most of you will already know my wives fall and broken shoulder, not much to report there she still cannot move her arm at all so needs a lot of help which I am glad to give her for as long as she needs

But I do feel bad not doing a Wednesday walk post since so many still are so doing a quick post with photos from my phone

The third photo will cover where I have done most of my walking if recent and I will get to that later

But first let me touch on the fall colors which of course I have not got out to see and take photos of this season but have seen while driving around and it is so beautiful to see all the rich warm colors

And the carpet of colors the leaves give when they drop to the ground

This first photo touches on that and a few leaves on our front lawn


Iphone camera

But they can be such a pain to clean up I spent a few hours over a couple of days cleaning up our yard both of the leaves and mowing the lawns A job our grandson loves doing doing but with Lulu not being up to visitors we haven’t had the grandkids around and so I decided to do it myself in short bursts between checking on Lulu

And that was the most steps I got in for a couple of days doing yard work
And filling up these 8 bags


Iphone camera

And other than that all of my walking has been on visits to the supermarket in this case Shaw’s


Iphone camera

I have been checking out and reading most of the Wednesday Walk posts but I know there is no way I can comment on them all so I haven’t been commenting on any and do apologize for that

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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No need to apologize for not commenting, it is more than obvious that your priorities are (and should be) elsewhere. My best wishes for one more time to your wife, I hope you get through that rough time as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding

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She isn't feeling any better 😢? What are the chances she won't need surgery???

I like the fall colors too :)

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She still has lots of black and blue bruises on her arm and is still suffering with a lot of pain and she tried the sling off der half an hour yesterday and it was agonizing for her

I want her to see another specialist for a checkup and second opinion as I feel it should have improved more by now after a month

A second opinion is always good... I hope she's feeling better soon!


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Hello dear friend @tattoodjay
You are doing things very well, the priority should always be the family, but when they need us for a health condition, I am sorry that there have not been many changes in their recovery and above all that it is a painful situation
Beautiful autumn shots, I also love its colors
I wish your wife a speedy recovery.

Thanks so much

Hello @tattoodjay !
We don't have a Shaw's here where I live. Come to think of it, I've never been to one. Is that a chain of the East Coast?
Best regards! It's good to be out and about!

I think it is only in New England it's a good store I go there as it opens early at 6


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This is really so sad but I'm very happy you are holding up strong and I hope Lulu is too. So sad that your grandson can't come around now to help his grandpa. It's a good thing you could share a few photos with us, they all have a beautiful touch, nice one JJ ❤️.

Stay blessed and safe 👍🤞

Thanks I actually enjoyed the yard work to a degree or perhaps it was getting some fresh air spending so much ch time indoors

You're always welcome JJ. And yes, I think it was more of needing some fresh air 😊.

Oh dear Lulu sounds to be in a lot of pain, assisting her is top priority for now, no reason to worry most who post on #WednesdayWalk are repeat offenders !LOLZ

Now understanding fully ones garden becoming your kingdom when you cannot get out, those short breaks count no matter what you do, even the leaves look good watching change of season.

I do like the large brown paper packaging ready to go, fully recyclable!

Yes it's great here fir the pickup tonight I will move the bags to the curb for pick up tomorrow

And yes indeed I did enjoy some fresh air

Great to see an update @tattoodjay 😊 no need to apologise. We understand. You take care of your wife. It’s so much more important.
My best wishes for her and you. Take care… I hope the pain goes down a bit 🤗🤗
Yard work is good to think of something else for a little work. The leaves are pretty. I only caught the beginning of it. Posted a bit from our US visit today.
Have a wonderful day 👋🏻🍂🍁☀️

You to have a great day

You are so welcome, enjoy yours as much as you can 🤗

Sorry boss
I noticed your absent
But really don't no whom to ask where your about.
Sorry for the injury your wife sustained.
Indeed you are a caring husband for taken care of her
Wish her quick recovery

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Thanks so much

I used to think that the red leaves were my favorite, but after a drive up north this past weekend I am really starting to love some of the oranges that I have seen. We have been getting rain, so mowing my lawn is something that I have been putting off. I will need to do it this weekend for sure.

Ohh I do agree I love the orange shades as well

The leaves have changed its colors over there! Nice!
Here it hasn't changed yet but next month, we're expecting the fall colors to finally come out.
Not a problem on not leaving a comment. We know that you're looking at our posts.
Hope your wife will feel better soon. Take care!

Thanks so much appreciated

Leaves are definitely post peak here. Starting to fall pretty hard. I'm still trying to get away with just mowing over them 🙂 thanks for checking in 👍 know that there are many here thinking about you and Lulu.

I did a mix of mowing and mulching them up

I hope your wife will soon be better. She must be in a lot of pain. And no need to apologize for not commenting. More Wednesdays to come with many more walks. In the meantime, take care of your wife 😊

Thanks for your support and understanding

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It's good to have you back on board, I hope your wife gets back to her fit early... You have got a nice picture, good work

Don't feel bad about not getting out or posting at tbe moment. Your wife needs your support and that should be priority now. Im sure that everyone can understand that.

Yes, garden work can be time consuming, but I guess it has to be done... Lol

Have a great day, @tattoodjay!

Thanks appreciate your understanding

Please don't worry. Your wife is your priority. I love the autumnal leaves but I agree, they're a right pain to sweep up!

Thanks for your support and understanding

Really, no apologies needed as it’s very important to be with your wife ! Family first, even more in those moments. Sending energy to you both, I hope the recovery will not be too long 🤞🏼 !!

Thanks for your support and understanding

You're very welcome !

No need to feel bad, you are still here supporting us and the posts, even when you have more important things to do. Its all good !

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Wow! Sorry, hope her health is improving day by day. That one is more important than anything my friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed we have to stand by each other in times like this. I pray for her to get well soon and recover on time so that you can perform other tasks.

Thanks so kind of you

You are welcome

Thank you for the update and it's totally explainable that you couldn't get out for a walk. You did quite a tidy job cleaning out the yard, the pictures look great. Am glad you got some fresh air and vitamin D getting it all done. Keep taking good care of Lulu, the healing will eventually come through :}

Thanks so much
Appreciate your kindness

I wish your wife a swift recovery. Sometimes things happen in life and it prevents us from doing things we usually do.

Soon, I know you would be able to take a walk.

Thanks so much

I wish your wife a speedy recovery.

I understand that this incident is hurting you both a lot 😔 I pray to God to put an end to this bad situation.

Thanks appreciated

Seems to me your priorities are exactly where they need to be. Those who are near and dear to us are far more important than social media... no matter how connected to it we might feel.


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