A walk that makes you dream

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We continue from where we left off the previous time, namely - the lighthouse of the port of Burgas.
I must say that it is not so easy to photograph and representative pictures of the place cannot be taken. I mean, of the lighthouse in all its grandeur, from its front.
So I had to settle for just such a picture as shows its front, the one facing the sea entirely.


I didn't know how old this emblem was here. It looks quite old to me, but preserved and well made. But no, it turns out it dates back 10 years! I was amazed when I found this out.
So maybe I should refrain from commenting on this. Still, it's about my favorite coastal city, regardless of the not favorite country it's in.


In fact, I intended here to mention the attractiveness of lighthouses as magical places that draw people to them. Did you know that there is even a pilgrimage route in Spain that goes past all the lighthouses along the coast, for 200 km.? Amazing, isn't it? Very attractive. There are so many lighthouses that you can even spend the night in. This is even more attractive. But unfortunately, the Burgas lighthouse is not that big, it is not that pompous. As I told you before, I didn't even think it was freely accessible.


But here I am, I've reached it, I've passed behind it, and I'm already attracted to something else.


The concrete tetrapods.


First, let me remind you that Burgas welcomed me that year with many hearts and the word "love" written all over the streets. These hearts here were part of this wonderful greeting that I took as personal. 😊


So I photographed them and spent quite some time here, walking back and forth on the jetty, looking at them, enjoying the wonderful sea view. I was completely alone.


There was no one to share this wonderful moment with, but there was also no one to prevent me from enjoying it.


Concrete tetrapods have always attracted me. They look like toys to me. Giant Lego pieces that no one even bothers to arrange. But who knows. Maybe secretly at night, when no one is around, various giant creatures come out of the sea and have fun with them, playing, arranging them. Then, at the end of the night, they destroy the arrangement so that no human finds out what happened. Oh, of course no human would find that out. Humans are usually blind to such things.


I remember when, after many years of interruption, I had finally visited the sea "in my conscious years". I had just bought my first slightly more professional camera, I mean higher end than the compact. Every day I walked around the beach and went to the breakwater to photograph the concrete tetrapods. It was like seeing them for the first time in my life. And maybe it really was like that.


A heart again.


And something that surely can also be used to express love, but in a less different way. At least, having been to other countries, I can rest assured that this thing is not only painted in Bulgaria.


Having already enjoyed this sheltered, as I told you before, site, I headed back again, passing the yacht club. Here, passing this time in front of the beached yachts, I noticed just now something which attracted my attention, and made me stay here again for a considerable time. Taking pictures.



Seeing this particular yacht sent all kinds of thoughts into my head.


First, I really liked its look. It looks old, kind of vintage. I can't quite judge.


It is not in very good condition.


It looks like it was bought second-hand, probably for a pittance. Even from the USA?


It also looks like it needs some repair, though I can't say for sure if it needs to be major.



But somehow it managed to awaken in me the feeling that one does not need much to be happy. You know, living on the water is a dream for a lot of people (I'm not sure it's for me though), but you don't have to have a lot of money to buy a decent boat to live in.



It doesn't take much for a person to live, it doesn't have to be some huge space. (A woman realizes that just when she begins to clean and maintain a large house. 🤭) All you need is a place for one bed, a bathroom, a kitchen...
And not only that. I don't know if it is genetically embedded in us - that the sea and boats make us dream... of another life. Is this thing that awakened in people centuries ago when they realized that the Earth is big and there are so many places waiting to be discovered, still alive now?


Isn't it exactly what calls to us every time we see a boat or when we are on vacation at sea? Have you ever felt that nostalgic feeling, that longing... for places you've never visited, for things you've never seen, experiences you've never had...?


I struggle to separate myself from this almost mythical boat to continue my walk back. Oh btw, I forgot to mention again that that building in the back is the Sea Port Traffic Control Tower... the leaning control tower 😃. With an interesting, modern piece of art in front.


We pass the gorgeous white building of the congress center again.
I will never get tired of walking past this infrastructure giant. It is also some kind of modern mythic wonder.


And here is the time to finish this walk. Someone recently said it's boring to have the water on all the time. Maybe I should go in a different direction for next week's goals... See you then, then.
And happy #WednesdayWalk!

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Beautiful sea area. I like the shapes of the ships that are there. Btw, what are those concrete pieces for?

That's the lighthouse 😃

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Wow, that is a very beautiful port, besides being able to see the ships parked beautifully on the breakwater rocks there it also looks very spectacular because of its unique shape, especially when it says "love" there which makes it even more romantic when we go there with a lover

Ha ha, yes, sea is always romantic and always to share your vacation with someone there. Going there alone is sooo sad 😊 You are absolutely right.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

may we all always be happy😊

I suppose dreams could be living creatures, sorta :) They are born, they grow, some have a full life, some don't find their way at all, some get fulfilled, then they die or they undergo a metamorphosis...

Great article today! Have a lovely sunny day and some:

Oh yes, they seem to have a life of their own. And surely in some parallel realities they are realized - every one of them. Maybe that's where this yearning comes from. People experience them in some parallel reality, and in this one they just dream or long for it, and do not understand why it is so. 😊
Thank you very much! Have an awesome day too!

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Maybe secretly at night, when no one is around, various giant creatures come out of the sea and have fun with them, playing, arranging them

🤣 You have quite the imagination. These pictures are neat and cool. I love lighthouses too and don't mind dreaming when I see boats and sea! Thanks for sharing your walk. Happy Wednesday. 😊😊🤗

I have to admit that the sea is what inspires my imagination. Whenever I write about it, some unconventional ideas come to me. 😄 Thanks for reading it!
Have a great day!

Irrespective of all the maintenance the yatch needs to get, it still looks really shinny and beautiful.

It is, isn't it 😊 It is like a polished old-school piece of jewelry. I really liked it too.

Glad we share the same view

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I love the detail shots of the lighthouse, and those tetrapods are so cool I have seen them before in places but never knew what they were called

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

Well, I found this word after a long internet search years ago. I'm sure a lot of people don't know it because it's very specific. But these "things" are my favorite part from the coastal infrastructure, so I'm glad I found it. 😊


It is always my dream to ride a boat😍, and this post makes me wanna go to the beach and try sailing or riding. Thanks for sharing @soulsdetour.

Really? I can't imagine a woman alone on a boat. You must be very tough! There are many things that would stop me from doing this thing. First of all - as much as I love the sea, I'm not sure if I'm suffering from seasickness. 😃


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Hey the beach in the place is very beautiful, the water is very calm and the color waw is amazing, the ship also looks attractive, the shape is classic and unique

Yes, the boat is classic and very pleasant, predisposes to dreams. 😊 And the place, like any place by the sea, is extremely attractive, no matter how well or not well it is maintained. The sea doesn't care what facility its waves crash into, they just follow their course, calmly and objectively... I wish I could be like that too. 🌊⛵

Yaa, like a tsunami hitting my province, all in a clean sweep🤭

Beautiful sea area at the port, those are some very nice ships. I’ve never been so close to a ship before, I sure wish i did. Some of you are so privileged to have so many experiences around the world and so many discoveries. I admire you a lot and I hope can see more of such discoveries from you.

Hey, that's a city in my home country. It's not a big deal to go there and at the same time, it also happens to me very rarely.
Happy you liked the place! 😊

the Aquabella does look very cool, a vintage like yatch, looks like a boat out of an old James Bond movie, nice pics, thx for sharing ✌️

Yes, if it was some ordinary boat, it certainly wouldn't have attracted me to take so many pictures. It is extremely atypical for its surroundings, for its time and for the place where it is parked. Glad you liked it! 😊