What a day, what a day!

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We are relocating our house for the second time. If you ever shift your house, you know how much the work is. On top of everything, living in one dwelling and settling in another comes with some emotional ups & downs too.

I was too sure to live in our current house for another few years. But some things have changed, we are admitting our son to a renowned school and it's better to choose a place near the location.

We have been searching for a home for a few days now and yesterday was no exception.

Let me share some photos from my house hunt!



I currently live in one of the best residential areas but the place we are going to relocate to wouldn't be the same. Yeah, I'm pretty annoyed by the fact. But this is what it is, I have to accept.

This place is kind of like random, everything everywhere. I haven't found any 'peaceful housing' until now and am still looking for it.



I find it quite difficult for me to accept the fact that I have to live in this chaos!

This area is popular for its traffic and that's the reason we are relocating so we can avoid that while living close. Also, about the randomness, I mean, there are shops and street vendors all over the place. Seems like there's no harmony in the street.

I understand it's because it's kind of like a commercial place. I know, you may be thinking, why so negative thoughts? Well, I'm in the phase where I can't see the positive in it because I couldn't fully accept it to live there. My mind is still processing. So person my negative impression.



But there are certainly more green and social amenities. Some of my relative lives there and I have heard that I can access many things which are not possible where I currently live. That's the good side.


Yesterday, it was a hectic walk. We were been to our feet for hours, looking for houses, and an agent was helping us to find them. Our lunch was delayed because of that, we were too tired at the end of the day, there was huge traffic when I came back home. And the bad news is, we didn't find any house that meets our requirements. We have to go for another round!

The experience is not pleasant. I'm hoping to find a decent home to shift. Finger crosses.

Have a good day, everyone.

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Relocating is not always easy plus the house hunting that suits our taste don't feel bad you will soon get your choice

You understand my situation correctly.

you will soon get your choice

Hope so :)

Hope so dear
Amen 🙏

Shifting from one dwelling to another accompanies a series of tiresome experiences. Finding a place of your choice is hectic. Afterwards, packing and shifting the goods is weary. Then you need to put so much efforts to make the new place in sccordwnce with your style.
I wish you good luck with your venture

You totally understand what I'm going through and what's waiting for usin the next few months. The packing and unpacking will drive me crazy.
Thanks for your wishes.

I hope you would find the new place peaceful that would make you calm again 🙂

Hope so. Thanks :)

I know that feeling. Because I am planning relocation by early next year too.

Like you I wanted to stay here longer but a new development has made decide to relocate.

It's stressful to say the least. But change do happen and we have to embrace it when it comes.

All the best 🙌

I hope everything will go well in your end. This whole process is stressful.

It's stressful to say the least. But change do happen and we have to embrace it when it comes.

That's what I needed to hear. Thanks for the motivation.

Hope you find a quiet little back street off the main road, good luck with the house hunt which doesn't sound very successful yet by a long walk....


Hope so. The house hunt is driving me crazy!

How are you dear friend @rem-steem good morning
Searching for property can be a very stressful task.
I hope that soon you can find your new home that meets your needs.
Have a nice day

I too hope so. Thanks a lot :)

We lived on a rented home and experience relocating often. I know how much hard to shift from one place to another and adjust with environment.

Ah! It's such a pain. I wish you all the best.

I hate having to move house, but I love the ability to look at all of the houses!

Unfortunately I have found that very rarely you will be able to find that location that ticks all the boxes and you will always have to sacrifice something...and that's not just with living, that's with everything, like computers, tv's...there's always that one thing missing that would make the thing perfect...

So I really feel for you and I do hope that you find the dream home.

Good luck!
May the force be with you!

I truly agree with you on the points. We always have to sacrifice and that's what I'm trying to accept.
Thanks for giving me courage. Have a good day.

Good luck onthe move

having moved many times over the years I know how hard it is

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, I always love seeing all the walks shared from around the world, but as I am not getting out for as many walks at the moment because of feeling the cold I am especially loving the walks all around the world its like a virtual world tour

The whole process is tiring and stressful. Hopefully I will find a good place.

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I hope you can find another house to live in. It's not easy to be in such a situation. Stay safe and God bless.