Noticing the little gifts

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They are all the time around us, those little things that can make our walks nicer and prettier, don't you think?
I mean, what would be interesting in passing by the same street or place so many times? We know, humans are funny beings, they get bored after seeing so many times the same thing. They will start to see the world as a grey place, a plain and colourless sight. Nothing new to see or discover. But those same humans can also react differently and find the little details that are offering themselves as gifts for everyone - or at least for those who want to see them. Noticing them makes a difference.



The tree of jacaranda is bringing the purple flowers usually in June. Why it is blooming now, in September? We could think that mother nature just made a mistake and didn't calculate well the months, though it can be a very special reason too for this unusual time of blooming.

Or why would the hibiscus bloom in so many different colours if it is not because it wants to attract attention? Maybe for its selfish reasons... but let's try to see it from another angle, maybe it blooms to give us visual pleasure. Whatever its reason is, these hibiscus bushes have decided to bloom all year round in our little town.


And the hibiscus is not the only one that grows everywhere and gives flowers. The oleander shrubs grow like weeds, you can't even get rid of them (and why would we?). It's a common sight to be greeted by its flowers in the streets, many times growing behind the fences.
But one thing is tricky with this plant.
It is toxic... though it can be again a cool detail that nature thought about... as it is an opportunity to make jokes around its toxicity and how could we just accidentally use it.


What indeed is not toxic and grows in abundance here on the Mediterranean coast are the olive trees. The climate is just perfect for them, and besides oranges and almonds, this is one of the most common trees growing both in orchards and in wild. And again, although we see it so many times, I see the small fruits pretty.



If you are a person that is not really into watching the small details in form of flowers, and you like to see a bigger picture, then there is an option for you too to see the world more interesting. Just look up to the sky. If it is a nice day, with blue skies and adorned with white ( and even grey) clouds, what nicer you could ask for?


These ones made it to the sea, but many clouds the day I walked and made these photos stayed stuck in Sierra Bernia. They made a fluffy, creamy topping on the cake... sorry, I wanted to say hill ;)


Some of the clouds were sailing in the sky above the roofs and tall palm trees. Should we try to reach them, as the trees are doing? Catch some cloud, like dreams they would be, or just let them go on their path and appreciate the sight?


Going back and touching with two feet the ground is as same nice as flying with the imagination. The secret is to see those details during our path that would make a difference for that day. Paying attention to colours, and combinations they give. Blue sky and white clouds. Yellow and white stones and green leaves all around. Colourful flowers, blooming on bushes and trees...



The number of combinations is endless. Even this house that serves as supporting material for the creeping plant is charming. So simple but that is a little gift to see too.



Another real gift is to see plants growing from stones and concrete. How do they find their way to live in these conditions? The roots managed to bring life to these succulents (maybe some lucky bells variant?) which now decorates the stone wall. Just incredible how life can't be stopped, right?



I am more than sure we all see the little details around us. If not, let's try to find and see them, and appreciate them as they all have some higher purpose in this world than we might think. What are the small life gifts you have found today on your path? You are welcome to share with us your story!



Great photos!
If you do not take into account the photos of buildings, then you might think that you are photographing in Cyprus :-)))

Seems that we live in places with similar {same} climate 😊🌺

Agree :-)

Did you pick some of the little seedlings? Did you? :P

Have to disappoint you... I didn't!
But as it's close to my home maybe I will do it in my next walk 😁

Noticing things that nature offers even if it's just a single flower can't happen if your head is down and things you have little control of cause you to worry. Appreciation of nature and its unpredictable ways keeps one guessing and wondering why from one year to the next things can be so different.

Just the other day I was sitting on the front porch with my better half and we were admiring the scenery that surrounded us. Flowers and flowering trees graced us with their beauty but nearing the end of their life cycle. Unlike your region, when winter sets in, shades of gray take over, the vegetation becomes dormant, and as the cold approaches, the surrounding forests become very quiet. We get a lot of snow in our region and as it blankets the ground one can become a little melancholy.
Winters are long and cold, but knowing that spring follows winter, and the cycle will begin once more, tends to lift our spirits.

You have captured many splendid and simple pictures that can only be appreciated if you live with your eyes and mind wide open.

I do have sometimes my head down and worried thoughts without reason, but I hope that more times I can see and appreciate these tiny things. Well, at least that's my aim and comes somehow more natural with my character. And it's good we remind ourselves about this choice, to notice the gifts ;)

That's a nice situation you described, you and your better half admiring the beauty of the flowers, even if they will let space now to a different landscape. Wow, snow. I like it, though you guess here it is none that I see.
However, I can also see that it can be a bit hard to be covered with snow until spring... and once it arrives, it is more pleasure for you 🍀☀️ Seeing the contrast and feeling the new life ☺️

Lots of that powdery white stuff every year.


Yay, that's NICE 🤩

I can feel the cold and clean air 😊

Ok, I guess not that nice cleaning the roads from snow and heating the house 😅

Being retired does have its benefits. When the snow flies there's no longer a rush to clean it up, rather we just enjoy the beauty of the pristine conditions that a snowfall imparts on all of the landscape.

an absolute calmness then, if there is no rush to clean it, just to observe nature and enjoy it ❄️🏔️

I will never get bored seeing every simple details of a place just like this as I see the flowers are blooming with its bright colors. I love the flowers of Jacaranda and Hibiscus blooming in pink and lavender or purple which are my favorite colors, and all the flowers of the blooming trees that are untoxic.

Perhaps every simple detail around could really bring so much delight to our day most specially when something is blooming. And of course, a bigger picture with a breath taking view wherein the clouds are sailing in an open sea. Personally, I so love to be close with the amazing heart of nature through the views around me.

Have a great day my dear friend @mipiano . Keep safe always.

Hey there dear @pinkchic ☀️

I am so glad you are this positive and able to see the tiny blooming things around you... that in the end make us go though life more easily.

The sky and the clouds that day were stunning, seeing them in real. Unfortunately the photos never make justice and just give us a small idea how they are. Spending time in nature, or even just walk through the streets of our cities/towns where there are some parks or plants is a great way to feel and see the beauty that surrounds us.

Take care and be safe, I very much appreciate you stopped by and shared you thoughts 😇

Do you still use your Redmi 9 or so to take these pictures. They are stunning!

While I was still younger, in High school. I have a friend that is very good at taking the Nectar of a flower so that we can suck the sugary liquid in it. 😊😅

Hey there 😀

Yeah, it's still the same phone 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ I change them just in case they completely break down and this Redmi Note 8 is still working, so...

Yes, the photos are taken with it ;)

Good to have a friend that can show you tricks like that 🌺🍀😃

Wow! You know how to use phones. Xiaomi is always a great choice when we talk about getting good phones for less costly price.

Hahaha, well, I am not always satisfied with it, but many times I make the best out of it... considering the quality limitations. My son got an Iphone recently and yeah, there IS a difference 😅

Hello @mipiano , what a nice publication is a reminder of all the beautiful things that surround us, when you look at nature you feel peace.

Thank you for your words @soyunasantacruz , indeed a reminder for all of us, not to let the nice things unseen ;)

Nature doesn't do anything without reason. It always has some reason for doing everything thing. Be it making a poisonous attractive flower or growing a plant on stones. They are to teach lessons to all those who are interested in gaining something from it.

The small details are scattered all around us. Sometimes, it happens that we find something new on the same path we have been walking for years. We just then wonder how we missed seeing this before.

You're right, even a poisonous plant or one growing from the stone can teach us lessons. And we just have to observe and learn something from it ;)

Oh yes, it can happen! Passing by the same thing for years and we just notice something new, although it was there for the whole time. A mystery 😉

Nature is filled with mysteries, isn't it?

It is 🌸😇

Those are amazing! Especially on hibiscus, i just found out that there are pink hibiscus, cuz all this time there were only red hibiscus around me. That's so beautiful! 🌺😊

There are red hibiscus flowers here too, but pink are not rare either. 🌺

Nature is indeed beautiful but more more adorable when you take a perfect shot of have adorable photos there and i enjoy seeing them all

Thank you @didipaul for your observation, though I am not some good photographer (well, I am not one at all ;)) ) but I am glad the photos could bring an idea how the place I walked the other day is.

They are all the time around us, those little things that can make our walks nicer and prettier, don't you think?

I do and I'm always walking with open eyes, taking photos of every little detail, which may seem crazy to to those seeing me. They don't know how to enjoy the little things.

However, your surrounding and mine are extremely different, so enjoy that good environment, while I'm witnessing mother nature giving us autumn for a month or two, after which comes the gray period 😕

Hahah, yes, it can seem crazy but anyway, we do that for our pleasure. 😃
But autumn is nice to see, when the leaves change the colour... here I don't see it. But yeah, when the colourless period comes, it's meh...
And what about the snow ❄️ that I miss so much here, that's nice, isn't it??

I know that we have talked many times about the similarities between Spain and Greece but this is getting ridiculous :)


Huuuuuuh, seems Spain and Greece indeed have a lot more similarities than it is thought :D
A real cactus growing from a wall. Cool 😇

Funny how we might have been missing the details like you said, coupled with the biological, physical, etc. advantages it has on us, have you tried picturing we humans living in a world without nature?. I feel like it would be an extremely bland world.

I think you are right, and I think it would be absolutely impossible to live without nature :D

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I love those little stone alley ways so gothic. A great weather always make amazing sceneries. Some of the plants here I have never seen maybe they don't grow in tropical climates like ours. Those amazing clouds also make me so happy, a nephophile by heart.
Love your Wednesday walk post dear.

The clouds make me happy too. On a nice day, when the sky is blue, seeing the white clouds is just a wonderful feeling 😉

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Thank you ☺️☺️

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thank you very much @ebingo 😇

We call that hibiscus as gumamela.. I have a lot of childhood memories with it.
This place looks relaxing because of those plants 😊..

The place where I live is indeed a calm and relaxed one, and true, a lot of flowers and shrubs, and palm trees are around. During the summer, it is not that calm town though. A lot of tourists 😅

Well it's a pretty place to be visited by tourists 😊

It is 🌏 🙂

These narrow streest are all so nice! They're a nightmare to drive in though!

I guess I am totally off topic, you're being poetic and talking the beauty of the little things in nature and the colours, and I am like hooting behind you with my car "Move Amiga!" "beeep beeeep"!!!

(Cars drives off in a cloud of diesel...)

beep beep, amigo passing by and me just staying still there, in my world hahaha.😂
when you are going to/coming back from France? Hope you feel better 😇

We're going back from France around the 15th. We were supposed to return on the 10th but I can see the kids missed their friends, and also the house.

I do have to clean so much, and cut cut cut wood and "process" a few chicken 😭!

How is your world?

Our world is 10 degres colder here, wearing winter clothes already hahaha.

Still so warm. Don't worry, when you come back it will still be warm hahaha.

That's cool the children can enjoy the friends and the house, stay as much as you all feel that is good for you.

And youenjoy the work, it has to be done.

Keep in touch when you come back 😇🍀👋

Thank you for sharing another great walk dear. I really adore the place, the nature itself shows how beautiful that place is. All the little things matter and they will always be the greatest thing that you could ever appreciate in this world. Take care always.

You are welcome, and actually thank you for coming with me to this walk and appreciating the little things too. They all matter, the smallest gifts too 😇

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Nature had a way of surprising us when we least expect it, or is it that times are changing?🤔 I am someone who loves to stare at natural elements because it somehow calms me down. Concerning those plants that grow on concretes or cracks on rocks, now that is the definition of perseverance. At times, I'd say how do these guys' seeds get into this place? And they have long roots.

I must commend the quality of your pictures, I love them! Keep up the good work, @mipiano.

Indeed, those plants growing from the cracks of the walls and stones are showing perseverance. I have some succulents at home, and I know they don't need much water and soil. And interestingly, I always find some great cacti and succulents in wild, growing without our human protection, but doing very well! Even better than while under our care :))

I think a lesson here is that some people will strive better when they change atmosphere. 🤔😅

Nice, good weather for walking nice view of rock formations over grown with vires. Even though the heart is bored, but seeing beautiful flowers the heart be comes happy. Thank you. like post.

Yes, seeing nature and these small flower can bring us joy 😊 I am glad you liked the post 🌺👋