Cold Morning in Madrid

in Wednesday Walk4 months ago


It was really cold! We happened to visit Madrid during the coldest two days from the beginning of this 2022 year. Maybe we could say that it is because days in this new year just started to be counted, and there will be colder ones. There will be, that is true! However, coming from the sunny coast, with mild winter temperatures it was a surprise for us. And our car. The second morning of our staying, our car was not of the same color - it became white as it was frozen. I was happy, that much that... wait, you will see that part at the end of this post. First - our #WednesdayWalk, which happened last week :)


It was Wednesday afternoon when we finally decided we are going to the capital the next day. My son was asking for this for several days, but I was not in the best shape. In any decent shape, if I could say. We booked a part of a house for the next day, in a calm suburban area of Madrid, however, just some 10 minutes later we got a message from Booking that the accommodation we reserved and paid in advance was not available. That was weird, a bit more than a hundred of the European monetary units went away, for no available accommodation. They immediately called and asked for understanding, and offered another available accommodation. Well, the hotel that we choose ( not that we had many choices) as the replacement was more than superb and comfortable. I loved it!




I loved it so much that I would stay there...forever? Ok, maybe not that long, but definitely more days if it is for leisure. Living in Madrid and working? In that case, maybe I would not like it that much. I would just go around and explore and visit shops and museums and theatre and concerts and cinema and all that is maybe not available right now in that level as usually is. But I will not be any sad about this short visit, just the opposite! Hopefully, we will go again, I dont know if soon or soonish, {or later}, as there are also some acquaintances whom we spent half of the first day with. We had a great time, joy and fun.





My steps had to be marked in allegro tempi during our walk, but also we had to "take care" of two teenagers - one of them our son, that would probably like to escape from our sight. All went good, and more than good. They behaved better than the older generation. Imagine someone excited to see every little corner and shop window in the center. Taking even some photos of the interesting ones. Here we go, that's me! Not that lady from the advertisement book, neither the IBM typewriter but the silhouette in the window.



It was a window of a hostel, that apart from this cool decoration in the reception had written greetings in different languages on the facade. A kissing couple... a man enjoying the views of the street. Do you see them?


Other interesting shops we saw were those that were selling some handmade shoes, knitted summer shoes, embroidered slippers, everything was so sweet. Candy and cookie shops. Also, many shops with a large selection of fabrics, carpets, curtains. I spotted all those shops in the street that connects the Plaza Mayor and Plaza Santa Ana (first photo).




As I said in the beginning, it was a bit cold in the morning, but how the day was passing it became a bit warmer. Still, for taking some food we started to search for a place where could we have lunch. This one was calling us :) It's warm inside!! Lunch finished. Warmed up. The walk can continue.


This bar was also interesting because of the pirate greeting the people on the street, but we dont drink beer. Anyway, I can not imagine taking a refreshing cold drink while you want to warm up. We skipped it.



The walk indeed continued. Our feet were stepping many streets and squares as the rest of the people walking there around. No cars are allowed in the center, at least, if you dont pass some requirements. The city of Madrid has enacted stricter laws o what types of cars can enter certain areas of the city, to reduce contamination. Basically, electric and hybrid cars are allowed, and the other cars have to pass some classification and put the sticker as proof of it.


Churches, basilicas, gates, squares... you know how it goes in some old parts of the cities. Some of them that are captured are: La Iglesia Catedral de las Fuerzas Armadas - Catedral Castrense (on the left) , Basílica Pontificia de San Miguel (on the right). Couldn't figure out the name of the church with two towers but the gate (on the right, down) is the entrance to the Plaza Mayor.

We also passed by Real Basílica de San Francisco el Grande (photo below) and Palacio Real, Catedral de Santa Maria, Plaza de España, Puerta de Toledo, Puerta de San Vicente...but all those will come in another chapter!


So, finally, I am coming to the story from the beginning, why I was so happy about the frozen vehicle. One should get the best out of every situation! If the windows can be used as a frozen canvas, you can draw or simply just write your name there (that reminds me of the saying from one teacher when I was a child. He said: crazy names are everywhere... well, it didn't come out as the best translation, but it was supposed to prevent us from writing our names everywhere). Or you can collect the frost from a window (this is just from that side window) and pretend that it is snow!! What the lack of that white beauty can make of us? Children - of course :)





That's so beautiful!!!!
I have not been to Madrid, unfortunately.
But I really want to !!!!

Thanks, well Madrid is there, it will not run away ;) I wish you can visit it one day 😇

❤️‍ 👍

Aaawww your little trip. You went to Madrid. I haven’t visited it yet, would love to one day. (May come even sooner as I do need a new passport, collection is at the Madrid embassy)

You walked and saw soooo much. Thanks for sharing it all. 😊
I like the building with the greetings all over.
And of course… that white cold icy stuff… we don’t see that here along the coast. Yes it brings childishness forward… I so can imagine.
Great to hear you had such a nice time.

Yeeeees, my little trip :)

It was cool, in every sense :D but my heart was warm 😇
Oh, passport renovation is a perfect excuse to go, and stay at least one night (or if your time allows more). The main sightseeing places will come too...

Icy stuff, oh you miss snow too, right? Well, maybe Granada can be at help 🌨 ⛄️

I could see that in your Photographs @mipiano 😊that it was cool.

Will try to get a few more days when I have to go. As it is worth wandering around. Less busy at the moment also.

Yes I think I miss the 4 “proper” seasons… the change of leaves on the trees… the snow with Christmas.
Went one time to the Sierra Nevada and found snow. But already that has been years ago.

Yes, the 4 proper seasons are that I miss too. Although, we are not gonna complain now, right? :D With the winter when you dont need a lot of heating :))

Lol… we never complain 😉 @mipiano
Have no heating… so allllll good.

You see, perfection 😇

Such a wonderful tour of the beautiful city even on a cold day
The it’s warm inside sign sure must have been inviting on a cold day

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

It was nice and despite the cold weather, I enjoyed every moment :)

Thats great :)

wow!! The place is so beautiful.

It is :) though it is just a small part of all that this city can offer to the visitors.

Incredible! We don't usually imagine Madrid as being a cold place. What a lovely flipside to the usual images of heat and siestas!

Well, you must be imagining summer :D Heat, siestas, and fiestas heheh, but the winter is cold, it seems. There are some mountains nearby, and the tops of it were covered with snow 😀

The coast is different, where we are situated. Not cold winters at all, so this short trip to Madrid was like visiting another country 😁

It sounds like the accommodation mishap worked out in your favor. That would have been frustrating if your alternative was worse than you were expecting.

Madrid looks like a nice city, despite the cold.

Yes, I was very pleased with the new accommodation although we had to add a few $ and the breakfast was not free as in the first that we booked. However, we got a four stars huge room on two floors and with two bathrooms, almost like two separate apartments for the three of us 😂 Absolutely didn't need that much space but ok.

That show with all the fabrics is so cool! I would have to check them all..
and get some home...
just to never used...
cause I wouldn't know what to do with it :P

And you got (almost) snow! :D

and get some home...
just to never used...
cause I wouldn't know what to do with it :P


A dress for you four-legged one 🐈😁

Yes, almost snow, almost. Well, in the nearby mountains there was snow in the peaks, but we would need some more days to do all the activities. Maybe next time 🙂

She would rip it apart! :D

I wont even get that almost snow here. Not even close....
Yes, mountains have some in winter here too. That's what I heard. Never seen.

That's what I heard. Never seen.

Just a myth 😁

Cold can be really cold there but usually it's dry so its not too hard to handle. You brought me memories of walking around Madrid years ago on New Year's day.

I am glad it brought you back nice memories. Yes, you are right, if dry, it is easier to handle!

Beautiful shots! I'd love to visit Madrid someday. Your pictures and storytelling are really engaging.

@whikerms I think you would like @mipiano photography

Thank you @bertimismaximus. I hope you will visit it indeed and thank you for your comment. I am not a professional or even an amateur photographer, so I don't know if @whikerms would like it... I just like to go around and take shots hehehe 😅

Ok, me encantó la última foto que dice @mipiano 😍 Espero la vida me permita conocer la ciudad de Madrid algún día, pero ruego a Dios que no sea en invierno jajaja. Gracias por regalarme este pequeño paseo fotográfico, Jhoxi y yo lo hemos disfrutado mucho. Somos fans de Madrid...

Jejej, siiiii, me encanta escribir en nombre de hive en arena o rocas. Ahora en la ventana de coche por la primera vez, poque nuestro coche se congeló por la primera vez en su vida ahora 😂 En la costa esto nunca pasa.
Espero puedas visitarlo alguna vez, pero tampoco lo hagas en verano porque entonces es para morir del calor 🤣
Un beso a los dos!!

They immediately called and asked for understanding, and offered another available accommodation. Well, the hotel that we choose ( not that we had many choices) as the replacement was more than superb and comfortable. I loved it!

A positive outcome from a negative experience.

I love the fact that motorcars have restricted access to the city center. It makes walking a lot more pleasant... and it is clear you walked a lot that day. I saw you in the window...sunglasses perched on head .. and I saw the kissing couple {smile}

We shall be in Madrid in the near future {crosses thumbs superstitiously} .. Just a few hurdles to overcome first.

Yes, a positive outcome. I was not looking at that as a negative thing, but husb left a comment on their page and that was the trigger for ring ring sorry sorry in no time 😂

Yay, you saw the couple 😇

Fingers crossed, so you can enjoy Spain soon!! :)

I loved all the pictures, as usual I really enjoyed reading you and that last picture of the window of your car is great, certainly an excellent memory, captured as it should be.
What a joy I feel reading you, I feel that you are a free woman who enjoys every place she visits, my mother was telling me a few months ago that apparently if things went well she would go to Spain with some friends close to my family, if that happens maybe in a few years I would also go there, it must be very exciting to know that place, greetings friend, thanks for transmitting me such beautiful energies through your writings and your photos.

My faithful reader, @jaredkhamanah 😇
I am glad you feel joy reading my posts, well I hope they bring a little bit of it. I hope your mother can fulfill her wishes, whatever they are :)
Thanks for being around Jared

Nice summary of your trip to Madrid. Love the city since I traveled there during my exchange semester.

That is cool, being a student in a city like this :)

This trip must have been amazing!

I haven't even left Nigeria before. I hope I'll get to step on the soil of Madrid someday!🙂💪

Thank you obaro, hope you can travel one day to all the places you would like to visit! :)

Thanks for your nice wishes @mipiano

Much love❤

Beautiful shots of this beautiful city!
My heart cries for Spain and Madrid! Hopefully one day soon I can visit there!

greetings from Romania :)

Thank you ☺️
I hope you can visit it one day :)) greetings back from Spain ☀️

Ohhh pray that to happen! :d

I'm a mom of a 3 yrs old now and it's a bit harder to visit places (like really visiting, with long walks, a lot of places and being all day long on the go)...You know what I mean. So now it's a bit harder, but hopefully soon enough. :D:D

Yeah, I know what does it mean ;) Have one, but not anymore 3 years old ;) A teenager is not easy to handle either 😂 but we could do nice visits here and there during these last years. So, use the age when they are enough old to be able to do longer tours and before they get the bugs in the head 😂 Well, not bad either, as there is always a possibility to visit places without the young man. Problem solved 😁 However, he was very motivated to go to Madrid, it was his idea, so perfect!

haha:D I already thought od the idea of visiting without the little one and sometimes we do that but I dream of a long period of time visiting Spain and that I couldn't do it without my baby boy.

A teenager wow! That is big already! Yes, when they are 100% involved in what they do, then its good to follow their lead. Wait for that to happen right? Wish all the best for you and your boy!


Thank you :) I wish you too, the same joy with your little one. And I understand you, leaving the child when it is that small is not easy, and dont do it. He will grow, and then, destinations will still wait for you :) 😇

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First of all, your photos are so beautiful.
Madrid, Spain is on my bucket list for 2022.

It's indeed such a beautiful place and I like how your story further showcased this beauty @mipiano

Hi there, how nice of you to check out my post 🤗
That's a great attitude: Madrid, 2022, be prepared, you are on the list of @peaq ! :))

If you make it, enjoy it as much as possible. 😇

You would be top on my list to share my experience with 😊

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