Me Time - A day in my life !

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Happy Thursday everyone !
Outings are much needed when you need a change in life , a change that is necessary.
Taking care of one own’s self is very much needed , for me whenever I feel that now its time for an outing and I don’t find anyone to go with me due to there busy schedule, I end up going alone ! This time I and my sister went for an outing .
I was planning to go with all my cousins but everyone was having a busy day , so I and my sister went to a club .

If you are ever travelling to Surat,India📍please visit this place . It is located in Avadh near the Airport. Utopia provides us with hotel services , the only limitation to it is that only its members can enter . For outsiders the allowance is based on referrals .

We directly hopped to the game centre as we wanted to do bowling and some Other games ! Basically we had planned to go to game zone and then to eat pizza ! So , we went to the game zone !

The entrance towards the game zone !

Just as we enter the game zone , there is this aesthetic baground area (see below).

Also this piece of decor was pretty eye catching!

Flowers , always pleases me ! Trust me they looked so beautiful.

Finally , talking about one of the most intresting part which was playing Bowling . I just love the lights and the bowling track always make my mood cheerful.
Are you a bowling person ?

It was weird as we were only two persons to play but luckily we got the entry as it was not much crowded .
We sat for some time and had coffee
The ambiance was so good , here you can see how beautiful each corner is !

Finally , it was time for some yummy pizza , we went to La Pino’z Pizza !
Had Peri Peri pizza 🍕and it was delicious!

It was kind of cheat day for me as i ended up having so many calories, but sometimes it’s okay. Isn’t?

It was a nice day !
Also, captured this !

(5:47 pm )

(6:21 pm)

All the content is mine unless otherwise stated.
All the images are from my IPhone unless otherwise stated .

I hope you enjoyed reading it !
(It is my first time posting in this community )



Thanks for sharing your day!!!

My pleasure. Greetings!

Interior of this building is a work of art. beautiful!

Yes indeed ! Glad you liked it.

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

I found this community really intresting, specially the though of going on short walks on Wednesday!

Amazing Post brother. Loved your style of the post. Great photos as well.

Thank you so much !😊


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Looks like a lovely getaway day for you 😉 !PIZZA 🍕

Indeed yesss !

nice place you been to bowling i hope you like the place

Yes i love playing that !

Love the gaming area and the awesome design of the place. The chairs are so fancy!

Yes the place is very fancy and well maintained.

Wow those place you capture are so beautiful and I can see you and your sister enjoy going out to club😊. But why was it just two of you that played was there no one else there ready to play the game?

No actually as it was a weekday, everyone was busy with their studies and jobs!