What is better than walking a dog?

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I spent the last few days at my grandmother's house doing some farming work at the family olive grove. It is about 2 hours drive from my home and although it is on the same island, the scenery is totally different! Here we are in the centre of Crete, among the mountains and far away from the sea. But it has its own beauty and I don't miss the opportunity to appreciate it every time I visit and of course, take a few more pictures :)





I like photographing in winter days with sun but not completely sunny. It seems like a constant battle between the dark clouds and the light that is struggling to pass through. And when it does, miracles can happen. The scenery can be transformed from one minute to the other and it almost looks like there are different weather conditions in each part of the picture (and very often this isn't far from the truth). That was a day like that. I went out in the morning for a short walk with the dog and boy, am I glad I took my camera with me!





I identify myself as a farmer, at the east side of the island where I live, but with the standards here, I am just an amateur. Farming here is much more intense and you can easily figure it out just by taking a look around. I am not a big fun of this type of agriculture but I do like the symmetry when I am taking pictures and let me tell you that there is a lot of symmetry at those intensively cultivated hills!




Do you remember that little fellow in the picture above?

It is the younger of the neighbour's dogs and I met him myself a couple of months ago when I was here for the olive's harvesting. He is a truly adorable puppy. If you are curious to see how much he grow in the last two months you can check out this post that I wrote exclusively for him! And since he is small enough to pass through the fence he always keeps us company during our stay!

That's so nice because the only thing that is better than walking a dog, is walking two dogs :)


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A dog is always good

Indeed :)

Walking with two dogs?

Of course :)

I observed that taking photos during winter days with the Sun or even not completely sunny resulted to very good photos. You are incredible as always my friend. I so love the beautiful landscapes and the relaxing nature. The place is so peaceful. I love to visit places like this. Have a great day my friend and take care.

Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed it!

I guess the atmosphere of an island is the same as that of a coastal town - no matter where you are, whether near the water, far away or even further away, the magic is not lost. It is felt everywhere. As the beauty of the island can be seen in every one of your photos, no matter where it was taken. 😊

For sure Crete is a magical island, so big and so diverse that sometimes I forget that I am on an island! But you are right, it has a different atmosphere than the mainland and it is all over the place!

Thank you very much for stopping by :)

It definitely is a gorgeous landscape, quite nice to see clouds hugging the peaks.

Yes, I liked them myself :)

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

As always such amazing photos, Ohh yes with the right clouds on a sunny day it can make such amazing and contrasting light changing from minute to minute and indeed as you say within one photo

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

Thank you very much @tattoodjay :)
Always a pleasure to take part at your lovely challenge!


You have the best walks!!! And dogs too.

I have never seen an olive grove in the winter, only in the full bliss of harvest. The subtle beauty is striking, I love the contrast of the seasons and how it looks on them.

You are walking! It's Wednesday!

I am glad you like my walks (and the dogs), I have been jealous of some of your own :)
I guess everyone is craving for the different, the things that are not around!