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This morning I went for a walk with Marcos, our loyal canine friend and I have found the perfect opportunity for a few new shots. Yesterday it was raining and everything today was clean and clear! Nature is finally awakening after a long and dry summer and the smell of the wet soil was the perfect companion :)




If you have been following my blog you might know that @traisto and myself are on a trip. In my last post we were at the island of Kythera but now we have reached the mainland. And after 2 weeks of camping we have found shelter at a small cozy town! Any ideas which one?




The prickly pears looked yummy and I was sorry I didn't have my knife with me, to taste at least one of them, but I took plenty of pictures instead :)

And those tiny flowers along with the first grass look so charming! Maybe the fact that I haven't seen many flowers during the summer is helping my increasing enthusiasm :)





I shouldn't forget to make a special mention to the main reason for this walk, our adorable dog! He was kind enough to pose for me, although I know that he hates it :)


The scenery is a small grove with pine trees at the edge of the small town that I won't name, for now. Apparently a beekeeper used to bring his bees over here but not any more. At least that's what the broken bee hives indicate.





I have always found amusing to look down, watching the forest carpet and I am always amazed by the fact that even with a small geographic relocation, I see herbs and vegetation that I don't recognize!






At this point of the trip I was expecting that my laptop will be for sure repaired and back in my possession but that was just a hope. So for one more time all the pictures are from my phone although I tried to do some editing for a change. I hate to write or to edit on the phone (call me old-fashioned) but it looks that by the end of this trip I will have some new skills, either I want it or not :)


I am ending my walk (and my post) with a partial view of the town that is hosting us, to help anyone that cares to guess :)

This is my contribution to the #wednesdaywalk challenge, hosted by @tattoodjay :)


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Loved the flowers. Though the place looks dry, the flowers make it look cool. Isn't it?
Your dog looks very happy :)

It is very dry indeed, that's why I was so happy to see those little flowers!
The dog is always happy when he runs freely :)

Look great, especially those prickly pears. Nice that you are on vacation. I just got back from Norway. Now to edit!

I am sure that you returned with a ton of pictures and stories :)

Two weeks! How long will you be gone? I must admit I'm green with envy! 💚 With pricky pear I read about someone who uses two flat rocks to pull them off and rub the spikesoff.... But I'm not game. Can also use a credit 💳 card. Depends how hungry you are. One for zombie apocalypse perhaps. No idea on town sorry!

Thank you for the tips about the prickly pears, I guess I wasn't hungry enough to try any possible way :)
We are on trip with many different parts. We won't be home for another couple of weeks, maybe a month. The camping part was great, now we are at Fotini's home town and then we have to go to Athens to take care of some less pleasant afairs. And if the weather is good and we are in the mood, we might make our way back into a second camping trip, we'll see :)

So nice - glad you are having an adventure! Haha yes I think I'd have to be bloody starving to wrestle a prickly pear.

I recall now - it was a herbalist or a homesteader's book I read. She had a chapter on natural medicine, and her anecdote was that she was bitten by a snake and knowing that if she went to hospital she'd be charged heaps and believed her body and her plants were enough. She took wild lettuce tincture for the pain, and echinacea, but what was a stand out was prickly pear! She used heaps of the gel from the pads, getting her husband to bring it in, so he was using rocks to do it like I said. He totally slathered a thick layer on her calf, and put a pillow case around it - it was cooling but it also drew out the poison and had antiinflammatory effects. She did it a couple of times. Obviously she lived to write her book.

Wow, amazing!

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Thanks a lot :)

I lived in the Southwest Desert of the US: Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The prickly pear in the spring was incredible! The bright colors and those big spikes! Hello!!

I wouldn't have taken any either, perhaps, just pictures. :)

Interesting terrain and is absolutely picture-worthy. I hadn't seen you in a while! I had to take up an old post! :)

I hope the two of you are having a great time~

Thank you very much for your interest, we are good! We are still waiting for the laptop to be repaired so we are not posting much. Actually I hardly write once per week, on my phone, just to keep in touch :)

I hate posting on the phone!! I can comment, but posting is a chore! Hope you are enjoyingbthe peace!!

I hate posting on the phone!!

Yes, me too but I did it again :)