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When I am in nature, with all the beauty of the flora and an amazing scenery around me, it is relatively easy to take a few decent photos. But what happens in a city where the scenery is totally different and the points of interest absolutely relative?

As you might have guessed I am on a trip again! I have left the farm and the island of Crete and I am spending a few days in Athens, the capital of Greece. And although taking pictures is not my first priority those days, I took my camera this morning and went for a walk to see if there is anything interesting enough, to shoot :)





This is not the city center. Actually it is one of the south suburbs but a quite old one. I would describe it as an upper middle class part of Athens. It used to have a lot of prestige and there were here many amazing houses that could easily be called mansions. Wonderful architecture and neat gardens full of citrus trees, was the normality here before the coming of the blocks of flats and the expansion of the city!





A few old houses still stand, as a reminder of the former glory of those neighborhoods while the developers continue to demolish beautiful houses and built monstrous apartment buildings. As I was looking to my pictures I realized that I can tolerate, even find something appealing to the blocks of flats of the '70s but I can't even look, let alone photograph, the modern ones. So you have to take my word for it, they are awful!






On the other hand the stray cats and the remaining trees are always a favorite subject, as well as details of the past that has survived and even beautified by the marks of the decades that passed by!




And of course I cannot overlook the proximity of this suburb to the sea. It is just the crossing of an avenue that separates all the above with the beach and a lot of public space for even more walks.

But that's for another post :)

This is my contribution to the #wednesdaywalk challenge, hosted by @tattoodjay



All the pictures and the words are mine.

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That is so cool to have fruit trees in public like that for everyone to enjoy. We don’t have that here

Haha, it is like that but then again, it isn't. We have a lot of citrus trees on the sidewalks but all the edible ones that you saw in the pictures, are in the gardens. The ones that are in public and anyone can harvest them, are bitter oranges that no-one wants :)

So fun to go on your walk with you. Those are some huge agaves! And...trees always make good subject for pictures!!

Of course they do :)
Thanks a lot!

Wherever you are you find such interesting sights for photos, and this is no exception beautiful to see this area

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

Thanks a lot for the encouragement!
I am glad you like them :)


Wow! I am so amazed by the beautiful views my friend. And of course, the stray cat was so awesome, hehe. I always love your great snaps as what I say to you every time. Happy Wednesday walk my friend and take care.

Thank you very much for your support @pinkchic, I appreciate all your comments!
Happy Wednesday :)

The pleasure is mine my dear friend. I love all your contents and your great skills in photography. Have a great time and best regards.

Agree with you about new construction, especially residential blocks, they are so common and similar and without the slightest desire for beauty. I see that in Athens it happens like in Bucharest. Developers hunt for land and old houses, which they let decay and then demolish.

The cat's eye looking at me in your photo, that's what I like best. I'd love to be able to pick lemons and oranges in the park or by the side of the road too!

Yes, the developer's game is the same everywhere. They are a relentless machine that makes money and destroys all the beauty of the cities!
Fortunately the cats don't know it :)

It was a nice walk in Athens. Mostly your posts are full of nature photos. but this is also nice to have little scenic changes. About the Morden houses, they look for economic profit not think about beauty or nature it happens all around the world. Anyway, very good post regards to you both.😊🙏

I enjoyed the change too, although it is frustrating to see the city that I grew up, getting more and more ugly, every time I visit it.
Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely day!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful travels with us. Can I have your Instagram, Telegram, etc.??